Top 10 Promising Beetroot Powder Benefits

The tremendous and lesser-known Beetroot Powder Benefits 1can change your life miraculously. It has cancer-fighting properties, reduces the chances of heart attacks, and numerous other health benefits. Studies reveal that 1 tablespoon of beetroot powder is equal to one whole beet in nutrient value.  Let’s take an all-around look at the beetroot powder and its benefits.

Beetroot: A Wholesome Vegetable!


Beetroots are commonly known as beets. They are a great source of folate, fiber, magnesium, iron, and other essential minerals. Beets salad or beet juice daily is popular among households. Beetroots have some unique medicinal properties2. Beetroot juice improved the acceptance of beets, which are now circulated through the powdered form.

They help you fight inflammation, improve blood flow, and useful in maintaining brain functions. Studies reveal that eating beets improve athletic performance instantly. They improve the cardiorespiratory endurance in athletes.

Beetroot Powder: Unique and Useful

Beetroot powder is simply the powdered form of beetroot. Raw beetroot has 88% of water, 10% of carbohydrates, and 2 % of protein. Beetroot powder is made by dehydrating the raw beetroot and grinding it into powdered form.

cupcakes with beetroot powder

It has the same nutrient value as the ground beetroot minus the extra water. It is convenient to use and be added to cupcakes, sauces, and soups. In the present time, beetroot powder is frequently used as a natural food color. It’s popular in both medical and food processing areas.

Top 10 Beetroot Powder Benefits

1. Healthy Heart

heart beet

Beetroot powder benefits include dietary nitrates 3that are instantly converted by our body into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide prevents heart diseases4 like heart attacks and heart strokes. It makes the smooth functioning of arteries that helps reverse cardiovascular diseases.

Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and enlarges the blood vessel muscles. It increases blood flow and prevents blood clotting. Beetroot powder produces nitric oxide much instantly than other supplements.

2. Controls High Blood Pressure

One of the beetroot powder benefits includes controlling high blood pressure. Studies reveal that it contains some antioxidants that manage blood pressure. The presence of nitrates in beets is the reason behind it.

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Black tonometer and heart isolated on white.

Beetroot powder has a high concentration of nitrates. These nitrates are converted into nitric oxide inside the body through a chemical process. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

3. Cure for Fatty Liver

liver image

Beetroot powder benefits include its prevention of fatty liver5. It has a hepatoprotective effect that keeps the depositing of fatty acids out of the liver. It cleans the liver and detoxifies it.

The benefits of beetroot powder for the liver is medically proven. It is found more effective than the raw beet in fatty liver diagnosis. It also activates liver enzymes, increases bile, and keeps proper liver functioning.

4. Anti-cancer Properties

Beets contain an antioxidant called betalain: a pigment that gives beet its red color. Betalains are cancer-fighting antioxidants. They are capable of hindering tumors and cell division.

Doctors have found positive results of its use in the diagnosis of breast cancer and prostate. Its anti-tumor property opens a new horizon for medical research.

5. It Fights Inflammation

One of the beetroot powder benefits includes its anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation is responsible for various diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. The presence of betalain has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  People with high blood pressure are also advised to use it to reduce inflammation.

6. Weight Loss

Beetroot powder supplement is getting popular among people for fat reduction. It contains a lot of fibers that keep you satiated for a long period of time. It has a very less amount of calories.

weight loss

It has vitamin C, nitrates, potassium, and very little fat. It is ideal for weight-loss as it gives the energy essential for a weight loss regime.

7. Improves Digestive Health

8 Essential Supplements For digestive Health 300x145 1

Beetroot powder benefits include its role in digestion. It has cellulose that helps detoxify the stomach. It also obliterates water from the abdomen. These properties help improve our digestive health.

8. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction6 or ED is a common sexual problem of men. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease are the three main causes of ED. Beetroot powder acts in dual ways.

First, it prevents the three main diseases that cause ED. Second, the presence of nitrates in it helps prevent ED. These nitrates turn into nitric oxide biologically, which prevents impotence.

9. Boosts Brain Power

A147 Max Brain Power 1024x1024

Researchers have found out that nitric oxide is responsible for providing oxygen to several parts of our body. The brain consumes a lot of oxygen for its functioning. The nitrates in beetroot powder keep a good amount of oxygen in our body and brain. When the brain gets an adequate amount of oxygen, it functions properly and acts younger. It improves our memory and makes the brain sharper.

10. Improves Athletic Performance

The health market is flooded with numerous protein supplements that claim unbelievable results. Performance-enhancing protein supplements have their own side-effects as well as complications. Beetroot powder is a natural supplement that improves cardio-respiratory tolerance7 in athletes.


Nowadays, athletes are using beetroot powder juice that increases their efficiency in running. The presence of nitrates increases energy efficiency in the body that results in an effective work-out. It is also useful during intense training as it improves the blood flow in the body.

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Side Effects

It is always advised to consult a medical expert before using beetroot powder, especially when you have any renal complications. Some side effects are:

  • In some cases, the beetroot powder consumption results in a Beeturation that is the pinkish urine color. However, it is harmless, but renal infections patients should consult an expert before beetroot powder consumption.
  • It has a high content of oxalate that causes kidney stones. People with renal problems must consult a medical expert.
  • Nitrates, rich in beets, can create some complications during pregnancy

Beetroot powder benefits are auspicious and lesser-known. It is natural and has an overall impact on the body. Its nutrient content is rich in vitamin A and C, fibers, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. With rich in vitamins and minerals, it benefits both athletes and normal people.

Few tablespoons of beetroot powder can give your similar nutrient content as raw beets. It also checks the blood sugar level, improves our eye-sight, and increases our stamina. Its antibacterial properties keep the skin smooth. It is really a wholesome nutrient powerhouse.

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