Top 10 Delicious Indian Breakfast Recipes

You can not just disagree with the fact that breakfast is a significant meal of the day. It gives us the energy which one needs for the entire day’s work. But now a day people rush out to do their day-to-day and skip out their breakfast. People grab any food item quickly to relieve their hunger, but it’s not the right way to fill our stomachs.

A good breakfast can make your day go peaceful. Many of us don’t realize the importance of this meal, making them suffer from health issues and tiredness1.

It’s not only about suffering, but when you eat mindfully, your body will get all the necessary nutrients. If you miss the morning meal that is breakfast, you shouldn’t consume buttery or oil parathas and noodles.

Indian breakfast recipes are at the top when it comes to nutrition. With the healthy breakfast preparation of wholesome pumas, white light idlis to the peppery parathas, and filling dosas, there is a variety to choose from the Indian breakfast recipes.

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes

Aromatic sambar with some mushy idlis will make your day delightful. Poha is also a very healthy breakfast. There is also a traditional western breakfast loaded with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and sausages, which look rich on the palate but have many calories2 in them.

But now you have healthier options of various kinds of western breakfast from whole wheat bread, pancakes made out of oats, too many salads.

We have mentioned many everyday easy Indian breakfast recipes and a few special breakfast ideas which you can try on weekends and gatherings.

This article will help you to choose and plan your first day of the meal. For more choice, scroll down and find out a quick guide for your Indian breakfast recipes.

Important Facts About Having Breakfast

indian breakfast recipes
  • You should consume breakfast within 2 hours after waking up.
  • We know that breakfast gives us energy, but it should also be rich in calcium, iron3, vitamin B, proteins, and fiber4. You can consume these nutrients by having lots of veggies and fruits.
  • If you consume 4 cups of veggies and fruits, try to add one more cup to breakfast.
  • It is scientifically proven that humans should have more vegetables and fruits to have an ideal weight with a perfect metabolism5.
  • Breakfast helps in the functioning of the brain and also helps in cognitive development6 in our body. A person who consumes his/her breakfast daily has good memory and concentration. They will always be stress-free and happy with peaceful minds.

10 Indian Breakfast Recipes

Here I have some research on the Indian breakfast recipes that you can easily prepare also healthy. Down below, I have mentioned a wide collection of Indian breakfast recipes, which are widely famous in north India and south India.

Instant and Quick Breakfast

indian breakfast recipes
Instant Indian Breakfast Recipes.

There are many Indian breakfast recipes and dishes that do not need any special preparation, like; Rava up, aloo parathas, bread upma, Pongal besan chilla, etc.

For these dishes, we need not have to plan for the ingredients from before. You can make these Indian breakfast recipes within 10-20 minutes. Down below are few recipes for these instant and quick breakfast dishes.

1. Rava Upma

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: South Indian Famous Breakfast ‘Rava upma.’

Rava or suji upma is cooked with very fresh vegetables, few spices, lentils, aromatic nuts, and some green curry leaves. This breakfast recipe is a South Indian dish that is also grated with some fresh coconut at the top.

This makes an impeccable Indian morning meal. There are more upma recipes that one can try with bread and oats.

2. Aloo Paratha

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: Aloo Parathas Are Mostly Served Breakfast in Every Indian Home.

 Aloo parathas are one of the loved Indian breakfast recipes. It is prevalent in the northern part of India. Aloo parathas are usually paired with pickles or curd and consumed as a morning meal as breakfast.

The most advantageous thing in it is that the aloo is boiled and stuffed in wheat flour dough. Wheat is very nutritious and helps to maintain a balanced diet. It can also be eaten at lunch or as brunch.

3. Besan Chillas

indian breakfast recipes
Besan Chillas for Morning Breakfast

This Indian breakfast dish is north Indian cuisine. Besan chilla contains protein which is made from aromatic spiced gram flour. These are Indian pancakes that are just soothing to our taste buds. It’s a very instant dish that is just ready on the table in a flash.

These chillas are mostly loved by the kids which is good for them as it has protein in it. It’s also the best option to serve it in the evening as a snack with some aromatic spiced tea.

4. Poha Recipe

Indian breakfast recipes
Breakfast Meal: Poha Is a Very Famous Cuisine in North India

An effortless dish that is much needed as morning nutrition. Poha is made with subtle flavors and taste. It is pressed rice that is soaked in water for some time and then cooked with some favorite vegetables and spices.

This is the most cooked Indian breakfast recipe. You can know in detail about the poha recipe by the above link.

Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes

indian breakfast recipes
Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas!

A lot of people move to have healthy food which has more whole grains in the diet. If you want to make healthy breakfast choices, you should check out these ragi and oatmeal recipes. You can make easy instant oats or ragi dosas and ragi malt using these whole grains.

They are also rich in spices and herbs such as ginger and coriander. Healthy Indian breakfast recipes have many fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrot, and mangoes. A healthy breakfast has low saturated fat and is rich in fiber as well.

5. Ragi Dosa

indian breakfast recipes
Breakfast Recipes: Ragi Dosa is South Indian Cuisine Served with Chutney!

This dish is a south Indian cuisine which is very healthy and equally tasty as well. The dosa is made from ragi, which is also known as finger millets or red millets. Ragi dosa can be made for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

In the southern part of India, ragi is used in different ways and has been cooked. People make laddoos up with ragi, consume ragi powder with milk, or have ragi powder soup.

6. Oats Dosa

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: Oats Dosa is Very Nutritious

It is a thin crepe made up of fermented lentils and rice batter, and it is one of the favorite dishes prepared in south India. It’s a very light and also nutritious breakfast option. You can apply chutney on this dosa and give rolls to your kids. Oats dosa will be more delicious if you have it with coconut chutney and aromatic spicy sambar.

7. Beetroot Parathas

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: The Unique Beetroot Dosa

They are healthy parathas that you can even serve to toddlers and kids. Beetroot parathas are colorful, which makes them attractive for kids.

These parathas are great for breakfast as well as for lunch. Beetroot parathas can be used as a wrap and being stuffed with veggies, mayo. These wraps can be packed in a kid’s lunch box.

8. Dalia Recipe for Healthy Food

indian breakfast recipes
Daliya or Khichidi as Indian Breakfast Recipe!

Dalia or khichdi is also known as cracked wheat, samba Rava and broken wheat. Khichdi can be made sweet as well as savory in taste. Dalia is very healthy as it is made from whole wheat grain, which just as wholesome in a diet. Daliya is a very great meal for toddlers and kids.

Busy Mornings Indian Breakfast Recipes

If you have to rush somewhere in the mornings, which makes you skip breakfast, we have many easy and quick Indian breakfast recipes that you can try out easily.

Breakfast is considered an essential meal of the day, so you should consume it compulsively. Sandwich recipes and breakfast made out of bread.

9. Sandwiches and Egg Bread Toasts

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: Sandwiches Are Another Healthy Snack for the Morning.

We have a lot of collections in sandwiches. This breakfast is very good for busy morning people. Sandwiches can be grilled vegetable sandwiches or curd sandwiches. Egg bread toast only takes 8 minutes to be cooked. You can also have egg toast, egg mayo sandwich, or just toast and omelet.

10. Bread Pakoras as Morning Meal

indian breakfast recipes
Indian Breakfast Recipes: The Bread Pakoras Best for Busy Mornings.

Bread pakoras are a delicious breakfast that one can prepare on a lazy weekend. It is laced with dollops of gram flour and then fried until it turns bright yellow. These pakoras are very crispy and crunchy.

Bread pakoras aren’t commonly served in Indian homes as a breakfast item but very famous for being found in street food. It’s a common dish served in Mumbai. These pakoras are one of the Indian breakfast recipes which satisfying to our stomach.  

Indian Breakfast Recipes

These were the best 10 Indian breakfast recipes; cook any one of these for yourself or your family members to start your day with a burst of energy and deliciousness.

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