10 Best Suggested Hobbies For People With Anxiety

hobbies for people with anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling where an individual feels scared or nervous and uneasy. This happens when an individual goes through a feeling where they are not sure about the outcome of a situation. Some symptoms of anxiety are fast heart rate, sweating, cold hands, and palpitations. The thoughts and feelings during a stressful time can cause anxiety.

Though there are many hobbies for people with anxiety, they may not be aware of some. Here is a video tutorial to help you understand what anxiety actually feels like. You can’t overcome it unless you know what it is.

There are many times when a person goes through anxiety frequently. Some of you who have severe anxiety should try different hobbies to avoid mental problems later. There are different ways to help people going through frequent anxiety. Here is a list of hobbies for people with anxiety.

But firstly, knowing the different disorders are important-


Some of the disorders can be cured by consulting therapists and trying out different hobbies for people with anxiety. But some can be just reduced. Sometimes, anxieties can be harmful to mental health too. There are different types of anxiety disorders. They are –

1.1 Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD is a widespread kind of disorder many of us can go through during different situations of our life. This is a disorder where a person goes through anxiety during any slightly difficult situation or for no reason. They tend to think about consequences without even doing anything.

Here, reducing anxiety is easier than other types. By following different hobbies, this can be controlled.

1.2 Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD occurs when people tend to overthink a lot. This leads to an obsession with doing a thing over and over until they think it’s perfect. Examples are washing hands frequently, checking locks or appliances repeatedly. Curing this disorder can be problematic, but therapies can help you a lot.

The best way to deal with this is the trial and error method.

1.3 Social anxiety disorder

This is a common type of disorder that can be cured by therapies or different hobbies. Social anxiety is a type where an individual gets anxious about daily social activities. Some examples are talking to strangers, public speaking, or giving opinions on anything. A person going through social anxiety can even experience extreme fear when around people.

Adult coloring books and yoga are the preferred hobbies for people with anxiety in this category. This can be controlled easily by practicing public speaking in front of your mirror too.

1.4 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD usually develops after a person experiences something very traumatic where they experience mental or physical harm. Anything related to the traumatic event can trigger anxiety in a person. Stress and anxiety can be a major problem for people after experiencing any natural disaster or physical assault.


Anyone can go through anxiety due to any reason. Struggling with anxiety can be a big problem, but the main way to tackle it is by facing it. Therapies can help a person a lot, but they should also try different things to calm the anxiety down. There are lots of hobbies for people with anxiety; some best hobbies can be-

2.1 Yoga

Yoga is practiced by plenty of people to keep a peaceful set of mind. Negative thoughts are always there in the back of our minds. Yoga varies from gentle to challenging, and different yoga poses give different health outcomes.

yoga hobbies for people with anxiety

This is the most effective way to make people less anxious during stressful situations. Doing yoga is a great way to calm your mind and refresh you from within. Practicing yoga for at least 10 minutes can boost your mood. A study was conducted where it was proven that yoga helps to fight anxiety.

Reduced stress can be achieved easily if regular yoga is practiced. Some of the best yoga poses for beginners to practice are-

2.2 Adult coloring books

Many people chose coloring during the coronavirus lockdown as their hobby.  When living alone or going through bad times, we tend to do more overthinking, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Spending time with a coloring book can help a lot to forget about the tension and relieve some stress. The research was conducted where it was shown that coloring could actually be helpful for anxious people.

Because of coloring, we tend to use our creative part of the mind and automatically get less anxious. This is one of the best hobbies for people with anxiety, and coloring regularly can help you feel good too.

2.3 Baking

Yeah, you heard it right! Baking actually is one of the best hobbies for people with anxiety. During the covid lockdown situation, many people started experimenting with their baking skills. Not only did this help in better baking skills, but also a method to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Unknown to many, baking helped people during the pandemic. Even a study confirmed this information, too, which is why this is a reliable hobby.

Therapists also advise baking to cope up with loneliness and anxiety. Baking helps to divert the mind from all the bad things going on. So, you know what you need to do when you feel alone or sad next time.

baking hobbies for people with anxiety

2.4 Embroidery or knitting

Unusual to hear, this is another creative hobby that helps a lot of people who want to get rid of anxiety. Embroidery or knitting is another level of creativity. Much time has to be given to complete a whole embroidery or knitting work. The time consumed for the entire work can really be helpful to many anxious people.

Knitting and embroidery are some of the best and unique hobbies for people with anxiety. As they don’t think about any other negative perspective or opinion, it helps them diverting the mind.

There are loads of tutorials about embroidery and knitting on Youtube or other online platforms for anyone new to embroidery. You can refer to them and master the art of knitting or embroidery.

2.5 Watching movies

Any movie fanatic out there? We’ve got the best option for you! From feel-good to romantic movies, any kind of movie except horror and thriller is just perfect for you. Avoiding thrillers and horror movies is good for anxious people because that can make you feel anxious. It makes you keep guessing about what’s going to happen next.

Watching feel-good and happy ending holiday movies are always the best hobbies for people with anxiety. This doesn’t require any physical effort, and the movies always have a nice and thoughtful impact on a person.  Click here to get a full list of feel-good movies. There are other hobbies for people with anxiety too, but this is just perfect as you just have to watch and not do anything else.

2.6 Walking

Whenever you take a morning or evening walk in the fresh air, your body automatically starts forgetting about anxious feelings. Although the effects of a 10-minute walk can be temporary, walking can give hours of relief from stressful thinking and a mood boost. Not only mentally, but anyone can achieve good physical health too if they go for a walk or run every day.

This is also a great way for people who don’t like indoor activities much. And walking without a destination is always a better option because you don’t pre-plan about the future and overthink.

2.7 Music

Talking about hobbies for people with anxiety and missing out on the best hobby is a big no-no. Anxious people can never get bored with music. From the soothing songs to the melodious tunes, we all love music. To get all the anxious thoughts out of your head, this is the ultimate solution.

Music has a ton of genres, from uplifting your mood to make you forget about anxious situations. Music is known for its’ soothing tones, which help many people calm the heart rate and give a peaceful mind. A study was conducted where music did help people get over stress.

2.8 Reading

One of the best hobbies for people with anxiety is reading and is the most preferable option for people who have social anxiety. Reading helps a person escape reality temporarily and helps them to get a nice perspective about themselves. It also is a great way to get rid of stress and divert your mind from negative thoughts.

If you are looking for the best books for mood upliftment, here is the list.

reading hobbies for people with anxiety

2.9 Writing journals

An underrated way to cope up with anxiety is writing journals. Not only do journals keep track of your daily life, but they also help you learn from previous life events. People who tend to write journals lead a better life as they know what happened earlier and try to avoid a similar problem. Avoiding anxiety-related problems becomes easy for them, and they lead a less anxious life.

For those who like writing, this is one of the best hobbies for people with anxiety.

2.10 Gardening

Gardening is a great hobby for people who love nature wholeheartedly. Not only anxiety, but gardening can also give you mental health benefits. Gardening releases good chemicals in the brain, namely, serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is best known for its ability to reduce anxiety and give your mood a boost and feel happy.

gardening hobbies for people with anxiety

Click here to know more amazing things about gardening.

Here was the preferred list of hobbies for people with anxiety. You can do anything that helps them soothe anxiety and get negative thoughts out of their head. But if anyone goes through PTSD and OCD, things can get pretty hard for you, so try going to therapies. Therapies can help you a lot, but following the hobbies mentioned above can also help a lot.

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