Top 6 Incredible Hip Opening Yoga Poses

hip opening yoga poses

Hip opening yoga poses are what everyone needs to know in the present-day world. Hip opening yoga poses are becoming very popular nowadays because of the health benefits they provide.


Top 6 Incredible Hip Opening Yoga Poses


hip opening yoga poses

Hip opening yoga poses are very important to know. Their importance lies in the benefits that they offer.

Whether you want to become an athlete or facing issues with your hip or thigh pain. In every situation, hip opening yoga poses are very beneficial.

Hip opening yoga poses are not only useful in maintaining your physical health but spiritual health also. Here in this article, we would also study how hip-opening yoga poses can promote our spiritual health.


What Are Hip Opening Yoga Poses

The hip is one of the important body parts of our body. Why the reasons are pretty good. One of the reason is that with our back it helps in the balancing of the body.

Our body posture, body movement, and body balance are maintained by our spinal cord, back or backbones, and hip or thighs. All of them support our body weight.

But why hip becomes here important as it handles most of the weight and reduces the pressure on our backbones and spinal cord.

If our hip is tight or stiff, then our back has to handle more weight. And the spinal cord has to work more.

That is why hip opening yoga poses are advised to make the hip loose. When your hip becomes loose, or it is not stiff.

Then it can support the body movements, body postures, and weight of the body.

There are many exercises with the help of which you can open your hip. Hip opening required not only exercise but diet also.

So with proper diet and exercises or physical activities. You can make your hip lose and flexible so that it can support your body.

And when it comes to exercises and physical activities, then there is nothing better than yoga. Yoga is one such ancient heritage of India that has fans and followers from all over the world.

Yoga is invented by the Rishis and Munis of India, who were the sages of the land. They enlightened the people with the knowledge which they get from meditation. Meditation is also a part of yoga.

While doing yoga poses, you have to take care of your breathing, focus, and many other things.

And when you do yoga poses, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and physical postures (Asana). Then you would get benefits of it.

Yoga includes taking care of your body with your surrounding environments and your body with the help of 8 limbs. According to an estimate, almost 84 yoga postures can be done to achieve various goals.

One in those postures, some are attributed to hip opening. There are many hip opening yoga poses which you can easily perform to make your hip lose.

In these hip openings, yoga poses the inner muscles of your hip work.

When you regularly do hip opening yoga poses. Then there are almost 20 muscles that cross the hip, including high inner muscles, hip flexors, deep lateral rotators.

And with a loose and flexible hip, you can support your body actions in a better way.


Benefits Of Hip Opening Yoga Poses

Here we would study all the benefits which you get from hip opening yoga poses. Hip opening yoga poses are as follows,

  • Release your stress

The first benefit you would get from hip opening yoga poses is that it helps in releasing your stress. Or you can also term it as a stress buster.

And when you stretch and strengthen them, then they release the stress stored in them.


  • It supports your lower back

As a hip, the spinal bone back is connected and helps in supporting the body. When you have a stiff hip, then it increases the pressure on your lower back.

It causes back pain. Sometimes this could also result in slip disk and other back problems.

When you have a flexible hip because of the hip opening yoga poses, the back’s pressure reduces. And this prevents you from back pain and other back-related problems.


  • Have a better alignment

When you perform hip opening yoga poses regularly. Then you would have a better alignment of the hip, back, knees and feet.

All these have to be properly aligned, or their improper alignment would lead to knee or foot pain. And when these things are aligned, then you can prevent knee and foot pain.


  • Help in your spiritual empowerment

Spiritual power is that power which helps the human to remove their bad emotions, negative feelings. Negative feelings, bad emotions are becoming very common nowadays.

As our life is becoming more challenging, people suffer from many negative feelings, jealousy, competition, money problems, and many other problems.

All these make you depressed and tough to cooperate with the changing world. Under spiritual power, the hip holds an important place. And is linked with the sacral chakra, which is also related to water.

So when you do hip opening yoga poses, you release all the bad emotions from your body. And make your mind more creative and efficient to work.

These all are the benefits of hip opening yoga poses that you achieve.


6 Best Hip Opening Yoga Poses

After knowing about the hip opening yoga poses and their benefits.

You must be eager to know that how you can achieve all these benefits.

Well, the answer is simple, you have to follow the hip opening poses regularly. And if you don’t know them, then don’t worry.

Here is a list of the 6 best hip opening yoga poses. With the help of which you can even at your home, on your own.

  1. Child’s pose

hip opening yoga poses

A child’s pose or Balasana is good for hip opening and targets the hip flexor.

First of all, kneel on the floor, touch the big toes together. And sit on the heels, and separate your knees as wide as the hips.

Now, after this, exhale and lay the torso down between the thighs and broaden the sacrum.

Now lay down hands on the floor alongside the torso. And keep the palms up and stay the same for almost 30 seconds. Or how long you can hold your pose comfortably.


  1. Facing Dog pose

hip opening yoga poses

First, come to the hands and knees with the wrists under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

Then curl the toes under and push back through hands to lift the hips and straighten the legs.

Now you can hold this pose for as long as you can without feeling any pain.


  1. Pigeon pose

hip opening yoga poses

First made facing dog pose and then bring the right leg up to form a down dog split pose.

Then bend the right knee and bring the same leg forward.

After this, release the left knee to the mat, and the left foot should be flat on the floor.

Now square the hips in front of the mat and place a paddle under the hip’s right side.

When you feel stable, bring the torso down to form a forward bend over the right leg. And keep the hips squares and balance the weight equally on both sides.

You can hold this pose as long as your body can support it.


  1. Lizard pose

This is the best for tight hips and can help in opening them.

hip opening yoga poses

First of all, make a downward dog pose, and step the right foot forward to the outside of the right. By this, you would form a lunge position.

Now bend the left knee and left leg to the ground pressing into your hips. And keep the arms and back straight.

Now slowly lower the forearms, keep the back flat and head align with the spine. Hold this pose as long as you can and try with the other side too.


  1. Butterfly pose

hip opening yoga poses

This pose has many names, including baddha konasana, bound angle pose, throne pose, and many other names.

For this pose, with bent knees, bring the soles of feet together. And let the knees fall out to the outer sides.

After this, take your feet as closer to your body as you can. And press the outer edges of the feet together on the floor.

You can also flip and flap your feet and knees bent in an upward and downward position as a variation. This would create a range of motion.


  1. Happy Baby pose

hip opening yoga poses

For this pose, lie on the yoga mat, bend the knees, and pull them to the chest. Now place the hands-on outside of the feet, open the knees wider than the torso.

Now press the feet into the hands and pull down the feet. Just exhale and inhale properly and try to hold as long as you can without feeling pain.

These are some of the yoga poses that you can in opening hip and make them more flexible.

This article has studied how we can open our hip joints and make them loose and flexible. And why opening your hip is beneficial. And that is why it is existing after so many years and with such popularity.

Practicing all these yoga poses will make your life fit, healthy and active so that you can chase your dreams.

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