15 Natural Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

Between the ages of 17 to 21, adults develop their third set of molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth. Pain in one of these wisdom teeth can make you go upside down. So how can we get wisdom tooth pain relief?

We all know that chemical ways for wisdom tooth pain relief can cause side effects in the future, such as- constipation, dry mouth, and dizziness.

How is Wisdom Tooth Pain Caused?

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The wisdom tooth pain can be caused due to its growing-in. Whenever these teeth grow and breakthrough, it causes immense pain. Along with that pain, you even experience slight swelling, soreness, and tooth decay sometimes.

This pain can also be caused when a wisdom tooth grows very close to the neighbouring tooth due to a lack of space.

Home Remedies or Natural Ways for Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief:

1. Saltwater Rinse

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A saltwater rinse is considered one of the simplest and most effective remedies for relieving wisdom tooth pain. This is recommended to relieve the pain until you secure an appointment with your dentist.

The way to use this remedy is to mix three teaspoons of salt into a glass of warm water. Then rinse the mouth until you cannot bear the salty taste in your mouth, then spit out the water.

Repeat this process every few hours until you feel relief in the affected area. Eventually, you start experiencing pain relief. It can also be used regularly as it is a safe way to keep your mouth bacteria-free1. It also helps to reduce swelling.

2. Clove Oil

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Clove itself has tons of natural benefits, which are even scientifically proven. Therefore, clove oil is considered an effective remedy for wisdom tooth pain relief.

Clove oil has added benefits to fight the bacteria that grow in your mouth, increasing the risk of some serious infection.

Clove oil contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties2, which help remove bacteria and reduce inflammation.

The right way to put clove oil on your painful wisdom tooth is to dip cotton in the oil and keep it on the painful part of your wisdom tooth.

3. Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is considered an essential oil that arrives from steaming the Australian Tea Tree leaves. It is a powerful antibacterial agent which is proven to kill bacteria. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces inflammation.

This wisdom tooth pain relief remedy is so strong that it cannot be applied to your tooth directly. Mixing it with some amount of water or coconut oil will reduce its strong effects.

Then applying it to your painful gums will help you to get rid of the wisdom tooth pain. Tea tree oil should not be kept in the mouth for a long duration as it can be harmful.

So better rinse it carefully and spit out any small residue which might be left in your mouth.

4. Liquor

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Liquor products like Bourbon, brandy, and whiskey are some of the best wisdom tooth pain relief remedies. Liquor is even proven effective for killing various types of bacteria.

By rubbing whiskey or any other liquor substance on your painful wisdom tooth, you get pain relief. It also eases your discomfort.

5. Peppermint

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Did you know that peppermint is known for its various health benefits and bacteria-killing properties? What’s more, it is also one of the best wisdom tooth pain relief remedies!

Peppermint also has a naturally fresh aroma, unlike various other remedies.

It can be applied in two ways. One can be done by taking some fresh peppermint leaves3 and packing them over the infected area for around 20 minutes. It would help to reduce the pain for the time being.

The other way is to soak a cotton ball into the peppermint extract and rub it over the infected area. Leave it over the painful wisdom tooth, and you will get pain relief after some time.

6. Aspirin

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Usually, Aspirin is a remedy for headaches and is considered one of the pain relievers. Therefore, it is also considered an effective wisdom tooth pain relief remedy.

Be careful while you use it. Always pay attention to the label and do not take more than the recommended dosage of any aspirin. Always seek your doctor’s permission before taking aspirin.

7. Menthol

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Menthol is a natural pain-killer4 that provides an instant cooling sensation even when you touch it. When used as a wisdom tooth pain relief remedy, make sure you do not apply it directly to the infected area.

Too much Menthol can be harmful. Dilute it so that it does not cause any harmful effect and gives you relief out of your discomfort.

8. Turmeric

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Turmeric itself is an antiseptic that is used in many forms to kill bacteria. Be it a severe wound or any sickness, turmeric always works as the best home remedy for various health issues.

So how can it not be a wisdom tooth pain relief remedy? Its analgesic5 and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a perfect remedy for wisdom tooth pain and oral health.

It can be used either by applying it as a turmeric paste directly to the infected area or just by rinsing the mouth with boiled water containing turmeric and a couple of cloves.

9. Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla extract is mainly used in cooking as well as baking. Not only is it a perfect ingredient in cooking, but it also works as a wisdom tooth pain relief remedy.

It contains antiseptic and analgesic properties, which makes it an effective remedy for wisdom tooth pain. So take some vanilla extract on your fingertip, cotton ball, or a swab and then rub it on the painful area.

10. Crushed Garlic and Ginger

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It is proven that crushed garlic is one of the most effective killers of pathogens that infect the gum line. When crushed garlic is mixed with crushed ginger, it becomes a more effective wisdom tooth pain relief remedy.

It can be applied by soaking a cotton ball in the crushed ginger and garlic paste and apply it to the infected area. You will find relief in your pain within no time.

11. Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil is considered one of the most powerful remedies to cure pains and kill various bacteria. It is also considered an effective remedy for wisdom tooth pain relief.

To apply it to the infected area, either put a few drops of lavender essential oil by putting it on clean fingertips and applying it to the infected area.

The other way is by dipping a cotton ball in the essential oil and putting that cotton ball on the infected area.

12. Onion

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Onion is considered the strongest and the most reliable wisdom tooth pain relief remedy. It is considered the most reliable source for relieving various types of pains because it contains phytochemicals6 that target the germs responsible for the infection.

Onions have also been proven as a home remedy to relieve the pain and inflammation from arthritis.

To use this remedy, you have to chew a raw onion. The way to use it make people avoid this toothache remedy. Making the usage worse, the stronger the onion is, the more effective is the result.

Therefore, whenever you feel any pain, cut the piece of onion put it on the painful side of the mouth. Then chew it till the onion extract is completely soaked in the infected area. After a few minutes of doing this remedy, you will find relaxation in your discomfort.

13. Baking Soda Paste

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A baking soda paste is also one of the handy wisdom tooth pain relief remedies. It helps reduce any swelling in the tooth and helps in easing the toothache.

This amazing natural remedy can be used by mixing toothpaste and baking soda paste in a container. You can apply this toothache remedy directly to the infected area. You will find relief in your pain just within few minutes.

14. Guava Leaves

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Guava is like a lifesaver when you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain. Guava leaves are considered best for relieving pain as guava leaves contain anti-spasmodic properties.

Guava leaves also contain some antibacterial and disinfecting properties. It is very easy to use it as a wisdom tooth pain relief remedy.

You have to chew them slowly in your mouth until the juices are released. You will find relaxation in your pain within a few minutes.

The second option is that you take 5-7 guava leaves and boil them in water. You can use that liquid to mouth rinse. This would take you out of your discomfort within a few minutes.

15. Cucumber Slices

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Cucumber slices are also one of the easiest and effective options for wisdom teeth pain relief. They might not contain the same infection-fighting properties as other remedies, but they work like a charm when it comes to relieving pain.

To use it as a remedy for toothache, you have to cut it into slices and keep them in the refrigerator.

Whenever you feel pain in your wisdom tooth, take a slice and place it on the painful area. The coolness of the cucumber slices will take your pain away within no time.


You can even use an ice-pack for your wisdom tooth pain relief.

Make sure you take care of your oral hygiene; otherwise, not only your wisdom teeth, but you can even cause harm to your other teeth.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. At what age do wisdom teeth start hurting?

  • They usually erupt into the mouth between 17 and 25 years of age.

Q. Why are wisdom teeth so painful?

  • The flap of gum that covers the biting surface of the wisdom tooth in the lower jaw can be difficult to keep clean. This can lead to swelling, inflammation and pain. The swollen flap of gum may get trapped between the teeth and this adds to the pain.

Q. Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

  • Wisdom teeth are usually only removed if they cause problems, or are likely to in the future. There are no scientifically proven health benefits of pulling wisdom teeth that don’t cause any problems. What’s more, removing wisdom teeth is usually unpleasant and may cause side effects.

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Proofreaded by:

Dr. Foram Bhuta

Dentist (B.D.S)



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