Top 7 Natural Teething Remedies

All the mothers out there should know some of the natural teething remedies1. A baby’s smile is always everyone’s favorite, especially when the teeth show up, and it is important to make your baby feel comfortable while the teeth are about to come.

If you want to know some of the easy yet effective remedies, give this article a read.

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Top 7 Natural Teething Remedies

There are so many remedies one should learn for helping your baby’s sour mouth while expecting the teeth to grow for the first time.

1. Teething Toys

You should try giving the teething toys to your baby as they will enjoy that. Things like wooden teething rings are also safe to give your baby while under the phase of natural teething.

There are other teething toys that you can give your kid to gnaw on, like a teething necklace, soft chewable toys, and teething rings made out of silicone.

Be warned because you need to get rid of chewable things that contain toxic materials and chemicals.

Don’t forget to give all these in your presence to your baby. As your baby may go through choking or any other issues, try to keep an eye on them.

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2. A Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy2 is always one of the best natural teething remedies for sore gums and works as a great pain reliever. There are many options for using cold therapy as natural teething remedies for infants.

Try to freeze all things you are willing to give your baby to chew on at a tolerable cold temperature will help to relieve pain and avoid sore gums.

You should also try freezing your baby’s favorite washcloth to provide a soothing effect on their gums. You could also use ice covered with a clean washcloth as a natural teething remedy.

Ensure you clean your finger and use a clean ice cube tray to make your natural teeth remedies effective without any side effects as germs could also attack your baby’s gum through these minimal things.

3. Mom’s Feeding

This time your baby needs special care. You should not neglect to feed your baby your breast milk. Yes, it may be tempting for your baby, and you could expect a bite from them. But you know well how to deal with your baby.

Breastfeeding and nursing can help your baby during the teething stage.

Breastfeeding your child may not always work, and you should try many other options available to reduce your baby’s pain. The pain generally comes when the teeth erupt through the gums into the mouth or oral cavity.

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4. Apply Little Pressure

Suppose you’re worried about the choking hazard by giving chewing things to your baby. Then you should try applying some pressure as one of the natural teething remedies for your baby.

Just clean your hands and place them on your baby’s gums, and with not-so-high intensity, apply some pressure. It will help in reducing the pain of your baby.

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Wooden teethers are also outstanding options for creating pressure to help your baby’s sore gums. If you are looking for a better and safer option, you should try an amber necklace without worrying about toxicity.

Also, try baltic amber3 for getting pain-relieving properties as it contains succinic acid. Use amber with caution as more scientific research is being done to count it as one of the natural teething remedies.

These would be very effective natural teething remedies, but these could also be quite dangerous for your baby as they have a risk of choking hazards. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying out these things.

Read more about safely soothing teething pain.

5. Try out Tea for Teeth

The pain-relieving properties4 of chamomile tea have been appreciated for decades now.  Chamomile is found in many teething products and is one of the most recommended natural teething remedies for babies.

You should try to incorporate chamomile tea into your baby’s routine for natural teething pain relief. There are various ways in which chamomile could ensue to help the pain caused to your baby.

You should try freezing the chamomile in a mesh feeder or try to dip your fingers in chamomile tea and apply it to your baby’s gums. Make sure you use good-quality chamomile to avoid the risk of botulism.

6. DIY Popsicles and Teething Biscuits

Chewing chilled popsicles made up of natural ingredients would help your baby’s painful gum for some time.  Organic teething biscuits5 could also be good natural teething remedies for a baby’s teething process.

You could purchase these from stores as these are easily available, or you could also try making popsicles using natural fruits and other ingredients available at home.

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7. Chilled Bottle And Spoons

Chilled bottles and spoons are one of the recommendations by the American Dental Association to help your baby get relief from painful gums. Just chill a spoon by putting it in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes, then give it to your baby to enjoy happily.

You could also try wooden chilled spoons as they also have the same texture to help natural teething. Freezing a bottle with a little water is another astounding idea for good results.

Just put the feeding bottle of your baby in the refrigerator in the upside-down position so that the water gets frozen in the nipple part of the bottle. And then give the chilled bottle to your baby.


Natural teething would be painful for babies. But the intensity of the pain would differ for every baby out there. Get your baby some comfort to cope with the painful teething process.

You should also consult your dentist for better advice. Go ahead and try out these natural teething remedies to keep your baby free from pain and discomfort.

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Q. Can coconut oil help teething?

  • Coconut oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve pain and inflammation caused by teething. Rub a small amount of coconut oil directly onto the gums of those teethers – they’ll love the taste too!

Q. What not to use for teething?

  • CVS has removed all homeopathic teething remedies from its shelves, and parents are advised to throw away any homeopathic teething remedies they may have in their homes. Over-the-counter gels and liquid benzocaine products, such as Anbesol® or Orajel®, are also unsafe for teething babies.

Q. How many days are babies in pain from teething?

  • Don’t be alarmed, teething isn’t constant from five to 33 months. In fact, each tooth or pair of teeth should only cause your little one pain for just over a week. In other words, for five days ahead of an appearance – ‘eruption day’ – and three days afterwards


Proofreaded by:

Dr. Foram Bhuta

Dentist (B.D.S)
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