3 body types female
3 body types female

3 Body Types Female – The Perfect Diet for You!

Getting the perfect body is the most sought after goal for all mankind. It is also said that the body is the home to the soul. Be it male or female, all bodies are beautiful in their own ways. Even still, it doesn’t hurt to know which of the 3 body types female you have.

The female body is the most complicated structure god has ever made. Every female has a different body type. You would not find any two females having the same body structure.

Basically, there are 3 body types female in general.

The fact is that – no matter what body type a female has; she is one of the most beautiful creations. It is a blessing being born as a female because, as a female, one gets to introduce and bring new life to this planet.

3 Body Types Female

Even though body types are bifurcated in many ways, according to an American researcher and psychologist – William Sheldon, there are main 3 body types female gender has according to the body composition:

  • Ectomorphic body type
  • Mesomorphic body type
  • Endomorphic body type

Keeping in mind the 3 body types female, all of them have different maintenance requirements, different rates of metabolism and different diets.

No body type out of the 3 body types female has the same features.

 Responsible Factors For The 3 Body Types Female

By any chance, if you are wondering what causes the 3 body types female, there can actually be many factors that lead to the 3 body types female.  Some can be modifiable factors while some are non-modifiable factors.

1) Genetics

3 body types female
Genes play an important role in body type

Genes have a significant part in your overall physical being. You are likely to get the same body type as your parents and grandparents have.

People having genetically thin bodies can find it difficult to put on weight while people having genetically thick bodies, find it rather difficult to lose weight.

Even though it may be difficult, it is not impossible.

2) Diet

3 body types female
Healthy diet = healthy body

Diet is the second most important role that influences the 3 body types female.

It is very obvious that what you ingest into your body will be shown outwardly. If you thrive on a diet of mostly junk foods, the outcome would definitely be an unhealthy body.

This modifiable factor can be rectified and can help in attaining any of the 3 body types female.

3) Exercise

3 body types female
Exercise can help you maintain your body type

Exercising the body is very essential. No matter which one of the 3 body types female one has.

But, if one decides to change her body type, she must focus on carrying out exercises for that particular body type.

4) Metabolic Rate

3 body types female
Everyone has a different metabolism rate

In the 3 body types female, all have different basal metabolic rate.

Metabolism is a process of the body that is responsible for the breakdown of food. If the metabolism of the body is slow, it leads to weight gain and if the metabolism is fast, it leads to weight loss.

5) Other Causes

3 body types female
Stress and health issues can factor the 3 body types female

Many other causes like diseases, mental illness or drug abuse can be a contributing factor in having any one of the 3 body types female.

Individuals suffering from diabetes or hypothyroidism are prone to weight gain. Hyperthyroidism causes excessive weight loss.

Many times, people suffering from stress or depression, tend to find comfort in eating food or just the opposite, they tend to lose their appetite. All these things lead to weight fluctuations.

Many drugs and medications also cause increases or decreases in hunger which in turn leads to an increase or decrease in weight.

3 Body Types Female – The Ectomorphic Body Type

3 body types female
3 body types female – Ectomorph

The first body type out of the 3 body types female is the ectomorph body type. The ectomorph bodies tend to be on a thinner and leaner side.

You may have heard females say – I can eat whatever I want and never gain weight! Well, these are your typical skinny females who don’t gain any weight no matter how much they try or eat – the ectomorph somatotype.

People with ectomorph bodies have a physique with long faces, small delicate frames, less muscle mass, small shoulders, prominent bony features and find it very difficult to gain weight.

Ectomorphs have a very speedy metabolism and have high BMR.

Even though ectomorphs are naturally skinny, it can sometimes be a health hazard to them.

Ectomorphs can gain muscle mass easily if they make up their mind to it because of the fact that they have a low percentage of fat in their body.

The first and foremost aim of exercising in ectomorph body types is to attain muscle mass by performing high-intensity exercises with long intervals. The focus should not be on training a particular muscle group or body part but should be on training the whole body altogether.

Always start with a quick warmup like jumping jacks for 1 min or slow running in place for 1 minute. Warming up the body helps keep the muscles activated and decreases the chances of cramps and muscle strains.

Diet plays a very important role while sculpting the body. The ectomorph body diet should comprise of carbohydrates and proteins in abundance as they help in building the muscle mass of the body and provide adequate energy.

People with ectomorph bodies have a physique with small delicate frames, less muscle mass, small shoulders, prominent bony features and find it very difficult to gain weight.

Ectomorphs have a very high and fast metabolism.

Even though ectomorphs are naturally skinny, it can sometimes be a health hazard to them.


Sample Diet Plan For The Ectomorph Body Type

Day 1

Breakfast: steel-cut Oats smoothie with protein powder, almond milk and banana slices. You can add chocolate sauce for taste and flavoring.

Snack: Dried fruits like almonds, raisins and cashews.

Lunch: Avocado Toast made with a little butter, 2 boiled eggs and salad.

Snack: One apple

Dinner: Chicken rice bowl with vegetable soup

Day 2

Breakfast: A bowl of cooked quinoa with a glass of fresh juice

Snack: Muffin made with chocolate-flavoured Protein powder

Lunch: Grilled Chicken with salad

Snack: Half pear with dried fruits

Dinner: boiled egg with soup and salad

Day 3

Breakfast: Peanut butter sandwich with banana smoothie

Snack: fruit salad

Lunch: Grilled fish with salad and buttermilk

Snack:  Trail mix – almonds, cashews and Raisins

Dinner: Cottage cheese with Caesar salad

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 Fried eggs or omelet with 2 slices brown bread

Snack: Banana with peanut butter

Lunch: Tuna salad or tuna sandwich with green salad

Snack: veggie slices dipped in guacamole (preferably homemade)

Dinner: Grilled shrimps with vegetable cutlets

Day 5

Breakfast: A bowl of rolled oats with almond milk topped with berries and honey

Snack: Piece of fruit

Lunch: Grilled turkey with brown rice

Snack: broccoli and celery dipped in hummus

Dinner: Brussel sprouts and a bowl of vegetable soup.

Day 6

Breakfast: A bowl of whole-grain cereal with flavored yogurt and apple slices.

Snack: Soy milk latte

Lunch: Mashed potatoes and sprouts salad

Snack: sliced carrots in any choice of dip

Dinner: mashed potatoes with butter and kale salad.

Day 7

Breakfast: 1 scoop whey protein mixed in fruit smoothie.

Snack: Pear with nuts

Lunch: Veg burger with whole wheat buns and side of steamed broccoli and cabbage

Snack: protein bar

Dinner: Vegetable burrito or grilled chicken burrito


3 Body Types Female – The Mesomorphic Body Type

3 body types female
3 body types female – mesomorph

The next on the list of 3 body types female is the mesomorph body.

Females with a medium build are categorized under this somatotype. They have well-defined muscle mass in their body. They have less fat percentage and can develop more muscle mass easily.

Mesomorphs are neither overweight nor underweight. They are strong and have a solid build overall.

They have a rectangular-shaped upright body and have a bit of square-shaped head with muscular shoulders and chest. They have prominent, muscular arms and hands and have even weight distribution throughout the body.

Mesomorphs tend to gain as well as lose weight easily.

The workout plan for mesomorphs depends upon what the aim is. If the mesomorph wants to lose weight, they are asked to carry out cardio and aerobic exercises with strength training.

If the aim is to build muscle mass and get a well-defined body structure, they are given a regime that focuses on strength and intensity training of the muscles.

As for the diet, the mesomorphic diet plan should be balanced with proteins and carbohydrates. Mesomorph somatotypes require equal amounts of all the nutrients.

Sample Diet Plan For a Mesomorphic Body

Day 1

Breakfast: Cream cheese pancakes with skimmed milk

Snack: 6-7 almonds

Lunch: Grilled chicken with fried rice

Snack: Avocado coleslaw

Dinner: Cheese meatballs

Day 2

Breakfast: banana, soy milk, peanut butter and spinach smoothie

Snack:  Strawberries and hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: Mixed green veggies with sliced cucumbers and avocado

Snack: Lemon pepper tuna

Dinner: Grilled hamburgers with salad

Day 3

Breakfast: Greek yogurt parfait with pecan, cinnamon, raisins and pumpkin

Snack: Trail mix with walnuts, almonds and raisins

Lunch: Buffalo chicken salad

Snack: Apple with buttermilk

Dinner: Cauliflower mac and cheese

Day 4

Breakfast: 3 Poached eggs with 1 slice of buttered brown bread

Snack: Peanut butter with apple

Lunch: Tuna sandwich with Quinoa

Snack: Trail mix

Dinner: Grilled steak with broccoli

Day 5

Breakfast: Eggs, cheese, turkey, sausage omelet

Snack: Greek yogurt with berries

Lunch: Cottage cheese with salad and buttermilk

Snack: strawberry flavored water with cheese slices

Dinner: Baked chicken breast and avocado

Day 6

Breakfast: whole wheat almond butter sandwich with boiled egg

Snack: cottage cheese with salsa

Lunch: Brown rice with grilled turkey or chicken and salad

Snack: walnuts and almonds

Dinner: Noodles with ground turkey sauce and tomato

Day 7

Breakfast: Fruit bowl with cereal and soy milk

Snack: carrots and cucumber

Lunch: Mashed potatoes and grilled fish

Snack: One pear and peach

Dinner: chicken and vegetable quinoa bowl

Drinking fresh fruit juices and fresh vegetable soups will help keep the body hydrated.


3 Body Types Female – The Endomorphic Body Type

3 body types female
3 body types female – Endomorph

The endomorphic body type out of the 3 body types female, is more prone to put on weight. They are said to have less muscle mass but a higher percentage of body fat.

They come off as heavier, curvier and a bit round, even though they may not be obese. Endomorphs tend to have rounded shoulders and fall on a bit plumper side of the scale.

Endomorphs need to watch their diet as the calories they ingest can cause drastic weight changes in them. Endomorphic somatotypes need to have a very high-intensity exercise regime. Their main aim should include fat loss and body toning.

This body type needs lots of Cardiovascular exercises with high-intensity interval training and resistance training in order to get rid of excessive body fat.

You could follow a regime that includes training the specific areas where you feel that fat accumulation and cellulite exists. Training in a gym or with a personal trainer can also help.

The ideal diet plan for endomorphic body type should consist of very low-calorie high-density foods and an appropriate amount of protein intake.

Carbs should be avoided as they get stored as fat and Endomorphs have a very slow BMR index.


Sample Diet Plan For Endomorphic Body Type

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 egg whites with 1 apple

Snack: Black coffee without sugar

Lunch: boiled Chicken breast with green salad

Snack:  One scoop whey protein

Dinner: Cabbage salad and soup


Day 2

Breakfast: Rolled oats boiled in skimmed milk or water and honey

Snack: Half pear and half Apple

Lunch: Grilled turkey and brown rice

Snack: Black coffee without sugar

Dinner: Hard-boiled eggs without the yolk


Day 3

Breakfast: fruit smoothie with skimmed or low-fat milk

Snack: Black Coffee without sugar

Lunch: Tuna Salad and broccoli

Snack: Cucumber and carrot sticks

Dinner: Tofu Sandwich with whole wheat bread


Day 4

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with avocado

Snack: almonds and walnuts

Lunch: turkey roll with side salad

Snack: Black Coffee without Sugar

Dinner: grilled steak with vegetable soup


Day 5

Breakfast: Oatmeal and fresh fruit juice

Snack: 1 whole Apple

Lunch: Whole grain fettuccini pasta

Snack: Black coffee without sugar

Dinner:  egg white salad and fresh vegetable soup


Day 6

Breakfast: Lemon water and fruit bowl

Snack: Green tea with honey

Lunch: Sprouts salad with fried brown rice

Snack: Peach and strawberries

Dinner: Grilled tofu whole wheat wrap


Day 7

Breakfast: Whey protein smoothie

Snack: Green Tea with Honey

Lunch: grilled salmon with Brussel sprouts, bell pepper and cabbage as sides

Snack: Pear and sliced carrots

Dinner: Mashed sweet potato and salad


Drinking Black coffee and green tea helps curb hunger and increases the metabolism of the body.

Salad dressing should be restricted to olive oil.  Cut back on munching junk and fried items. Anything with sweeteners in it can be harmful to your body as well.

3 body types female
Every woman is beautiful in her own way

It is necessary to know what type of body you have got and how to take care of it and what training and diet will be the best. But, no matter which of the 3 body types female you have, always remember you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are.

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