Egg Fast Results: Top 5 Amazing facts


Egg fast results look great these days. Egg fast gives us the most healthy response for a person who desires to have a good and healthy body. Eggs consist of many proteins, nutrients, and plenty of vitamins. So they are perfect low carbonate food.

Before knowing about egg fast results, first, you all need to know what a fast is? Why it’s important? You must have heard about the egg fast diet. You need to know the exact meal plan for surviving the Keto egg fast before starting the egg fast.

A fast is a diet plan where you will intake a limited amount of food into your stomach. The fast diet plan plays a crucial role in controlling your weight growth.

There are many benefits of this fast.

  1. It helps in weight loss.
  2. The diet helps in controlling sugar levels.
  3. The heart remains healthier due to this diet.
  4. The egg fast diet also improves brain functions.
  5. The keto diet helps in the prevention of cancer.

The Keto egg fast diet was first observed in 2010, developed by Jimmy Moore for a weight loss strategy. This is a famous diet followed by many well-known people all over the world.

Egg Fast Results: Does It Work?


1.What Are Egg Fast results?

An egg fast is a keto diet plan which lasts only for few days. It became the most common way to lose weight in recent years.

On an Egg fast, people eat only eggs, healthy fats, butter, and full-fat cheese, a few hours before bedtime. And even some of the sugar-free foods made of diet sodas. Eating these before going to bed may cause indigestion.

Your egg fast results might slightly different for you and other people. It depends on the starting weight of your body, muscle weight, and exercise frequency.

The egg fast results also depend on various factors like weight, height, age, gender, and food intake.

So, you must follow this diet for breakfast for lunch. The regular keto is followed for the short term only. So, you can get better egg fast results.

Usually, three to five days of an egg fast is enough to overcome a weight loss plateau and promote ketosis. 

Dangerous nutritional deficiencies can be caused if the egg fast rules are not followed properly.  It even causes many digestive issues. So, following some keto egg fast rules is quite essential.

Let us go through some of the egg fast rules that you should follow:

  1. You must eat a boiled egg after 30 minutes of waking up.
  2. You have to eat a minimum of six boiled eggs every day.
  3. You have to eat at least 28 grams of full-fat cheese corresponding to the eggs you eat.
  4. You have to eat only egg-based dishes every three to five hours if you don’t feel hungry.
  5. You have to take drinks like coffee, tea, and other diet drinks.
  6. You must avoid sweeteners for the best egg fast results.
  7. You must stop eating three to four hours before going to bed as it causes indigestion.
  8. You have to use oils like coconut oil, MCT oil, and extra virgin olive oil for fat loss.
  9. You must limit the intake of foods and drinks which contain more calories.

You must follow the above rules to get good egg fast results. You will see that your body is changing after following these rules.


egg fast diet


2.Egg Fast Results: Sample Menu

Let’s check out a sample menu of an Egg fast diet that lasts for five days:


An egg omelet made of two or three eggs, 30 grams of fine butter, Olive oil, or coconut oil for breakfast.

A piece of string cheese for the morning snack.

Two to three boiled eggs for Lunch.

Two pieces of butter cheese (of each 57 grams) of your choice for the evening snack.

An egg recipe made of two or three eggs, 30 grams of butter, olive oil, or coconut oil for        Dinner.


A cream cheese pancake made of two or three eggs, 30 grams of olive oil or coconut oil, and 40 grams of butter for breakfast.

A block of butter cheese of 30 grams for the morning snack.

An egg salad made of two or three eggs, two or three(30 grams) of mayonnaise for Lunch.

A piece of cheese of your choice for the evening snack.

An egg recipe made of two or three eggs and crustless fine cheese for Dinner.


Two fried eggs with 30 grams of butter and a cup of tea for breakfast.

Two pieces of string cheese for the morning snack.

A slice of crustless cheese for Lunch.

A piece of butter cheese of 28 grams for the evening snack.

Two or three whole boiled eggs for dinner.


Cheese omelet made of two or three eggs and 30 grams of fine butter for breakfast.

A piece of cheese of your choice for the morning snack.

Two to three full boiled eggs for Lunch.

Two slices of string cheese for the evening snack.

Two egg waffles made of two or three eggs with 30 grams of fine butter.


Three boiled eggs with a cup of black coffee for breakfast.

A slice of fine butter cheese of your choice for the morning snack.

An egg salad recipe made of two or three eggs and 30 grams of mayonnaise for Lunch.

One block of cheese made of 28 grams for the evening snack.

An egg dish made of crustless cheese for Dinner.



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3.Egg Fast Results: Working

As no research has been done on the egg fast, you must know how it works before starting the diet.

An egg fast works with the concept called Ketosis. That’s why it is known as Keto egg fast diet.

50 grams of carbohydrates is compulsory. Carbs are equally essential for our body to grow. However, they should be cut down in amount for weight loss.  You get the remaining calories from a protein diet or a high-fat diet.

In some cases, an egg fast lasts for more than five to six days. It occurs because you don’t reach ketosis in fewer days. It may take you few more days to reach ketosis.

Generally, the keto egg fast diet work for:

  1. The people who want to burn fat on their body and loss weight.
  2. The people who want to start a simple mean plan which includes a healthy and balanced diet.
  3. The people who want to increase the levels of ketone in their body.
  4. The people who want to decrease or burn the liver fat.

Here are few reasons why Egg fast works that you must know:

  1. Eggs are nutritious and have very low carbohydrates that result in the loss of excess water from your body.
  2. Eggs have the capacity to help you feel your stomach is full. This is because eggs are high in protein. Where some diets don’t fill your stomach as they are low in proteins and nutrients.
  3. The protein intake in egg fast is moderate. It is neither too low nor too high. It helps you raise the level of hormones in your body.
  4. As they have moderate protein intake, the decrease in the number of calories makes you feel satiated.
  5. During these five days of the diet, you have a great chance to eat real and unprocessed foods.
  6. The keto egg diet can also reduce the resistance to insulin in your body.
  7. As you are eating so much fat, it keeps things friendly.

egg fast results

4.Science Behind The Egg Fast Results

There are three science-based theories, which explain the keto egg fast results. It says that the keto egg fast helps you lose weight for low carbohydrates and keto dieters.

The three theories are as follows:

  1. The keto egg fast diet is more effective when compared to a normal keto diet. This makes you intake less amount of food. It makes the excess fat in your body burn and loss weight.
  2. The keto egg fast diet makes your body feel satisfied with what you ate. This makes you eat less food and loss weight.
  3. The keto egg fast diet increases the levels of ketosis in your body. This makes you avoid unwanted carvings into your stomach and burns the fat in your body.

5.Egg Fast Results: Risks

You not only have to face benefits also you have to face few risks in the keto egg fast diet plan.

You may affect by keto flu caused by using ketones as an energy source for your body instead of glucose. The people who are new to this diet might face these issues more.

Irritability, insufficient energy, sleep disorders, depression, and vomiting are some symptoms of this disorder. To avoid such effects, you need to start with a low-carb diet before starting a keto egg fast diet. You can also avoid this by drinking more water.

They might be issued with your liver. This happens due to the keto diet. You may observe side effects like headaches and breakouts after every meal in few people.

Finally, the keto egg fast diet is not a long-term diet. This short diet is complicated because of its rules. Therefore, do not follow the keto egg fast diet for a longer time as it leads to health problems.

Any information found on the site does not constitute legal or medical advice. Should you face health issues, please visit your doctor to get yourself diagnosed. Icy Health offers expert opinions and advice for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice.


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