What Is The Best Time To Drink Kombucha?

Looking for something to have in the morning that can give you amazing health benefits? Yes, you should give kombucha a try. Many people wonder what the best time to drink kombucha is.

Before going into this, let’s understand the real meaning of kombucha.

Meaning Of Kombucha

Kombucha is also known as tea fungus1 and manchurian mushroom and is famous for various health benefits. It claims to cure chronic diseases as well if taken regularly.

This fermented herbal tea 2made by adding bacteria and yeast to it can be a medicine for various health problems. This can be a great and healthy start to your morning.

Many people before including these organic drinks3 think several times what can be the best time to drink kombucha? This drink can be added to your morning rituals. Mornings should be refreshing to keep you going throughout the day.

The best time to drink Kombucha
Kombucha Tea

Health Benefits Of Kombucha Drink

This fermented tea can build your life. As we know fermented foods are rich with probiotic bacteria if you are including this in your diet then you are adding benefits to your intestinal flora.

Kombucha Tea Jar
Kombucha Jar

1. Great Source For Probiotics

Kombucha can be great for your gut health. It originates from China or Japan. The lactic acid present in kombucha helps in the growth of bacteria and enzymes in your gastrointestinal tract.

These probiotics can be beneficial in preventing inflammation and improving digestion.

2. For Relaxation

Kombucha can be added to tea leaves which can be highly effective for providing relief and relaxation to your stress.

If you want to include foods and drinks in your diet that can provide refreshing effects to your body and mind then adding kombucha to any herbal tea would do the work. Kombucha can work tremendously if taken in the morning.

3. Can Boost Up Your Energy Level

Kombucha is generally prepared with black or green tea that contains caffeine that can increase your stamina and energy level. Caffeine is great for pushing you out of a lazy and dull mood.

And adding kombucha to it can double the benefits. The various study showed that it contains 4-7 mg of caffeine in 120 ml per serving. It contains a tiny amount of caffeine but still, people that don’t want caffeine in their drinks can take the option of green tea mixing with it.

4. Rich In Antioxidants

Kombucha is loaded with antioxidants that can prevent various diseases. The various study showed that kombucha can prevent chronic diseases like cancer that can be life taking at some juncture. Taking kombucha with green tea can be beneficial for your liver.

Kombucha can give the benefits of green tea. Kombucha can keep your liver free from toxins, it can purify your liver and keep it functioning soothingly.

Vitamins present in kombucha purify and detoxify your body. An antioxidant is great for fighting viruses and bacteria that may cause some life-threatening diseases in your body.

5. Kombucha With Antibacterial Properties

During the whole procedure of fermentation of kombucha, acetic acid is formed that can kill various microorganisms and bacteria in your body that may harm your body.

We all know how important it is to add anti-bacterial drink and food to your diet. But the benefits are extremely huge if taken naturally.

And these antibacterial properties are vital for our immune system these days. The best time to drink kombucha is definitely in the morning as it will lift your mood and simultaneously keep you healthy.

6. May Prevent Cancer

This drink if properly prepared can prevent you from free radicals that cause cancer. These organic teas are rich in high oxidants that fights against free radicals. Kombucha can fight against this mutation of cell diseases also known as cancer and that is one the of major issues these days.

Several people are still trying to find out the best time to drink kombucha then for them the time is morning.. Taking this drink in the morning on an empty stomach can clean out the impurities in your body and can heal the damage caused by various external things.

However, there are no final claims on this yet. There is still research going on whether kombucha can effectively prevent cancer or not.

7. Kombucha For Skin

Kombucha can be great for preventing aging. This can be a herbal solution for aging. It can prevent wrinkles and keep your skin young-looking by improving the elasticity of skin. It can also fight acne.

Kombucha has the same benefits that green tea claims. There are various skin products that have the benefits of kombucha.

But it’s always good to include organic and natural things in your diet rather than trusting supplements and products. So it’s better to take kombucha herbals tea rather than using all these products that may not work properly.

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Bottles

8. Kombucha For Weight Loss

If you are looking for a herbal drink that aids weight loss, then kombucha should be on your list. The best time to drink kombucha is in the morning. This can control bad cholesterol (LDL)4 as well.

Drinking a maximum of 240 ml per day of this drink can help in losing some weight. Kombucha can improve your gut health by providing some good bacteria that can increase digestion and metabolic rate.

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Side Effects Of Kombucha If Not Prepared Properly

Kombucha should be prepared with various precautions. This tea needs to be fermented for almost one week for better results.

The alcohol content in Kombucha is less than 0.5 %, which certifies it as non –alcoholic. But people sensitive to alcohol should avoid drinking kombucha excessively.

You should be aware of various techniques to be followed while taking kombucha on an empty stomach. Kombucha should be prepared with tea, it may be black or green tea.

These tea have caffeine content that may be sensitive for some people. Various studies showed that kombucha is not suitable for pregnant women as it has a small amount of alcohol content that may have side effects on breastfeeding women.

The best time to drink kombucha is in the morning that may not give any side effects to your body.  This takes a long time for the fermentation process that makes it an alternative for alcohol during the evening for many people. Children should not take this as it may not suit them.

Side Effects Of Kombucha

Stomach problems can be caused by kombucha if not suited properly due to the presence of alcohol and vitamins. It may also cause some stomach disorder.

It can also cause vomiting because this herbal drink is fermented by adding various things into it that may not be suitable for your digestion can result in vomiting and irritation in your stomach.

Kombucha is made up of a container that contains various chemicals that can cause side effects to your body like nausea and various other stomach-related problems.

Various research says Kombucha can cause allergic reactions that can be seen on your skin as well. We all know alcohol and caffeine may not suit everybody so definitely there will be side effects.

Excess intake of yeast can cause severe health issues. It can cause bloating and itchy rashes. The various report says that yeast can cause bad breath as well. Yeast is good for your body but should be taken in an adequate amount for any side effects.

Various reports related kombucha with death, this tea can be highly acidic to your body if taken excessively. If brewing won’t be carried out properly it may result in a cardiac arrest5, weakening of muscles various or other side effects.

So make sure that the fermentation process is properly done and the herbal tea should be taken within constraints.

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There is no specific evidence that claims these health benefits of kombucha but various researches can be trusted up to some extent. This tea can be a great detoxifier for your body.

It will help in cleaning the toxins that may affect your health. It can be great medicine for people suffering from headaches and migraines. The benefits of this drink can be seen in healing ulcers.

People with weak eyesight can give this a try. This drink may aid eyesight issues. This drink can improve your digestive system with probiotics.

It’s always hectic to wake up with a dull and lethargic mood that may prevent your all-day fun. So you must give this tea a try because it can boost your immunity and stimulate the immunity system by making it more powerful.

The best time to drink Kombucha is in the morning because it can work as a purifier both for your skin and body.

Now many people are dubious about why the best time to drink kombucha is in the morning, this is because during the evening it may not work as efficiently as it will during morning due to the alcohol content in it.

So be aware of that and you should not exceed the limit. Taking more than 240 ml may cause some side effects as well even if you are not sensitive to any ingredients. It doesn’t matter how less the amount it is but it may affect your health if you are sensitive to alcohol.

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