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Is Lipton Green Tea Good For you? Here are 6 Incredible Benefits You Need to Know

Green tea is one of those rare beverages that’s pretty much universally accepted by science as a healthy one. People from all over the world enjoy the benefits of Lipton green tea. But still today, the question, ‘is Lipton green tea good for you’ is quite relevant.

Is Lipton green tea good for you
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It has gained a lot of popularity in the West in recent times, but it has been long used in traditional medicines for various purposes, from headaches to wound healing, fever, and cold. It is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant and then processed to reach the final packaged form.

These Lipton green tea bags add freshness and a positive vibe to your day and allow you to make the most of the day. This typical tea was introduced to the world by China and Japan. Since its introduction today, it has been helping us cherish moments of refreshment with its revitalizing flavors. 

Is Lipton Green Tea Good for You?

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Tea is the world’s most-consumed drink after water. While most tea lovers prefer to drink black tea, green tea is preferably new to the tea-loving population. As a result, tea farmers make huge profits in this field.

Green tea is made from non-oxidized leaves and is not treated like other teas. When consumed without milk, sugar, or honey, tea, including green tea, contains zero calories.

The leaves are the same for all kinds of tea, black or green. It’s just that, for green tea, the leaves are picked younger for a fresher, lighter flavor, which makes it a perfect hydrating and delightful refresher.

Lipton is a British brand of tea jointly owned by Unilever and Pepsico. It was the first brand to sell tea leaves in tea bags. The primary idea behind this was to sell tea to everybody at a reasonable price. Queen Victoria also knighted Sir Liptonin in 1898 for these innovations. It is sold in more than 150 countries worldwide, making it one of the leading tea brands.

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Lipton’s sweetened green teas are higher in calories than calorie-free brewed tea. The most asked question is whether Lipton green tea is healthy or not. The answer is definitely Yes!

Lipton Green Tea Benefits

Green tea can benefit all subjects, from weight loss, liver problems, and heart health to chronic diseases.

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1. Prevent Free Radical Damage

One of the first health benefits is it’s loaded with healthful nutrients. All these bioactive Polyphenols are fantastic for your health.

Powerful antioxidants such as Flavonoids or Catechins prevent free radical damage to your body. Green tea, however, is not going to cure and prevent all types of cancer but it lowers the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and stomach cancer. 

2. Rich in Nutrients

Flavonoid-rich diets are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Lipton green tea is rich in flavonoids, and its daily consumption of unsweetened brewed tea provides a rich source of these nutrients, which may help keep a healthy heart and completely change your lifestyle.

Another nutrient within green tea that works with caffeine and boosts and improves brain function is L-Theanine. It gives the necessary relaxation to your brain without any added sedation or dizziness that often comes along with other relaxing agents available in the market.

The Catechins also decrease your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

3. Relief from Stinky Mouth

Have you got a stinky mouth? Catechins in green tea can kill the bacteria in your mouth. Thus green tea also lowers the risk of a cavity by preventing plague.

4. Gives you Energy

 The Lipton pure green tea consumption gives you stable energy and does not make you feel the jitters. The amount of caffeine present in it can be roughly equal to half a cup of coffee. It keeps you focused and stimulated with all the jittery feelings.

5. Checks your Health

Lipton green tea helps your heart by lowering your high blood pressure and checking cholesterol levels. It helps you burn fat, but it is not yet proven. It promises increased metabolism, fat oxidation, and fat burning.

6. Increase your Life Span

Green tea may increase lifespan by decreasing heart disease and strokes, but these have not yet been proven true. For people suffering from diabetes, it is advised to have Lipton green tea without sugar or milk to raise blood sugar levels.

How to Consume Green tea?

Let us now see how to make the healthiest cup of green tea to get the maximum benefits.

  • First, don’t add green tea bags directly to boiling water as it destroys those healthy Catechins, and you shouldn’t go decaf, either. 
  • Instead, add lemon to your tea as it aids in absorbing some of these nutrients. Green tea works wonders when taken with different combinations.
  • Boil ginger in water and infuse green tea with a few drops of lemon juice to increase glucose, carbs, and overall metabolism. This formula increases protein metabolism, which is essential for muscle recovery. 
  • Second, if you want to improve your immune system, take green tea with some non-citric fruit. The caffeine is activated in just the right amount.
  • If you want to improve blood flow, take a handful of peanuts or 10 almonds, or 3-4 walnuts with your green tea.

Following this combination while making green tea will add antioxidant properties to your cup of green tea.

What is a Good Time to Consume Green Tea? 

It is very important to drink green tea at the right time to avail of its benefits. Green tea is deemed to be most beneficial when consumed an hour before taking a meal or after taking it.

Some people have the habit of drinking tea on an empty stomach. However, it is not a great way to start your day. This is because it will induce toxicity in the body and may make you feel minor or major heartburn or acidity-related complaints.

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It is consumed before a meal because it suppresses appetite and helps you avoid overeating. Similarly, when consumed after a meal, it will make digestion better and metabolism strong.

Thus, the right time to drink green tea is mostly after breakfast, before lunch, post-lunch/dinner, or before dinner. However, avoid green tea after dinner or before 15-20 minutes of sleeping time unless necessary, or issues like insomnia or sleep disorder may surround you.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

The traditional weight loss methods are generally followed by everybody who wants to stay fit and healthy. The most commonly used ways for weight loss are toil hard in a gym regularly, avoiding food with high-fat content, use of minimal oil and almost no spices, and some may include morning and evening walks.

In today’s world or past, women were always multi-tasking. Green Tea acts as a wonderful method in their weight loss mission. One can easily carry Lipton green tea bags to their offices, gyms, or other workplaces and have a moment of refreshment anytime.

Lipton-flavored green tea is also the best way to lose fat with taste. You can also see iced green tea as well. Many people also love Lipton iced tea.

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Lipton green tea brand is one of the most successful and consumer-trusted brands. People from all over the world rely on this brand to acquire the benefits of green tea. Due to all these factors, Lipton tea ratings are very high.

If you are targeting bodyweight loss, you can have green tea before bed. Green tea is indeed a blessing if taken in the correct quantity, at the right time, and in the right way.

Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Are you one of those who is addicted to drinking several cups of green tea for health benefits or to stay in shape? You could do more harm than good to yourself by consuming excessive amounts of this green tea. 

Aside from other beverages, Green tea is an important part of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. However, the most common reason for drinking green tea is the disbelief that it helps with weight loss. Here are some side effects of green tea that you should also consider.

1. Caffeine Sensitivity

It is often argued that it is unsafe for caffeine-hypersensitive people to consume green tea. Consumption of green tea, even with a bare minimum quantity of caffeine content, can still cause numerous ailments such as sleep disorders, irritability, anxiety, nausea, and other such symptoms.

If you have already been through such issues earlier, limit drinking to only one cup of green tea, preferably during the early part of the day!

2. It can Cause Acid Reflux

Gastric ulcers and acid reflux are caused mostly when green tea is consumed on an empty stomach. Green tea is naturally a potent stomach acid stimulant, so it is advisable to drink it occasionally, mostly after a meal or between meals.

To reduce acidity, you can always add sugar or milk to it according to your taste. People with other health issues are advised to consult their doctor or chemist before switching to green tea.

3. This could Affect your Medication

People on blood thinners, an anticoagulant medication, should be very cautious while consuming green tea because of its vitamin K content.

Try and avoid mixing green tea and aspirin, as this may lower the clotting capacity of the platelet. Green tea is not compatible with stimulant medicines; thus, green tea taken for a good purpose may increase blood pressure and heart rate.

4. This could Lead to Kidney Problems

Green tea contains polyphenols believed to prevent heart disease and, to some extent, cancer. However, certain reviews regarding the toxicity of polyphenols have shown that when consumed in large quantities, the same polyphenols, which are expected to have health benefits, can cause liver and kidney damage at large.

Therefore, limit your daily consumption of green tea by two cups at max.

Alternatives to Lipton Green Tea

You can give try a cup of Pure Matcha green tea to get you through those tough summer days. Lipton green tea has now also made available its matcha green tea with mint and matcha green tea with ginger.

Lipton green tea can be easily added to your meals, but it would be quite monotonous if you stick to the usual green tea.

Lipton provides you with various healthy options in this regard, like iced tea, bottled green tea drinks, and Lipton herbal teas. A single cup of Lipton pure green tea can be a natural relaxant for your body and mind.

What About Green Tea Supplements?

The weight loss supplements available in the market are mostly made from green tea extract high in caffeine. However, we are not very sure about these supplements help in weight loss. They give a slight boost to the daily calorie burn.

Health-conscious people are advised to check the packaging before buying Lipton green tea.

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The Final Words

Lipton green tea is highly refreshing, healthy, and easily portable, as it is available in small square teabags. It has a lot of health benefits which also include weight loss benefits. Moreover, other brands of green tea are also available in the market, but we strongly recommend you have Lipton green tea, which is now marketed in different flavors.

Moreover, Lipton is not just about tea only today. It has also established a very rich market in a range of soup dishes. The brand has acquired this global recognition with a lot of hard work and effort over the years and strives to maintain it in the future.

These soups are delicious in taste and rich in aroma. Do share your experiences once you taste the different recipes sold by Lipton.

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