Kiwi Berries Nutrition and Benefits


With growing market importance, kiwi berries nutrition has become very popular and is on high demand for its growing consumers. Do you know why?

Here’s a quick rundown of kiwi berries nutrition.


Beneficiary purpose
Kiwi Berries.

Known as Actinidia arguta in science, kiwi berries contain many essential nutrients which are very beneficial and healthy.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables are essential for human dietary habits. It makes us healthy and strong.

With the emergence of berries and novel fruits across the world, their importance has increased and they have become common and well accepted. These fruits and berries have multi vitamins, minerals, phenolics, etc which help us stay fit and healthy throughout life.

Kiwi belongs to the Actinidia genus as the main representative. It is known highly for taste and health benefits. Its other species is the kiwi berry.

This species is very important and interesting as it gives advantage to the horticulture. It has a short vegetation period and can grow in colder climates.

This capacity for the growth of kiwi berries makes cultivation possible, especially in North America and North Europe which has a cold and harsh climate.

Kiwis and berries were used for the treatment of Aronia in Japan 1945. Vitamin compounds found in kiwis enhance the blood cells to promote skin health.

Currently, kiwi berries are cultivated commercially in countries like US, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, France, Switzerland and many European countries.

Kiwi berries aka  A. arguta are small grape like fruits with an edible skin. Its colour is green and is very aromatic. It tastes mostly similar to ripe strawberries or pineapples. So it can be eaten raw or in the form of wine and jam.

Health Benefits

Kiwi berries nutrition.
Kiwi berries benefits

Kiwi berries are loaded with nutrients and are considered very healthy. Adequate consumption can reduce the chances of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and aging.

Carbohydrate, dietary fiber, protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, and vitamins are the main components that help reduce diseases and make us healthy. Benefits of kiwi berries nutrition are as follows:

1. Boost in Immunity

Kiwi berries are full of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. Vitamin C is needed for boosting the immune system which helps us fight infectious diseases. Young children, adults and older people can have kiwi berries to boost their immunity.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Besides providing a boost to our immune system, kiwi berries also keep a check on our blood pressure.

According to a study, kiwi berries and more bioactive compounds can help lower blood pressure more than what an apple does. In the long term, this should be helpful in controlling the risk of getting brain strokes and heart attacks.

3. Helps to Treat Asthmatic Problems

Since there is a significant amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C present in kiwi berries, it can treat people with asthmatic problems. There is a positive effect on the lung function of people who consume fresh kiwi berries along with other fruits. It may also help in reducing wheezing in children.

4. Helps with Digestion

Kiwi berries, being a fiber ready fruit, helps with digestion. It also contains actinidin, which is a proteolytic enzyme which helps with digestion.

5. Likely To Subside Other Health Conditions

Oxidative stress can be very dangerous sometimes and can damage our DNA which can eventually lead to serious health issues.

One should have kiwi berries regularly to reduce oxidative stress. It can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

6. Reduction in Blood Clots

Kiwi berries help us reduce blood clotting in order to reduce blood pressure. They also contribute to a reduction of fat in a significant amount from blood.

It is said that the effects are similar to doses of aspirin to improve cardiovascular health.

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7. Risks Involved

While kiwi berries are safe for a lot of people, few can be allergic to it. Numerous side effects can be noticed and felt while consuming kiwi berries. Some examples are swollen tongue, itchy throat, vomiting, and trouble in swallowing. These risks can affect the health benefits of kiwi berries.

The risk of allergy increases if someone is allergic to avocados, figs, hazelnuts, etc.

In few cases, kiwi berries can really be a threat. It slows down blood clotting and increases bleeding. If you are having any kind of surgery the next week, avoid having kiwi berries.

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Kiwi Berries Nutrition – Culinary Uses

  • Kiwi berries can be used for pastries, muffins, smoothies and salads.
  • It can be eaten fresh like grapes.
  • Berry sauce can be used over fresh chicken breast.
  • It can be made to puree for making jams, salads, vinegars, cheese cake, ice cream, yogurt, baked fish, etc.
  • It is excellent for meat marination.
  • It can be used for non alcoholic juice, wines, beers.
  • Kiwi berries are perfect as portable snacks because they’re the size of a cherry tomato.


Kiwi berries contain many essential nutrients which are needed for our health. Its scientific name is Actinidia arguta and is full of vitamins, minerals and phenolics.

Kiwi berries are very tasty and aromatic. They are easy to harvest as they have a short vegetation period and can grow in harsh winter climates. It helps to cultivate kiwi berries in North America and Northern Europe.

Currently cultivated in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc. Adequate consumption of kiwi berries can help reduce aging, cardiac diseases, etc. It really helps in boosting immunity as it is full of Vitamin C.

Given the acceptance in the world wide scene, there is an increased interest in kiwi berries. Several health promoting constituents are derived from this fruit.

Recent years have shown significant research and publication on the nutrition values and benefits of kiwi berries. Many of these research shows rich nutritional components which helps promote healthy life.

It contains nearly 20 nutritional components, which helps making it one among the most nutrient fruits. Kiwi berries are more dense in nutrients than kiwi fruit in most cases.

The antioxidants help in prevention of cardiovascular related diseases and reduces blood pressure, blood clotting, helps with digestion and asthmatic problems.

As of now, a lot of research is going on to find out the detailed benefits of kiwi berries. This shows an increased popularity and inclination of people’s interest towards kiwi berries nutrition.



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