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Disease and Disorders

abdominal migraine
What is Abdominal Migraine? 9 Symptoms, Essential Information You Must Know
You may be familiar with or have even had a migraine headache, periodic assaults of pulsing pain frequently affecting one side of the brain. However, abdominal migraines are uncommon and poorly understood. This disorder, most frequently diagnosed in youngsters, causes abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. It can cause absences from school, emotional anguish, and disruptions…
Can anxiety make you sick?
Can Anxiety Make You Sick? 7 Reasons Why, And Ways to Deal With It
Mental illness is becoming more common daily, not because people are becoming weak but because it is increasingly accepted in society. Mental illness has similarities with lifestyle and work. Do you want to know - can anxiety make you sick? Let's understand mental illness first. Chronic illness examples are depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, neuro-developmental disorders, eating disorders,…