Can Moringa Cause Anxiety: Ruin The Myth

Moringa comes from an astounding tree called Moringa oleifera. It is an amazing anxiolytic that is entirely natural and chemical-free to be a part of healthy life. Can Moringa Cause Anxiety? No, moringa has a lot of health benefits for your body that will further prevent excess anxiety and stress.

Before getting into the myth can Moringa cause anxiety or not? Let’s get a brief knowledge about this tremendous ingredient, called moringa, for human health.

1. Moringa: A Gift to Mankind

Moringa will fill your body with a huge amount of minerals that will work amazingly for your bone.

Can Moringa Cause Anxiety?
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If you include Moringa Oleifera leaves in your daily routine, it will help you get good natural vitamins. Many say that taking fresh raw moringa leaves would help your body to get protein in an adequate amount.

2. 5 Reasons to Bust the Myth

So, to decide whether can Moringa cause anxiety has some reasons behind it or not.

2.1. Vitamins

Some researchers have shown the relationship of vitamins with stress. Vitamins would reduce stress and anxiety symptoms because of your daily work life or any other matter.

Vitamins are needed for healing wounds faster, for your immunity, and will do miracles for your bone health. Apart from all these benefits, vitamins added to your diet can reduce anxiety and stress symptoms by boosting your body’s nutrient content.

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It would help if you took moringa for getting Vitamin C, B6, and A. Vitamin C are antioxidants that will reduce anxiety.

While there is no connection to causing anxiety, vitamins in Moringa can help anxiety-related issues.

2.2. Inflammation

Can Moringa cause anxiety or not should be more clear by understanding the linkage between anxiety and inflammation.

According to a few professionals, inflammation will tend to cause anxiety in some people. For that, you must add moringa to get rid of the inflammation that would turn harmful in the later stage.

Inflammation could happen because of any infection or injury. For that, you need to cure it in the initial stage to not fall under the repercussion of inflammation.

According to research, Moringa extracts contain isothiocyanate that will work pretty well in reducing inflammation that will cause stress.

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2.3. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is another concept in human lives that needs special attention. Controlling cholesterol is pivotal for dealing with unnecessary stress and anxiety that come up with bad cholesterol disease.

Some research papers showed the relationship between cholesterol and anxiety. Moringa helps in maintaining a good cholesterol balance. It will help get rid of bad cholesterol that will destroy your health.

Vitamin C will affect your health, causing anxiety, depression, and many more effects to weigh your down. For that, adding Moringa will help in leading a better-balanced life.

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2.4. Heart Health and Anti-Oxidants

Are you still looking for more reasons to shatter the myth that can Moringa cause anxiety? Then this benefit of Moringa will be enough to make a statement. Moringa will highly improve your heart health.

From a few pieces of advice from our elders, we can see that oxidative stress in your arteries needs proper care. Moringa will fix the condition by reducing the oxidative stress in your arteries and allowing the blood to flow properly.

The presence of strong antioxidants will have positive effects on your heart health. According to some papers, moringa is going to prevent heart (cardiac) damage to some extent.

Some reports came up with the link between Moringa and anxiety, but antioxidants would help anxiety-related issues.

You will see Moringa rich with Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid are outstanding antioxidants for your health. Research indicates that Quercetin can help in reducing hypertension by maintaining blood pressure.

But still, further study is needed to prove the link of Moringa with cardiac damage. Overall, Moringa extracts or oils are marvelous things to add to your diet.

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2.5. Stress

Can moringa cause anxiety and stress? Moringa will show anxiolytic effects for reducing stress, according to a few reports.

Moringa will perfectly balance cortisol levels. Moringa can help in increasing memory capacity due to its hypotensive effects.

You could say Moringa prevents anxiety and tests by adding nutrients to your body to prevent diseases.

3. Side Effects of Moringa

  • Do not add Moringa to your pregnancy journey.
  • Breastfeeding women should not skip consulting a doctor before taking moringa.
  • If you use Moringa oil, make sure you do a patch test to prevent scary allergies.

4. Can Moringa Cause Anxiety: The Bottom Line

This highly nutritious plant-based food can bring a better body. Moringa has nothing to do with anxiety or stress. But it would rather boost your capacity to overcome the anxiety.

The answer to ‘Can Moringa cause anxiety?’ can be clearer once you start taking moringa. Go ahead! Begin taking moringa for diseases and stress. Also, don’t forget to consult a professional or doctor for better advice.

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  1. Moringa did indeed cause me anxiety. It increased my blood pressure and heart rate also. There are several others wrote reviews for moringa products, who claim this has happened to them. Never say never because we all react differently. I feel so much better since I stopped taking Moringa.

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