14 Hidden Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Vomiting.

Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting
Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting

Ayurvedic methods have been showing some tremendous effects in the daily routine of people these days. Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting fall under one of the best works of Ayurveda.

Vomiting is a serious issue but not dangerous. Proper medication will set everything right. Let us now have a look at a few Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting.

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Vomiting

1. Mixture of Salt and Sugar:

The mixture of two contrasting tastes, sweet and salt, has the power to neutralize the puking sensation. You need to take a little amount of salt, a spoon of sugar, and a glass of water for this.

Mix both salt and sugar in a glass of water, stir it well with a spoon. This liquid has the ability to normalize the fluid and electrolyte.

2. Lime Juice:

Lime has the power to combat stomach-related issues. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and citric acid is found so abundant that it can act better in providing relief from vomiting. There are a lot of ways to use this lemon juice mixture.

Ayurvedic remedies for vomiting
Lime fruits bursting out from a lime juice bottle. Yellow background.
  • You can directly smell the lemon, cut a lemon in half, and put it close to your nose. Make sure you inhale and exhale the smell of it fully. This will really show up good results.
  • Take the lemon juice, add a pinch of salt, stir it well and drink it.
  • Make a mixture of lemon juice, add some baking soda, then some sugar, and stir it well until the sugar gets dissolved. And have it.
  • Take some honey, add it to a glass of lemon water. Then take it on the whole. This particular liquid acts as one of the best weight loss remedies. You can even use hot water or lukewarm water for better results.
  • Lemon especially had the strength to promote weight loss. Apart from weight loss, lemon is good in improving metabolic rate and raises digestion activities as well.

3. Cardamom Seeds:

Cardamom seeds are used mixing with other spices that have medicinal values in them. This essence of medicinal aspects brings you discomfort, morning sickness, motion sickness, indigestion, stomach or digestive tract issues, and vomiting sensation.

Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting
Cardamom Seeds
  • You can use this by frying two cardamoms on a dry pan with no oil, later powder them finely, adding some two spoons of honey to it, and intake them regularly.
  • You can also chew one or two cardamom seeds. The change in the taste can halt the puking sensation.
  • This can even help you with oral health and reduces mouth odor.

4. Mint:

Mint has been an add-on ingredient for any food or dish. It is well known for its cooling sensation. It is from a Mentha genus. It is not only added into dishes but is also served with beverages as well.

ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting
Fresh green mint on the wooden table, selective focus
  • Take a tablespoon of mint juice, add some lemon water to it, and mix one teaspoon of honey into the liquid to complete it. This mixture can be consumed in two to three doses in a day.
  • Boil a glass of pure water, add some dried mint leaves to it and rest for few minutes. Then strain the leaves off and drink the warm water. Here you can even eat the left-out leaves without tossing them out.
  • Tea has many varieties in it, like ginger tea, cardamom tea, mint tea, Tulasi tea, among which mint tea has its own fan base. In addition to this, it gives plenty of benefits as well. Consume this tea made from the mint that can set you out of vomiting sensation and stomach-related issues.
  • You can directly chew the mint leaves, which is also an effective way to control nausea.

5. Ginger:

Ginger is the taste-enhancing ingredient in any food. Being the best solution for any gastrointestinal problems, it does the job as an anti-emetic to stop vomiting. We can use this ginger in many ways.

ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting
  • Take a spoon of ginger juice, add lemon juice to it. Stir it well; take in as many times in a day.
  • Direct consumption of ginger does no wrong. You can intake it as it is.
  • Collect some mint leaves, some grated ginger. Make them a paste. Now pass this slurry through a strainer and collect the juice. Add a spoon of honey, a spoon of lemon juice to the extracted ginger and mint juice. Now stir it well and consume it two times a day.
  • Ginger tea, as usual, had an extraordinary effect in preventing vomiting. You can add honey to it as per your wish.
  • Try smashing a swallowable piece of ginger, add a tiny quantity of salt and swallow it on the whole.
  • You can try carrying the ginger-related stuff on a journey, like a gingerbread, ginger snaps, ginger sticks.
  • Peel and chop two cups of ginger root, take peels of lemon. Take four cups of water and add the chopped ginger root and peels of lemon to the water. Heat this liquid uncovered for ten minutes. Stir it well, adding some sugar to it.                                                                          Boil it for another fifteen minutes so that it gets reduced to three cups. Now sieve it, extract the liquid or the syrup and store it in a glass container. Let it sit cold for seven days, and then add one cup of club soda to 1/4th cup of the pre-made syrup. Drink it as it is, or add flavors as you wish.
  • Take a spoon of grated ginger or ginger juice, add a spoon of onion juice to this. Mix it well and consume it. This can reduce the feeling of nausea.

6. Cumin Seeds:

This is one of the best Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting. Cumin seeds tea which includes a spoon of cumin seeds, a small quantity of nutmeg dropped in a glass of hot water, shows a better effect than usual.

Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting
Cumin Seeds

7. Cinnamon:

One of the best Indian spices is Cinnamon. Take half a spoon of cinnamon powder, add this powder to a glass of water.

Now boil this liquid, allow the flavor of cinnamon, steep the liquid, sieve the boiled water.

Then add a spoon of honey to this lukewarm water. You can use cinnamon sticks if you lack cinnamon powder. Cinnamon acts as one of the finest Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting.

ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting

8. Rice Water:

White rice, which is rich in starch content, marks a check for many stomach-related issues. Boil a cup of water, sieve the solution, and intake this rice water.

This is a rare but one of the extensively used Ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting.

9. Clove:

Clove is one other Indian species that marks its place for its essence. Other than its taste, it does have a lot of benefits and acts as an effective remedy.

It has the ability to give you relief from a sick feeling. In addition to this, it possesses analgesic and antibiotic properties.

  • Intake a few cloves directly. Let it sit until its essence is sucked.
  • A cup of clove tea is another best option to treat puking. In a cup of water, add some clove powder and boil it on low flame. Sieve the liquid and consume it.
  • Please take a few cloves, fry them on a dry pan, blend those fried cloves. Mix this clove powder with honey and swallow it on the whole.
  • To a cup of warm water, add a few droplets of clove oil and drink it.

10. Garlic:

Take a clove of garlic, blend it to paste. Mix this paste into a glass of milk and boil this mixture for about five minutes. Consume this when it is hot. Hot milk shows better results.

Garlic has a very high range of benefits. It has the ability to combat the common cold, sickness. It lessens Blood Pressure, improves cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of heart diseases since it has medicinal properties, albeit fewer calories.


11. Oils:

This is one of the most useful ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting. Smelling essential oils will somehow help to prevent the uneasy feeling. Along with that, it controls nausea and vomiting.

12. Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves are naturally good for improving eye-sight. This is the most used ingredient, irrespective of the dish. Curry leaves had a good chance of preventing nausea. Take a cup full of curry leaves, blend it making a slurry.

Then strain the liquid out into a glass. Add some lemon juice and honey to the curry leaves liquid. Mix it well and consume it two times a day. This is one of such impacting ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting.

curry leaves
Curry Leaves

13. Anise Seeds:

Anise Seeds contain a wide range of nutrients that enable to bring out a lot of health benefits. It can reduce the inflammation caused in the stomach and has antibacterial and antifungal properties embedded in them.

anise seeds
Anise Seeds
  • You can directly chew, taking a less number of anise seeds for quick relief from vomiting.
  • You can even try sprinkling some roasted anise seeds on the vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, etc.
  • Spattering some anise seeds on the baked apples or pears will give you some comfort from nausea and improve the taste.
  • Take around 1/4th spoon of anise seeds, add this to a glass of water. Now boil them together and strain the seeds out. Then take the liquid to a glass and drink it for immediate relaxation.

14. Onion Juice:

Onion being an antibiotic, had a lot of health benefits. This is one of the most beneficial ayurvedic home remedies for vomiting that instantly relieves nausea and vomiting.

  • You can take a spoon of onion juice immediately when you had an unpleasant feeling.
  • Take a teaspoon of grated ginger and a spoon of onion juice. Mix it well and consume it at regular intervals.
  • Add two whole spoons of honey to half a cup of onion juice. Consuming a teaspoon of its mixture brings you out of nausea.

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