Cryotherapy Weight Loss: 3 Minutes of Ecstatic Fitness

Cryotherapy Weight Loss has become a popular trend among celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Christiano Ronaldo, Daniel Craig, and Jessica Alba are names who opted for the cryotherapy weight loss program. Sportsperson and fitness lovers are also trusting this novel therapy. This article gives you an insight into cryotherapy and its effectiveness.

Obesity: A Social Stigma


The stigma associated with obesity sometimes leads to depression and uneasiness. High blood pressure, heart diseases, osteoarthritis1, and diabetes are some other diseases linked to obesity.

In a study conducted in 2019, around 39 per cent of youth across the world are overweight. Dieting, weight reduction surgery, and medications are some prevalent practices for weight-loss. But they have their limitations and side-effects. For example, people generally regain weight after dieting in a couple of years. The use of drugs has side effects.

The success of Cryotherapy Weight Loss depends on its several benefits. It is effective, reduces whole-body stress, improves fitness, and above all, it’s less time-consuming. Now take a look at the whole concept of cryotherapy weight loss.

What is Cryotherapy Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Just the idea of an ice bucket challenge might send a shiver down your spine. But imagine slipping into an icy chamber with minus 200 degrees temperature. Does it sound insane? But it’s the magnum opus of cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy treatment 2was developed in Japan a few decades ago to treat arthritis. Understanding its potential benefits, European countries started researching the methodology. Now it is popularly used in the US and other countries.

Cryotherapy weight loss runs on the theory of thermogenesis. In a freezing temperature (-200 degrees or more) our body starts producing heat by melting fat. In this process, a good amount of calories are burnt. It is assumed that a 3 minutes session can burn around 800 calories.

In the process, a person has to enter a chamber where the temperature is chilling low. At -200 degrees Fahrenheit, the whole body is covered inside the chamber except the head. The chamber is full of evaporated liquid nitrogen as cold air. It is quite a different concept than the ice bath.

Cryotherapy weight loss runs on a simple idea. In a cold environment, our brain sends signals to the cells to pump up more blood to keep the body temperature normal. This process requires a very high amount of energy which is provided by the excess fat present in the body. The method of adipose tissue (AT) cooling3 is used to reduce fat.  It speeds up the metabolism.

You can also apply the following diet habits to reduce weight

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Localized Cryotherapy vs Whole Body Cryotherapy

Localized Cryo

 Localized Cryotherapy

In the localized cryotherapy same liquid nitrogen is applied but for specific areas of the body. It is generally applied to areas that are sore or painful due to an injury. The sportsperson commonly uses it. It is also used to treat migraines and joint pain.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)4, on the other hand, has a comprehensive effect on our body. According to the Harvard Medical School studies, WBC helps in treating issues like asthma, chronic pain, depression, and several others along with weight loss.

What Experts Say

In a medically reviewed article by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD. MSN, the benefits of cryotherapy to lose weight are discussed. A single session is helpful. It is more effective when used regularly for at least ten days. After a gap of one month, you can try for a few more sessions.

Experts say that you should accompany a balanced diet and exercise sessions with cryotherapy. It maximizes weight loss. Cold sessions of cryopathy release endorphins. Endorphins help reduce stress5 and anxiety along with weight loss. It is advised to carry on workouts at the gym after a cryotherapy session. It maintains the rhythm.

In a tried and tested review, Amy Lawrenson writes the benefits of her cryotherapy weight loss sessions. The sessions helped her reduce fat. Relieved her pain. And improved her skin. She sees long-term benefits of cryotherapy sessions for enhanced metabolic rate.

For more about losing weight, read the link below:

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How Is It Better Than Others?

A rejuvenated person after cyro

Cryotherapy: A Rejuvenated Experience

The biggest advantage of cryotherapy sessions is that it is not focused only on a single target that is weight loss. Cryotherapy is a comprehensive mechanism that has the following benefits:

1.Helps in chronic pain relief

2.Stabilizes the mood, alleviating depression

3.Makes the skin healthy

4. Improves metabolic rate

5. Helps to lose weight

The Cost

Cryotherapy weight loss

Tried by several celebrities including Will Smith and Lindsay Lohan cryotherapy, sounds quite expensive. But you may be amazed to know that a single cryotherapy weight-loss session costs as low as buying movie tickets. On average, a cryotherapy session costs around $50. It is equivalent to two movie tickets.

The number of cryotherapy centres is growing rapidly. It will help reduce the charges. A company like Cryo Centres of America has installed around 500 cryotherapy units across the US.

Some Precautions

During a whole body cryotherapy session, our body is exposed to a shallow temperature. Without proper precautionary measures, the -200 degree temperature can cause serious side effects. People suffering from heart-related ailments should take extra precautions.

People are provided with dry socks, gloves, and other essential gears to halt the effect of low temperature on sensitive areas. Our toes and fingers are susceptible to low temperatures. Direct exposure to minus 200 degrees temperature can make them numb. The blood circulation might get affected, and cells may be damaged.

It is essential to follow the safety instructions during a cryotherapy session. People with chronic complications must consult their doctor before any WBC.

Cryotherapy weight loss therapy is a novel and comprehensive method to lose weight. Its benefits are numerous. Most people feel rejuvenated and energetic after the session. It is an effective method for calorie burning.

Obesity is said to be the carrier of many diseases. In a fast-changing world, our diet habits and exercising capacities have changed drastically. Our lifestyle has career and society related priorities. Thus our health suffers due to a lack of time and care.

Whole Body Cryotherapy for weight loss is indeed an effective medium to lose weight. It also improves the metabolism of your body.

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