Top 6 Undeniable Safed Musli Benefits

Safed Musli’s benefits are abundant due to its aphrodisiac and adaptogenic effects1; it has gained more fame in recent times. You will see the Safed Musli benefits claimed in many healing procedures.

Ayurvedic remedies, Homeopathic, and Chinese medicines all use Safed Musli in improving sexual weakness and many more. This article will help you get a brief idea about Safed Musli and its benefits.

About Safed Musli

Also known by its botanical name tagged as Chrolophytum Borivilianum, Safed Musli is one of the Asparagaceae family members.

You will find Safed Musli herbs up to a height of 1.8 feet with white-colored flowers that are quite dense.

According to articles Safed Musli herb is usually found in the Brihana therapy and plays an important part.

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Safed Musli Benefits for Men

Safed Musli or Chrolophytum Borivilianum is a great herb for men. Due to the spermatogenic properties2 of Safed Musli, it will work well for the sexual performance of men.

A few articles showed the aphrodisiac effect of Chrolophytum Borivilianum would also improve sperm count.

Safed Musli benefits are there in treating Asthenozoospermia (known as sperm motility), Hypospermia (known as low volume of semen), Teratospermia (known as abnormal sperm shape), and Spermatogenesis (known as sperm production).

Safed Musli is one of the best kinds of Indian medicine herb for improving testosterone levels in men, being an antioxidant (natural).

According to some research, Chrlorophytum Borivilianum or Safed Musli has positive healing effects on erectile dysfunction3 and premature ejaculation in men.

Safed Musli Benefits for Women

According to many professionals, Safed Musli is great for the reproductive hormones of women.

Many problems come out due to inflammation of the uterus in women. The anti-inflammatory properties of Safed Musli will help prevent inflammation of the uterus and other organs that may affect your reproductive system.

It also helps in providing strength to the reproductive organs of females due to their uterine tonic capacities. Some women suffer from the maturation of egg issues, which becomes an obstacle to further reproduction.

They must start using the Safed Musli herb to claim its benefits for egg maturation4.

According to doctors, Safed Musli is an outstanding source for enhancing egg maturation into follicles capability. You should add this herb regularly to help with your issues related to fertility and conceiving in women.

Benefits Of Safed Musli in general

1. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Safed Musli’s benefits are immense and present in reducing stress and anxiety due to its adaptogenic properties. It will be a great anti-stress herb to make you feel stress-free and relaxed.

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According to Ayurveda, the symptoms of depression arise due to Pitta and Vata Doshas disturbances present in your body, and normalizing these two is pivotal for controlling the serotonin hormone level to prevent mental health problems further.

It would help if you tried Safed Musli benefits for preventing the symptoms of anxiety-like uneasiness, depression (in some cases), cold hands and feet, etc.

2. For Libido

Safed Musli will show aphrodisiac effects that will reduce stress and anxiety in humans and lead to developing libido. It will also help in increasing stamina in men.

3. For Bodyweight

There are many people out there looking for good body weight or weight gain. Weight gain could take place only with the increase of lean muscle mass. That is considered healthy and good body weight.

Musli will be a great choice for people suffering from underweight or malnourishment5. For them, dietitians recommend having a full spoonful of Musli with one full glass of milk before stepping into your bed.

4. For Beauty

Safed Musli will act as a shield for your skin, protecting you from oxidative free radicals. It will also show effects results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. And the potent anti-inflammatory properties of Safed Musli will help in treating acne and will promote radiant skin.

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5. Helps Diabetes

Safed Musli will work well for managing diabetes. People who have diabetes could also include Safed Musli in their diet.

The hypoglycemia property will be seen in Safed Musli which aids diabetes and controls blood sugar levels. The pancreatic cells play a pivotal role in increasing insulin production6 which will ultimately help with diabetes.

Musli will show good results for type 1 diabetes, but further research is needed to prove that Musli can help with type 2 diabetes.

6. Boosts Digestion

Apart from all the health benefits, Musli will maintain your digestive tract by providing smooth digestion. According to articles, roots of Chrolophytum borivilianum will help in reducing gas formation that affects your gastrointestinal tract.

Consequently, it will prevent bloating (inflammation), abdominal distension, and digestion problems. Musli is a good fiber that your body needs for better digestion and to help constipation.

Musli will also have antacid effects on the stomach to reduce acid formation in a large amount and prevent your body from ulcers, gastritis, and indigestion.

Side Effects:

  • Musli will be heavy with a sweet taste that comes out with cold potency.
  • That may irritate some people.

Apart from that, there are no such side effects of Safed Musli if you take the proper dosage of Musli.


Safed Musli is a highly nutritious herb to boost your overall health. Safed Musli benefits will reach your body if you start taking it as recommended daily.

Go ahead! And try Safed Musli for various health benefits.


Q. Can we use Safed Musli daily?

  • The recommended dosage for Safed Musli varies on the form in which you take this Ayurvedic ingredient. It also varies based on your age, body strength, appetite, and physical health. For a generalized dosage (in powder form), the recommendation is 1.5-2 grams for teenagers and 3-6 grams for adults per day twice daily.

Q. How long does Safed Musli take to work?

  • Safed Musli like Ashwagandha and other Ayurvedic Herbs show desired results as long as they are taken regularly and are woven into the daily routine of women. It will take anywhere between 2-3 months depending on your body composition and conditions to start seeing desired results.

Q. Can we take Safed Musli on an empty stomach?

  • You can be taken on an empty stomach. It does not have any side effects. You can eat Safed Musli with water. If you are eating it on an empty stomach, then it is advisable to take it with water.

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