Men’s Health Green Tea: 13 Best Benefits

Men's Health Green Tea
For men's health green tea has a lot in store.

Studies have shown that men’s health green tea is a boon. It is liked by millions of people for its taste and, of course, its benefits. Green tea, along with black tea and oolong tea, is derived from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. But, unlike the others, it does not undergo oxidation process.

Brewing since it originated in China 4000 years ago, this ancient tonic is the world’s second most consumed drink, right after water. If you are planning to make yourself a cup of tea, do read this to have the best sip of the day.

1. Green Tea Keeps The Blues Away

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea can assist you in the battle against depression

If you have not been feeling yourself lately, then a generous cup of green tea will be of great help to you. A Japanese study has shown that individuals above 70 who drink four cups of green tea in a day are lesser prone to depression.

This is because green tea contains an acid called L-theanine which plays a significant role in relaxation and reducing anxiety. It also encourages excessive production of dopamine and serotonin, thus keeping depression and anxiety at bay.

2. Green Tea Enhances Your Memory

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea is beneficial for memory retention

There are moments when we forget someone mentioning a thing within a few seconds of hearing it. Swiss researchers have concluded that green tea helps in improving memory. Other studies also back this conclusion stating that the concentration of caffeine in green tea facilitates enhancement in mood, energy levels and memory. Moreover, it has also been concluded that green tea helps prevent dementia.

3. Green Tea Makes You Smarter

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea helps to expand our mental faculties

Studies have shown that the intake of green tea increases the capacity of working memory. Working memory refers to that functional aspect of our brain dealing in decision making, problem-solving, logical thinking and task completion.

Green tea famously contains antioxidants called catechins which, along with caffeine, boosts up our nervous system and facilitates faster processing of information. This will surely fulfil our pursuit to become the smartest of the lot.

4. Green Tea Helps In Weight Loss

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea is the right beverage for losing weight

Researchers have found that green tea leaves and green tea extracts are full of antioxidants that are in the form of protective polyphenols which include catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are helpful in the process of fat burning.

If you exercise regularly and follow a good diet, then men’s health green tea is perfect for you to burn down excess fat as studies have shown that these polyphenols facilitate fat oxidation during exercise, thus reducing your weight by burning all the fat within.

5. Green Tea Gives You A Longer Life

Men's Health Green Tea
Studies have shown that elderly people consuming green tea live longer

There are many reading this who want to be supercentenarians. Studies show that consumption of green tea could result in a longer lifespan. The antioxidants in green tea act as a shield of keeping diseases and complications away from us such as osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc., thus increasing our lifespan. For men’s health, green tea also plays an instrumental role in fighting various other life-threatening diseases.

6. Green Tea Even Keeps Cancer Miles Away

Men's health Green Tea
The antioxidants are an asset for cancer prevention

This is where polyphenols come into play. Apart from other functions, these polyphenols prevent cellular inflammation, which is apparently the first step towards the creation of cancer cells. Subsequently, having cancer would be out of the question, except some other factors come into action.

It has been observed that as a man ages, his vulnerability of having prostate cancer increases. Research has shown that for men’s health green tea reduces the risk to a larger extent.

For men’s health,green tea is also instrumental in combatting various types of cancer such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer and melanoma (skin cancer). It is indeed an excellent weapon to fight cancer.

7. Green Tea Ensures That You Have Healthy Skin

Men's Health Green Tea
The antioxidants in green tea help in maintaining healthy skin

Since green tea contains Vitamin B3 and E, it is a key for having healthy skin. Its antioxidants prevent ultraviolet radiations from making their impact on skin, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles. It can even get rid of the acne and pimples as well. Green tea extracts, as used in beauty products, are quintessential for skincare.

Thus, it’s more effective and more cost-efficient than other skincare products. We can clearly see the perks for men’s health green tea brings.

8. Green Tea Prevents Even The Slightest Of Diseases

Men's Health Green Tea
It also keeps away free radicals from damaging our systems

We have discussed how green tea prevents many deadly diseases. But, green tea is so handy that it doesn’t allow even the smallest of the maladies to attack us.

Our body produces ‘free radicals’ when converting food to energy or when sunlight reacts directly on our skin and eyes. These ‘free radicals’ are harmful as they can damage the cells in our body and this could get detrimental at a later stage. Since these radicals create oxidative stress leading to ailments, the antioxidants in green tea combat them thus saving us from a potential time bomb. That’s why for men’s health green tea is an elixir.

9. Green Tea Improves Men’s Sexual Health

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea induces libido and reduces sexual ailments

Green tea drinkers perform better in bed as observed by experts. The catechins in green tea and other antioxidants promote blood flow to sex organs and thus induce libido and decrease the chances of erectile dysfunction. Men drinking it frequently account for a higher sperm count.

10. Green Tea Helps In Lowering Cholesterol And The Chances of Cardiovascular Diseases

Men's Health Green Tea
Consumption of green tea reduces the proneness to heart diseases

If you are an ardent meat lover, then nothing should stand in the way between you and a perfectly cooked meat. There’s no denying that meat contains higher levels of cholesterols that could pave way for heart diseases. Green tea cleanses the cholesterols from the body and thus keeps us safe. If you have adopted a habit of drinking green tea, don’t think twice before digging into a juicy piece of meat!

11. Green Tea Prevents Cold And Related Symptoms

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea prevents as well as cures common flu and cold

Researchers have proved that ECGC present in green tea is ferocious in preventing the cold virus from replicating into our body. It has also been instrumental in combatting common flu as well as influenza. That’s why green tea is highly advised for someone having a cold because of its medicinal perks and it is more reliable than the medicines we usually consume.

12. Green Tea Has The Potential To Prevent COVID-19

Men's Health Green Tea
Green tea can potentially repress the effects of COVID-19

The antioxidants in green tea prevent replication of viruses into our body. As recently as December 2020, North Carolina State University claimed that chemical compounds present in food or beverages like green tea have the potential of inhibiting the effects of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which leads to lower possibilities of having COVID-19 infections.

However, extensive research is still yet to be done in this aspect. Until then, social distancing, wearing a mask in the public and maintaining proper personal hygiene are the only things from which you can avoid catching COVID-19 until a proper vaccine is come up with.

This information is available on the public domain. You can check it out by clicking here.

It is quite evident from this point that in various aspects of men’s health green tea does its magic.

13. Green Tea Is A Better Alternative To Tea And Coffee

Men's Health Green Tea
With growing concerns for men’s health green tea is seen an exponential rise in its demand

Apart from bringing improvement in men’s health green tea is really good for detoxing as well. This could be a reason why many are dropping tea or coffee, more so since there is a fear of addiction associated with caffeine.

Even though they’re important stimulants, an addiction to them could lead to devastating effects on our health as seen in many cases. Green tea has got the right amount of caffeine for you, and you need not fear getting “addicted” to it. But getting addicted to anything for that matter solely depends upon you.

Want to know more about green tea?

More researches and studies are being conducted in which all aspects of men’s health green tea are important to consider. Some of them are as follows-

  • Preliminary findings have found that the antioxidants can protect the retinas of our eyes from diseases such as glaucoma.
  • It has also shown that for men’s health green tea can also enhance secretion of insulin leading to a reduction in having Type 2 diabetes. It has even shown promising results in combatting Parkinson’s disease as well.
  • If you want to escape bad breath, then green tea will ensure you have none as it kills off the bacteria inside the mouth that are responsible for bad breath.
  • If you plan to keep fasting, then green tea is extremely beneficial in killing hunger pangs. Click here to know more.

How to go about making it?

Many of you know how to make yourselves a good cup of green tea. For those who don’t know, keep these few points in your mind:-

  • Green tea doesn’t require boiling water for brewing. If you boil the water, it is recommended to put the tea leaves or the tea bag a few minutes after getting cooled to an extent. You can even follow the instructions given in the video below.
  • Don’t add milk or sugar as the antioxidants will become ineffective, add a few drops of lemon extract instead.

You can check out this video for more details:-


From killing bad breath, losing weight and protecting us from fatal diseases, the effects of green tea are wide-ranging, long-lasting and clinically proven by experts. Thus, green tea drinkers have an edge of being healthier than their counterparts. We can see the improvements in men’s health green tea can bring.

Click here to know the difference between green tea and black coffee.

Feel free to comment below and let us know if we have left out any point worth mentioning regarding the health benefits of green tea.

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