Top 8 Healthy Alkaline Food List

Food can be called the source of happiness. Maintaining your body’s PH level is pivotal for your health.

Some conditions may lead to disturbed PH conditions, and for that, you need to add alkaline food to your diet.

A healthy body is the one that has the perfect balance of acid and Alkali for perfect health. If the PH level gets disturbed, then there are so many diseases that will hit your body.

And some of these diseases can be life-threatening as well. This article will help your find some alkaline food list for your diet.

Alkaline Diet: Why It Is Important?

Before trying any diet, one must learn why that particular diet is important for your health.  But before jumping into the alkaline food list, you must learn about the alkaline diet.

A diet that will improve your muscle mass along with increasing your bone density. It can be called a protection diet, helping protect your body from various diseases.

According to many researchers, the diet will protect you from strokes and heart diseases. It will also show positive results in controlling blood pressure or hypertension.

Balancing the PH level is very important to prevent the result of highly acidic diets. According to many reports, high acidic diets may contribute to back pains and irregular menstrual cycles.

According to study an acidic diet with alkaline food will increase headaches and joint pains as well. A perfect balance is always needed for your body to stay fit and healthy.

And it is always vital to neutralize your body by following a balanced diet. Many foods can be a part of your alkaline food list.

The best part about this is that you can get a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables with amazing other health benefits.

Alkaline Food List:

1- Watermelon

An escape to the summer heat and summer months. Watermelon is one of the best fruit that comes under the criteria of the Alkaline food list.

Adding water to your body is necessary for your body, and this can be achieved by having watermelon.

According to many studies, watermelon is a great combination of water and nutrients that will go for your alkaline diets.

Apart from all the health benefits watermelon will add to your body; it is an astounding alkaline PH agent. And having a watermelon will bring the perfect alkaline level required for your body functioning.

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants to boost your immune system. Vitamins and minerals vital for your body can be received abundantly by having watermelon.

If your want to get the benefits of watermelon, a great fiber-rich food, then add it to your Alkaline food list.

Alkaline food list

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2- Lemons

You must be pondering how lemon being a highly acidic citrus fruit, can show alkalinity. Lemons are highly acidic, but they will show alkalizing effect for sure.

In some cases, lemons may show little alkaline effect, but it will show after metabolism. One of the most versatile citrus fruits that many people use for so many food items and remedies.

Lemons are extremely important for your health as it contains a good amount of citrus.

According to studies, lemons will show alkaline properties to balance the PH level of your body. A good source of vitamin c for your body and with great anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemons are saviors for many stomach problems. You must have seen that lemons are sued for many stomach issues, and hence the reason is the PH balance in some cases.

Excess acid will lead to acid attacks and stomach ache that can be treated by adding alkaline-rich foods. Lemons are outstanding sources of antioxidants that will help to treat free radicals.

Protecting your body is very important, and this can be done by adding good alkaline foods to your diet for perfect balance.

Alkaline food list

3- Mushrooms

Another favorite food of many can be prepared by using mushrooms. Mushrooms will also come under the top alkaline food list.

Many reports have proven the benefits of mushrooms in maintaining your alkaline level. Mushrooms should be added to your Alaklaine food list as it is also paced with many other nutrients.

Being rich in selenium mushrooms will work like magic for people running with selenium deficiency.

If you are looking for alkaline foods with protein content, then mushrooms will be a great option for your preference.

According to many researchers, mushrooms will also help in preventing heart diseases and Alzheimer’s.

Many cases and reports say that mushrooms are great for controlling diabetes if taken as per requirement.

Alkaline food lsit

4- Ginger

Ginger has traditionally been used for various food and home remedies. Ginger is a marvelous spice with many health benefits.

The alkaline properties will be seen in ginger shots as well. If you are looking for some spices to add to your Alkaline food list, then Ginger is up for you.

One of the best spice to add to your tea for boosting the nutrient value along with taste. Apart from adding taste and flavors to your tea, it will help in boosting the nutrients value.

Many reports confirm the nutrients value of ginger and also the alkaline PH balancing properties in it. People suggesting health issues must try a beautiful concept known as ginger shots.

You can use normal ginger or can make a shot from it just going into a creative zone. An amazing agent to reduce inflammation and stomach ache.

Ginger will show great results in boosting your heart and brain health. The alkalinizing effect to control blood ph levels to balance acid levels will be seen in Gingers.

Alkaline food list

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5- Broccoli

One of the healthiest vegetables available in the market. Broccoli is used in many healthy food recipes for nutrient value.

Researchers showed that Broccoli would help balance the effect of acidic foods as it will show the alkaline effect on the body.

Broccoli should be added to your Alkaline food list if you are looking for weight loss results. Many people don’t add broccoli to their diet plan due to the weird taste of Broccoli.

But they should look more for the nutrients value and not for the bland taste. Broccoli will boost your bone health and will make good changes to your overall health.

Adding nutritious vegetables is important for today’s generation to lead a healthy life. Another best part about having Broccoli is the protein content in it.

While you are preparing foods using broccoli, you add a good amount of protein to your body. Broccoli can be a savior for people suffering from acid-forming without alkaline properties.

Alkaline food list

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6- Nuts

Nuts will be the healthiest snacking options for fitness freak folks out there. Along with many nutrient values, nuts are also capable of showing Alkaline effects on your body.

Almonds are the best among all other nuts for boosting the alkalinizing effect on your body. And it would help if you did not skip taking almonds for many more health benefits.

You can also take other nuts for alkalinity, but almonds are the best among them. If you take soaked almonds in the morning, then it will help you in various ways.

Make sure you take nuts as per the requirement as few nuts will aid weight gain. As nuts are rich in good fats so they may result in weight gain.

Alkaline food list

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7- Ripe Bananas

Ripe Bananas is a great source to add a good amount of nutrients to your body. Ripe bananas are loaded with potassium that will add the appropriate amount of minerals to your body. Badass will show good alkaline properties if taken daily.

According to many studies taking Bnanaas daily is a requirement for your body. Many foods ill tend to do alkaline-forming to prevent your body from the dietary acid load.

And Bananas is on of that nutritious fruit that ills the PH balance for a long life span. And to stay away from many diseases that will destroy your peace.

You should also rely on bananas to prevent blood pressure and heart strokes. Many studies showed the benefits of Bnanass in controlling kidney stones and osteoporosis.

It will also help in preventing Osteoporosis if included in your daily diet plan. It would help if you also swore by ripe bananas to prevent water retention.

Alkaline food list
Ripe Bananas

8- Tomatoes

A great source of B vitamins and other nutrients. Tomatoes are a part of Indian foods and diets. Taking tomatoes are extremely important for people looking at increasing alkalinity in their body.

Tomatoes can be a part of your alkaline food list with great nutrients content. Lycopene present in tomatoes will help in increasing antioxidants levels in our bodies.

Tomatoes will also improve your fitness by preventing the risk of diseases. Tomatoes will be very effective in preventing sunburns.

Many reports showed tomatoes would help in treating sunburn. Taking tomatoes will help you stay fit and fine for a long time.

Alkaline food list

Alkaline Food List

Get yourself a perfect balance of PH level by trying these amazing alkaline properties foods. Go ahead! And make yourself a good recipe using this alkaline food list.

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