Faster Way to Fat Loss: Top 6 Steps

There is a lot of weight loss or fat loss programs thrown at us. The choice to pick one that is effective makes our brain go into a frenzy. Among many of them, this faster way to fat loss is one of the most effective ways to lose those extra pounds.

This 6-week program is perfect for people who look for a detailed and planned breakdown of workouts and meals to help them achieve their goals. Amanda Tress, CEO and founder of Faster Way to Fat Loss, introduced the 6-week program. She breaks down the simple yet complex steps to achieve fat loss.

Faster way to fat loss

Note that she deliberately mentions “fat loss” instead of “weight loss” in Faster Way to Fat Loss. It is because she believes in building lean muscles rather than blatantly losing weight. She mentions that building lean muscles will reliably help in burning fat. It also helps to repair the metabolic system and increase it effectively for a healthier body to maintain it for the long term.

People who have tried the Faster Way to Fat Loss program have effectively lost weight and love it. They are appointed with personal trainers and a prepared meal plan. The meal plan is both dairy-free and gluten-free1. The meal plan is paired with an entirely based eating schedule based on their body type, health history, and activity level.

The program contains various high-intensity interval training (HIIT), fat-burning exercises, and lifting weights. The workouts are designed individually. They are also appreciated joining the community. In the community, they are encouraged to share their results as they lose weight and get stronger together, ultimately enjoying the program among themselves.

Faster way to fat loss

Amanda Tress has even published a book that breaks the whole program into two parts- 1. the faster way pillars and 2. implementation. Here, she details the methods in both body and mind connection, respectively. The book also contains a sample meal plan that contains a bunch of completely healthy recipes.

Faster Way to Fat Loss:

These steps to burn fat is designed by Amanda Tress, which has proven to be effective by its users. She aligns the steps to make fat loss faster within the 6 weeks as appointed.

  1. Intermittent Fasting:

Amanda starts the 6-week fat loss program with intermittent fasting. She introduces the intermittent fasting types and their options for people to choose from in prep week.

Intermittent fasting is the basis in Faster Way to Fat Loss.

What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting2 is not as scary as many perceive it to be. In fact, every human being who ever existed performs intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is of two windows. The fasting window is where one stays without eating anything, also known as the fasted state. The eating window is where one eats whatever they want for a period of time, also known as the fed state.

Faster way to fat loss

Intermittent fasting is known to be one of the most effective ways to fat loss.

After digesting the food during the fasted state, the body functions by using fat, hence burning fat. It is also not difficult to start intermittent fasting. The time between dinner to the next day’s breakfast where one doesn’t consume anything is otherwise known as the fasted state. So it is basically extending your fasted period to your potential and burning fats in the process.

Amanda lays out the different fasting styles in Faster Way to Fat Loss, such as 12:12, 16:8, 20:4, and multi-day fasts. It is completely up to the person to choose any method he/she wants.

Beginners to Faster Way to Fat Loss can always start with 12:12 intermittent fasting. This is where one has to fast for twelve hours and can eat the other twelve hours. Once their body gets used to it, they can move to 16:8. This method is highly recommended, where the fasting window is for sixteen hours and the eating window for eight hours.

  1. Carb Cycle:

Carbs have always been the nemesis when it came to weight loss or fat loss in general. Some people say carbs increase weight. While others say the opposite. Few also claim that moderation is key to lose and maintain weight.

Here is the truth, it is absolutely healthy to consume carbs, and it should be included in your diet no matter what. It is advised to be intuitive of how much you consume so that you don’t lose track of your fitness goals. Amanda Tress introduces the carb cycle to her clients to enjoy their carbs and not feel guilty about eating them.

Faster way to fat loss

The carb cycle consists of two macros going back and forth- low carb macros3 and regular macros. For example, when you haven’t worked out that day, it is said to consume food that is low carbs. When you have worked out, then regular macros or carbs must be taken according to the program.

Amanda Tress believes there is no need to erase carbs if it is taken mindfully completely.

The carb cycle has been proven effective because you are eating mindfully following low-carb macros for that day, even during your rest days. And when you work out, to replenish and keep the energy going, regular macros are consumed. It helps in maintaining energy levels, ensures fat loss, and improves entire body composition.

The carb cycle is used as a tool to optimize fat loss effectively.

As Amanda Tress informs in the program and her book, the macro-nutrients4 combine fat, carbs, and protein. She encourages to eat carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, squash, carrots, lentils, millet, among many others.

Faster way to fat loss

  1. Macro Tracking:

The third most important step of Faster Way to Fat Loss is macros tracking.

Calorie counting isn’t the thing in Faster Way to Fat Loss program. In its place, macros are tracked.

What are macros? They are the fats, protein, and carbohydrates one consumes. The right amount of nutrients help in effective fat burning.

Faster way to fat loss

The program includes macro tracking5 so that the person consumes the right nutrient to achieve their goals. The tracking of macros in Faster Way to Fat Loss is done through the app called MyFitnessPal. My fitness pal is part of the program to keep track of the macros you consume.

With intermittent fasting as the base in Faster Way to Fat Loss, macros counting becomes comparatively easy.

Everybody’s fitness goals are different from one another. One may want to achieve bulky muscle, while another may want to build lean muscle. To achieve any goal, apart from working out, food plays a huge role. So, according to the goals, consumption of nutrients start to vary.

  1. Whole Food Nutrition:

Amanda Tress believes in clean eating. No junk foods, no preservatives, no added sugars. The idea is to achieve healthy weight loss.

Therefore, Faster Way to Fat Loss is designed to change the way people eat, among many other changes. Food is a vital source of nutrition in a body. Therefore eating whole foods is essential to keep the body healthy with nutrition.

Eating food rich in nutrition is the way to do it. Whole foods are not modified or processed. They are simply whole.

Faster way to fat loss

This doesn’t mean that you should not eat processed food. You can and still achieve your macros. But to be healthy, you have to eat in such a way as to avoid inflammation. Foods like dairy and gluten are avoided in the program. The ultimate idea is to eat healthily.

  1. Strategic Workouts:

Any weight loss program always insists on moving your body. Let it be walking, running, yoga or pilates, or anything. Moving your body is so important for both mind and body. Working out doesn’t just help in losing weight; it can act as an effective stress buster.

Faster way to fat loss

Faster Way to Fat Loss designs workout concentrating on attaining lean muscle. Building lean muscles helps in burning fat. So the program approaches people with a combination of HIIT workouts, lifting heavyweight, and fat-burning cardio, which helps achieve lean muscles.

High-intensity interval training is popularly known to aid effectively in weight loss for people. HIIT is an exercise technique where you work out for 30 seconds and rest for the next 30 seconds. The rest period is given so that they can give their best for the next exercise.

So Faster Way to Fat Loss combines HIIT, fat-burning cardio, and lifting heavy weights to burn fat fast and build lean muscle.

Faster way to fat loss

Resting is as important as working out in Faster Way to Fat Loss. As much as working out is important for the body, giving your body the rest it needs to recover is equally important. You do not want to tire your body into illness.

We have a rest period even when we workout is to give a break to our body so that it can give its best in the next set. That is one reason why HIIT is proved to be one of the best exercises to lose fat. Therefore, rest when you need it.

  1. Community:

A 6-week fat loss program can socially be perceived as not consistent. They say that losing weight fast does not help you in maintaining it.

Faster way to fat loss

Any weight loss transformation is achieved when one makes lifestyle changes. Amanda Tress also believes that, so she has created a community for Faster Way to Fat Loss where all people share their transformations and results, encouraging each other.

A positive community has the potential to positively change the mindset of people, eventually making lifestyle changes.

Faster Way to Fat Loss is one of the effective ways to lose fat and maintain it. For people who have loved using the program, move on to VIP membership provided by the program.

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