Why Health Testing is Still So Important for Us in 2022

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Health testing and other aspects of healthcare have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the last few years. When COVID hit, the panic that it brought with it eclipsed most of the changes that came with the constant health testing and concerns.

Most of the world’s population was only too happy to have their temperature taken when entering a store, keep a mask on at all times, have a COVID test if they started feeling ill, get their vaccinations, and later on a booster shot as well, all in the name of public health. Many people already had yearly checkups or screenings, but now many more members of the public were getting them as well.

The fact is that even though human beings are creatures of habit and might not all always warm to change that easily, these preventative measures are still absolutely essential for a number of reasons.

We know it can be a challenge keeping up with things like health tests that still may not feel like a part of the normal run of things, but if you join us as we unpack the most important reasons that these processes are still essential in 2022, you’ll soon see that including these tests and practices in our new normal is the only viable way to move forward.


Health testing like temperature checks and blood tests are the ultimate weapon that we have in our arsenal. If we keep using these measures on a regular basis, or at least when they are deemed necessary by healthcare professionals, we will be able to prevent another disaster like the first COVID outbreak from occurring again.

Prevention is better than cure; if we know what we are up against in terms of reported cases, in terms of new strains, in terms of the number of employees on your team that are vaccinated, in terms of knowing that every person who walks into your home or business has a temperature below fever level, we can nip any potential disasters in the bud before they get too far along.

Maintaining health precautions like this is also a way of preventing the infection and potential deaths of those at risk or even your own loved ones. Rather than trying to unring a bell, like passing on a deadly virus, keep up with these non-invasive, cost-effective, and non-time-consuming procedures and avoid potential issues altogether.

This applies to all potentially lethal diseases or conditions. Detecting cancer, lung disease, or diabetes early can be the difference between death and a few sessions of life-saving treatment. Health screening can also tell you if you are at risk of developing a condition, not only if you already have one or not. If a few supplements or a simple treatment could help you avoid pain or discomfort, it seems sensible to find out as early as you can!

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Encouraging employees, loved ones, or students to get regular health tests may assist in preventing the development of any serious conditions, which in turn keeps employees doing their jobs, family together, and students at school, learning. Some things are unavoidable, like a fall that causes a broken arm or leg or catching a common cold from someone on the subway. Missing work, school, or family time for these reasons is hard to avoid and will probably happen to everyone at some point in their lives. Health screening can prevent absenteeism for longer terms or more serious reasons, which means that a business can keep functioning at its highest potential, a family won’t miss out on any holidays or special occasions together, and students don’t miss school enough for it to impact their education.

Common Courtesy

If you found out that you had a contagious, deadly disease that was easily preventable, you would get treatment as soon as you could, both for your own health and that of those around you and those near to them, right?

Regular health testing or screening can be seen as a common courtesy that keeps everyone around you safe. If you can avoid the process of getting the disease and then spreading it, why wouldn’t you? We as a society must think not only of ourselves and our health and comfort but also of anyone who has been and will be physically close to us.

Wrap Up

Though the process of engaging in regular health screenings can be repetitive and tedious, there are so many good reasons to keep doing it in 2022. Even when we feel like there is no clear and present danger, even when we find it challenging or frustrating, health testing is something we must come to accept as a part of a responsible lifestyle.

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