8 Remarkable Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedy

Wisdom tooth pain could cause various symptoms in your body that are intolerable sometimes. You could take a wisdom tooth pain remedy at the initial stages according to the pain intensity.

Many Indian wisdom tooth pain remedies could help overcome the pain and provide relief to people suffering. This article will help you get a brief knowledge about wisdom tooth pain remedies.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedies

1- Salt Water Rinse

For wisdom tooth pain remedy, you must give Saltwater rinse a try. people traditionally used saltwater rinse for tooth problems.

According to a study, sodium chloride (salt) is a very good agent for improving your gum health by reducing the pain and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Wisdom teeth would cause painful gums and poor oral health while coming out of the gums.

For that, you should always keep your oral health clean, and maintaining hygiene is a good idea.

wsidom tooth pain remedy
Saltwater for wisdom tooth pain remedy

2- Clove Oil

Clove an analgesic that would heal your wisdom tooth pain by providing relief and soothing effects. Certain bacteria would increase the pain by affecting your gums and teeth.

For that Clove would potent at fighting bacterial growth due to its antibacterial properties. It is also a very good agent for maintaining your overall oral health due to its toothache-relieving characteristics.

You could use Clove in various ways. It would help if you tried making a clove oil for applying directly to your gums. Just add 3-5 Cloves into warm water and let it absorb completely. Then use that water to massage gently on your gums to help wisdom tooth pain.

wisdom tooth pain remedy
Cloves for wisdom tooth pain remedy

Read more about four effective advantages of cloves for toothache.

3- Aloe Vera

You might have inflammation due to coming out of your wisdom tooth, and it will stay near the area where the wisdom teeth come out (near gums).

For, that Aloe Vera will do a pretty good job of providing soothing effects to relieve your pain and show its anti-inflammatory properties. It is free from toxins and is friendly to be used for curing pain and reducing inflammation.

Aloe Vera gel will also help heal the cuts or scratches that occur due to the growth of wisdom teeth. Overall, aloe vera will be a great choice for wisdom tooth pain remedies.

Just make sure you use natural aloe vera gel directly cut from plants to stay on the safer side and apply the plant’s gel in your mouth near the inflamed or injured areas.

Wisdom tooth pain remedy
Aloe vera for Wisdom tooth pain

4- Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil comes under the category of home remedies for wisdom tooth pain—one of the best antibacterial oil without any side effects.

Tea Tree Oil would relieve wisdom tooth pain due to its bacteria-killing capacity. Many bacteria would take place in your inflamed gums, and here, you need to apply Tea Tree diluted oil for pain relief.

You dilute the Tea Tree Oil with Coconut Oil or any other oil that is safe to use. Be warned! Tea tree oil is not for swallowing purposes; never skip spitting it out of your mouth.

Wisdom tooth pain remedy
Tea tree oil for wisdom tooth pain remedy

5- Garlic And Ginger

You should try Garlic and Ginger in the crushed form to get rid of pathogens to destroy your oral health. Pathogens will affect your gums (line) and spread many infections.

Just try making a paste of both these ingredients. Try to cut the ginger into tiny pieces and mix it with garlic paste (use raw garlic). You could also make the paste of both rather than chopping gingers.

Then apply the paste to the affected area and reduce wisdom tooth pain.

Wisdom tooth pain remedy
Ginger and garlic paste

6- Aspirin

Few recent studies came with the link between aspirin and mouth pain. According to one of those studies, Aspirin will also work for reducing your oral health pain.

Aspirin is an astounding pain-relieving medicine or agent you could note for wisdom tooth pain remedy.

Just make sure you should not cross the limits for dosages. Always check the label for better guidance. You should also try fixing an appointment with your dentist for better suggestions if the pain doesn’t get reduced.

7- Heat And Cold Therapy

You should also take the help of cold and heat therapy to reduce swelling or pain. Try applying a heating pad to get rid of pain and promote blood flow that will help reduce inflammation. Using an ice pack would help in reducing inflammation.

No matter if you will intend to use cold or heat therapy, don’t skip taking a break between every 15 minutes and then go for the second application. And always end your therapy routine with the application of cold water for better results.

8- Turmeric

Another powerful spice found in every Indian kitchen, Turmeric, is a great wisdom tooth pain remedy for coping with oral health problems. The analgesic effects of Turmeric bring it to the list of wisdom tooth pain remedy.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that would prevent tooth and gum aches and inflammation due to swelling. It would help if you tried applying Turmeric (crushed) directly to your affected area; then wash it using warm water with a little bit of Turmeric in it.

Prepare the warm water by adding a pinch of Turmeric into it. You should also add a Clove in the warm water for effective results in a short period.

Wisdom tooth pain remedy
Turmeric for wisdom tooth pain remedy

Wisdom Tooth Pain Remedy

Try out these amazing remedies to reduce wisdom tooth pain. You should also use these products to maintain your oral health to avoid tooth decay or oral health issues. Go ahead and build your oral health by using these wisdom tooth pain remedy.

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