Best Things About 21 Day Sugar Detox

21 day sugar detox

Are you looking for a 21 Day Sugar Detox plan?

Sugar has a bad reputation when it comes to health. Consisting of sucrose, sugar can show pretty bad effects on your body. The first thing that your gym trainer may suggest is cutting out sugar (which is a form of carbohydrate) from your diet.

Well, artificial sugars can show pretty weird effects on the body, but natural sugars are not that harmful.

Usually, fruits like green apples, bananas, and grain legumes consist of natural sugar. At the same time, artificial sugar is present in every kind of processed food like chocolate, donuts, or even snacks. Excessive sugar intake can cause serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and also increase blood sugar levels.

The 21-day sugar detox is basically a diet where any kind of processed and highly sugared products are cut off from your diet. For everyone who wishes for a weight loss journey, this is the ultimate diet for you. Cutting out sugar-related foods can be pretty hard for some people. But eventually, you’ll feel great and can see healthy changes in your body.

1. Some facts about the 21-day sugar detox diet

Before starting with the tips about the detox plan, let’s check some facts. These facts are important for people who may not know much about the foods they consume regularly.

1.1 Cutting sugar out is easier said than done.

21 day sugar detox may sound easy to do, but this can be pretty harsh when people start this plan. We unintentionally too consume sugar where we least expect it to be. From a packet of potato chips to pasta, there is sugar everywhere. Many people even go through extreme mental and health changes during this diet like-

  • anxiety
  • sleep changes
  • depression
  • cravings

1.2 Natural sugars are beneficial; added sugars are not.

If you think that during the 21 day sugar detox diet, fruits are also sweet, then we should give up fruits too? Well, the answer is yes. Artificial sugars consist of sucrose, where the sweetness is collected from sugarcane or sugar beets. Till now, it’s still okay to consume, but food manufacturers add chemicals that degrade the sugar quality and have no health benefits.

fruits 21 day sugar detox

Whereas fruits consist of fructose, our body digests the natural sugar slowly and results in keeping us full for a long time. The health benefits of fruits are immense; that is why we should always consume limited fruits. Green apples and unripe bananas are the only fruits you should consume while on the 21 day sugar detox diet. Avoiding packaged and canned fruits is also a big thing to keep in mind.

1.3 Read the ingredients list and then buy food

Before cutting out table sugar, you need to keep in mind that every kind of packaged food has some quantity of sugar in it. From diet cokes to sugar-free cereals, sugar is always a hidden ingredient. Reading the whole ingredients list and carefully choosing what to eat is a big step towards cutting out sugar.

Reading an ingredients list can get pretty tricky because different companies try to hide several ingredients for the sake of their sales. For a better understanding of how to check the ingredients list, click here.

2. Which foods to avoid totally?

When writing your shopping list, you need to avoid buying some so-called “fat and sugar-free foods.” Here is a recommended list of food that you should avoid at any cost.

2.1 Health drinks

Health drinks are full of artificial sweeteners and malt, which is basically a type of sugar only. Malt and artificial sweeteners are a big thing that you should definitely avoid in a 21 day sugar detox diet. Sports drinks are obviously a better choice for people who live a highly active and fit life.

2.2 Soft Drinks and Alcohol

Soft drinks are the worst thing to consume during a 21 day sugar detox plan. A study was conducted where it was shown that one teaspoon soft drink is basically 7-10 teaspoons of sugar in a 12-ounce glass of water. It may be hard to believe, but diet soft drinks are nonetheless. In fact, diet drinks have more calories than normal soft drinks.

Alcohol is also a harmful thing that you should totally avoid during the diet. Alcohol is also a kind of food that is not beneficial for the body. Instead, it can cause more health problems to the existing ones. Full of sugar and fizz, this is not at all a good choice for your health.

2.3 Chips

Potato chips or crisps are high in carbohydrates, which eventually can result in high blood sugar. The sugar content in chips can extend from 3 – 5 grams. Not only sugar but chips are also high in fat and also not nutritious at all. Frequent consumption of chips can lead to obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

chips 21 day sugar detox

So it’s always better to keep a safe distance from chips during and after the 21 day sugar detox diet.

2.4 Ketchup and Sauces

Ketchup and sauces are known for their ability to make our foods more delicious. 100 grams of ketchup can have up to 22 grams of sugar, which is extremely high. Hidden sugars are also there in different dips and sauces. They have almost 50 gms of added sugar for taste enhancement.

Next time you want to enjoy raw fresh veggies, make sure to avoid tasty dips and sauces for an enhanced taste.

2.5 Yogurt

Well, it’s not like yogurt is bad. But, fruit-flavored yogurts have high sugar content. You won’t believe it, but flavored yogurts have twice the sugar content than regular non-flavored ones. So next time you think of buying yogurt, always opt for the non-flavored ones, which may not be tasty but highly beneficial for your body.

2.6 Desserts

This is an obvious thing to avoid totally. Desserts are good for nothing except the taste. Full of sugar and cream, desserts have a huge range of variety.

From ice creams to cookies, each and every dessert should be immediately cut out from your diet for your health. Cutting desserts is the main motive of the 21 day sugar detox plan.

sweets 21 day sugar detox

3. Things to include in your diet

Cutting out various sugar-related food is a good step. But keep in mind to take nutritious foods instead of them some suggested foods you should intake are-

3.1 Wholefoods

Every unrefined and unprocessed food is under this category. Instead of your regular health bar full of sugar, try having an alternative like nuts, beans, and eggs. Not only are these foods high in protein, but also highly nutritious for your health.

3.2 Sparkling water

Cutting out soft drinks can be problematic at first, but to deal with it, sparkling water is a much smarter and better option. To enhance the taste of sparkling water, add some limes and mint to it. Sparkling or carbonated water also is known for better digestion and helps people suffering from constipation.

3.3 Dry Fruits and Veggies

Dry fruits are healthy and are a better choice for people following the 21 day sugar detox plan. Dry fruits are high in protein and vitamins and help in boosting your immunity. Dry fruits have innumerable nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and folic acid. But always avoid peanuts and cashew.

Vegetables are another important thing one should consume while following the 21 day sugar detox diet. Consisting of vitamin A and C, dietary fiber, they are free of any kind of sugar and have low calories, and fat-free. Opting for veggies and fruits are much more nutritious and better than those sugar-filled snacks and fast food.

21 day sugar detox veggies

3.4 Milk

Smoothies and milkshakes are highly unpleasant for our bodies. The value of milk gets lost in the midst of the sugar, creams, and flavors. Consuming milk without adding sugar or anything at all is highly beneficial for our health. Though try and avoid creamy milk, normal skim milk is a much better choice because there are zero fat and more nutrition.

Almond milk is a recent kind of flavored milk, which is pure sugar-free and fat-free and a nice option for people who are lactose intolerant.

3.5 Seafood and Poultry

21 day sugar detox can be harsh, but it does not mean cutting out important protein-related foods. Seafood and poultry are high in vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Any seafood or poultry food is always a must addition to your 21 day sugar detox diet.

seafood 21 day sugar detox

3.6 Coffee

Well, pre-sweetened and creamy coffees are a big no. The only type of coffee you should choose is espresso and black with zero sugar. Coffee’s ability to give your body a healthy boost is a good step. But iced tea or lattes should be strictly stopped.

The sugar cravings during this diet can get very heavy. Trying to cope up with the cravings can seem very problematic at first. But once you get used to this diet, it’ll be elementary and healthy to cope up with the diet.

After completion of the 3-week diet, you can see the body changes yourselves. Healthy meal plans and avoiding sugary foods can automatically help you maintain your body.

The 21 day sugar detox can show innumerable health benefits. Even after completing this diet, don’t forget the health disasters that sugar causes. Try to consume less sugar after the diet too. Healthy eating habits and exercising are also key factors to shed some fat and leading a healthy life.

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