An Insight To Our Editorial Process 

We aim to provide reliable, easily understandable, and precise information

Our team at Icy Health is dedicated to curating reliable, informative, and up-to-date content based on recent health trends and research so that you and your family can properly take care of your health.

We understand that having proper health information is important for your well-being. And we know that finding good information online can be quite a task. You don’t want to be misled by people – and you only want to read content that you can trust.

Our team of over 100 experts develops and edits every piece of content with utmost precision and detailing, covering five important aspects of our editorial process: 1) accuracy, 2) reliability, 3) research-oriented, and 4) staying updated with trends, 5) expert contributors.

1. Accuracy

Health-related information is very easy to find online; however, not everything you might find is accurate.

So, our team is here to ensure you get what is appropriate. Our content is thoroughly researched and evidence-based. We seek better health for everyone and cover various topics and viewpoints.

2. Reliability

If you are reading information from our site, it is our prime responsibility to provide reliable and trustworthy information. We pick expert writers and editors to curate the content and provide them with the needed guidance and research.

3. Research Oriented

We ensure that all our published content is thoroughly evidence-based and research-based. We also hire medicine-pursuing students to support our vision and goals further. The team focuses on gaining knowledge and information from verified sources, medical journals, and publications.

4. Staying Updated

Health information is constantly changing. We ensure our team is up-to-date with all the latest trends, research, and publications globally. We also regularly monitor and update our information as and when required.

Our team updates us regarding new medical guidelines, terminologies, recent practices, and processes.

5.  Expert Contributors

The icyhealth team collaborates with people from medical networks, specialists and researchers to provide articles and insights. Having our content checked by Medical reviewers brings accuracy and credibility to the published content.

6. Timely Updates

What good is your health update or the article you read if it’s not up to date? We know that, and that’s why we periodically review our content. Our experts, like Dr. Lehri Srivastava (MBBS) or Sathi Chakraborty (M. Sc. Biology), help keep our content accurate, and by taking immediate action from any feedback.

 Editorial Process Checklist:

Our in-house editors thoroughly review and update Each piece of content we publish.

  • Each content is fact-checked.
  • Editors provide immediate feedback to writers.
  • Editors proofread each piece of content to ensure no discrepancies or misinformation. 
  • Editors primarily focus on the language and readability of the content to ensure the writer’s intended message is conveyed. 
  • All information is collected from authoritative health journals and experts.
  • Ensure the accuracy of medical information, claims, and statistics before publishing any content.
  • Each article goes through rounds of editing using Grammarly and plagiarism-checking tools to make it error-free and original.
  • Proper attribution of quotes, data, and statistics from original sources.
  • Using infographics, images, and videos that are accurate and relevant to engage readers.

Our readers are our priority; we are here to help you with easily readable and accessible content. Our editorial team works hard to develop trustworthy, research-based, updated content for readers. We will be happy if you give feedback on our content about the quality or accuracy by visiting our page. 


Sathi Chakraborty, MSc Biology