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Magic Mouthwash: Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Magic mouthwash had put the medicinal world into a frenzy when it claimed that it could effectively treat mouth sores caused due to cancer and other chronic ailments.

But is the mouthwash really effective in treating the chronic pains and ailment that it claims to be, or is it just a faux pas? Let us then delve further into this miracle mouthwash and solve all your queries in the process.

Everything You Need To Know About The Magic Mouthwash

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A. What is the Magic Mouthwash? 

Magic mouthwash is a prescribed treatment used to treat oral mucositis, a condition that exhibits a severe inflammation of the mouth’s lining. It is generally caused as a side effect due to cancer treatments, especially if the radiation is for treating head and neck cancer.

The mouthwash contains the following ingredients:

  1. An antifungal medication- Nystatin (30 milligrams)
  2. A steroid that can reduce inflammation- Hydrocortisone (60 milligrams)
  3. Compound that can dry out the mouth- Diphenhydramine (The total volume of the magic mouthwash is 240 ml, therefore, after adding nystatin and hydrocortisone, the rest of the volume is made up by diphenhydramine)

Mentioned above are the key ingredients of the mouthwash, but apart from that, traces of the following components can also be seen:

  1. An antibiotic to prevent the bacterial infection
  2. Numbing drug to soothe the pain of mouth and throat, for example, lidocaine
  3. An antacid that helps the liquid to coat your mouth

Also, we should keep in mind that the ingredients shared above are for adults. Mouthwash for children has a slight change in the components. The key elements of that mouthwash consist of

  1. Diphenhydramine
  2. Allergy syrup
  3. Lidocaine
  4. Aluminum hydroxide liquid syrup

This difference will help you distinguish between the mouthwashes if you want to buy them for small children.

B. Benefits of Magic Mouthwash

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As we can already see, the mouthwash is very effective against oral mucositis and acts as a local anesthetic in numbing the affected mouth’s pain.

However, there have been other reports where it has started to cure mouth ailments caused due to other factors. Therefore, according to the study, some of the most effective benefits of the mouthwash are in treating conditions like

  1. Mouth sores are caused due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  2. Oral thrush or oral candidiasis is a condition that occurs when there is a yeast overgrowth taken place in the mouth.
  3. Stomatitis, a condition in which sores or infections develop on the lips or the inside of the mouth. The causative agent of stomatitis is a herpes virus, and the condition can be classified into cold sores and canker sores.
  4. Hand, foot and mouth diseases are caused by a coxsackievirus, which leads to sores in the mouth and severe allergic reactions in other parts of the body.
  5. Behcet’s disease is a condition where inflammation of blood vessels in the mouth takes place.
  6. Autoimmune diseases where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. In this condition, you will observe sores in the mouth and a change in saliva taking place.

It also prevents oral infections from spreading further in the future.

C. Potential side effects and risks of Magic Mouthwash

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Some of the common side effects observed in people who use this mouthwash are

  1. Change in sensations of taste
  2. Dryness and irritation of the throat
  3. Soreness and mild to moderate pain
  4. Nausea and vomiting

If the side effects caused due to the mouthwash are extreme, you should discontinue using the mouthwash and look for other alternatives instead. Some other options that you can use instead are

  1. Mouthwash containing antacid suspension and viscous lidocaine
  2. Mouthwash containing di-diphenhydramine nystatin, dexamethasone and tetracycline

D. How to use the Magic Mouthwash?

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The mouthwash is only recommended for swishing around the mouth and should not be consumed as it can produce unwanted side effects in the body. Numbness and irritation to your throat can be observed if the mouthwash is ingested too much.

The general guide recommended for using the mouthwash is

  1. Before using the mouthwash, make sure to obtain the correct dosage as prescribed by your medical advisor.
  2. Now pour the liquid into your mouth and swish the liquid from side to side for at least a minute.
  3. After the stipulated time period, spit the liquid out and make sure not to rinse just after throwing out the liquid.

The direction of use can vary for different pharmacies. Still, it is always advisable to avoid eating and drinking for a minimum of 30 minutes to maximize the mouthwash effect.

E. Dosage of the Magic Mouthwash

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The prescribed dosage is 30ml every 4-6 hours or as recommended by your doctor. A pharmacy usually supplies the mouthwash in small containers for individual use. It can also be in a large container where the person can use a syringe to pull up the medication or pour it into small measuring cups.

As stated in different websites and other journals, most of the benefits of mouthwash are personal anecdotes. However, with that being said, more research needs to be done to solidify the claims completely.

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the effects of the magic mouthwash.

We sincerely hope that this article has been able to solve all your queries regarding the mouthwash.

As a final note and a total outlook on the mouthwash, we can say that more research needs to be done on the mouthwash to solidify the claim of it being effective against oral mucositis and it working for the benefit of the oral health of the affected person.

Oral mucositis, which generally arises due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, is a painful condition that hampers the body’s working. It also creates a profound impact on our weight as ingestion of food becomes difficult with worsening of the mouth sores’ condition.

Therefore, to treat this condition, more effective mouthwashes should be made as it can be already seen that the results vary depending on person to person. It does not produce a uniform result for all.

However, with all that being said, as medically reviewed by the doctors of Mayo Clinic, magic mouthwash may not be strong for everyone. Still, it is made of powerful ingredients that can be extremely beneficial for the condition of oral mucositis. Therefore, mouthwash has potential but more research needs to be done on that matter.