5+ Back Pressure Points: A Painless Journey to Miraculous Health

Tired of back pain? Looking for easy relief options or back pressure points? Well, this is the article you need to take a look at.

I believe you are aware of what is called acupuncture if you are someone who faces back pain issues.

Acupuncture is an example of complementary and alternative medicine. It is a non-invasive method to improve the overall health status of an individual.

A window to healing can be achieved by applying pressure at specific points. The therapy relieves pain in all parts of the human body, like the spine, knees, and back.

The research on acupuncture started in the eighteenth century.


Acupressure has been used in China for several thousand years. Its principle is that acupressure points can bring a feeling of relaxation to the body and treat the disease.

Acupressure has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. We can use acupressure points to activate our body’s self-healing mechanisms and relieve pain.

Acupressure in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Three millenniums ago, acupressure originated in China.

There are two types of energy in our body: positive and negative. Yang is positive energy, and Yin is negative energy. When we balance these two energies, we are free from health problems. When there is an imbalance, we are sick.

Acupressure points, when activated, create the balance of mind, emotions, spirit, and body. This is pronounced chi.

Acupuncture in Ancient and Modern Practice:

Differences in Opinion

There is a lot of difference in opinion from ancient to modern times when it comes to acupuncture.

In the past, physicians focused on acupressure points and meridians for clinical applications. In modern practice, scientists focus more on the outcomes and benefits of acupuncture, and their prime focus is the biological and physiological mechanism behind acupuncture therapy.

We got a base of acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and now there is the continuous addition of modern research to this alternative and complementary medicine branch.

What are Acupressure Points?

It is said that there are specific points in acupressure that are located in the meridians of our body. These meridians are the channels through which the vital energy called qi flows.

12 meridians in our body connect to the body’s vital organs. These begin at the fingertips and then connect to the brain and the organ. Each organ is associated with a certain meridian.

When these meridians are blocked, a kind of imbalance is created in our body’s vital organs, due to which the disease occurs. With the help of these acupressure points, our body can be re-balanced.

Did You Ever hear of the Meridian Theory?

Meridian theory is a crucial part of Chinese Medicine Theory. The theory forms the basis of acupuncture. The theory has a clear conceptual background for human body functions, but these concepts are very different from modern medicine.

According to this theory, our body has meridians, the channels or networks through which the vital energy flows. This vital energy is called qi. The body manifests it as an illness when there is a blockage in these channels or the energy flow.

This blockage can be removed, and flow can be restored by using techniques like needles, pressure, and heat at specific meridian points.

Acupuncture Devices and Techniques: 1996

In ancient times, the material of the acupuncture needles was very different from modern medicine.

The earliest needle from China was made up of stone and was called Bian. We are speaking about 1700 BC. Isn’t this interesting?

The needles were called “Nine Needles.” This is mentioned in one of the ancient books of the 2nd century BC. The name of this book is Huang Di Nei Jing.

Learn About Moxibustion:

Moxibustion means moxa herb, Artemisia vulgaris, which is heated above the acupressure point to supply heat to the specific point and relieve symptoms.


Cupping is a well-known ancient medicine therapy to relieve pain. Animal horns were used to make cups. These cups created negative pressure on the skin to promote circulation.

back pressure points
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Acupuncture needles of ancient China:

  • Filiform needles
  • Cutaneous needles
  • Pressure needles
  • Intradermal needles
  • Beard of wheat needles
  • Barefoot doctor needles
  • Great needles
  • Pyramid needles
  • Warm needle
  • Hot needle
  • Surgical acupuncture

Interesting Names Describing Acupuncture Points:

Explore more about body points:

  • Stomach point as a sea of energy
  • Lower back point as a sea of vitality
  • Hip bone points as womb and vitals.
  • Knee back points as commanding middle

What About Acupressure Treatment?

Qualified acupressure practitioners apply pressure to the acupressure points using finger widths, palms, elbows, and feet. Sometimes the procedure involves applying pressure using stretching and massage therapy.

Clinical Applications of Acupuncture:

While we are just starting to read this article, why not first let us know in which conditions acupressure is used? What conditions can we apply firm pressure and gain immense benefits?

  • Low back pain
  • headache
  • fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Dental pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Bells palsy
  • Asthma
  • Stress and anxiety associated with COVID-19
  • Infertility
  • Parkinson disease
  • Migraine
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Prostatitis

Why do you Need a Qualified Acupuncture Therapist?

An expert is always a savior. In acupuncture also, this is the same.

Some of the benefits are:

  • When acupuncture is done with a needle, it has to be placed on a specific point. If it is improperly placed, then you may experience pain.
  • In COVID-19, we must have got a thorough knowledge of sterilization. This is the primary step of every treatment. The same applies to acupuncture also. The needle should be sterilized before use to prevent infection. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies acupuncture needles in the category of medical devices ” general use”

Common Acupressure Points:

There are many acupressure points in our body, but normally three points are used. They are LI4, LR-3, and SP-6.

LI4 or Hegu is located between the thumb and forefinger.

LR-3 or Taichong on the dorsum of the foot.

SP-6 is three finger widths above the inner ankle bone.

Session of Acupressure Point Therapy:

You are made to lie down on a soft massage table during an acupressure session. The acupressure practitioner applies gentle pressure on the acupressure points.

This session lasts for an hour; if you want to get the best results, you may need several sessions.

These acupressure sessions are very beneficial in back pain relief.

Pressure Points Mini Guide:

  • Pressure points fall under acupressure and reflexology.
  • Pressure points are specific points that make your blocked energy start flowing. They ensure recovery.
  • Pressure points are relaxing.
  • Pressure points improve your body’s movement by relieving pain.
  • Pressure points are stimulating also. They are activated by applying firm pressure.
  • The right technique and a proper balance are what these pressure points require.
  • Press and massage are two types of movements given on these pressure points.
  • Remember the trick: Two fingers and two minutes of pressure energize your pressure points.
  • The pressure applied on these pressure points should be enough but gentle. You should not hurt yourself.
  • These points are sensitive.
  • Our hands are the real power of pressure points.


A study mentions that LR-3 or liver 3 is very effective in lowering blood pressure in those with high blood pressure.

How Lower Back Pain Makes Your Life Miserable?

If someone has low back pain, there are many problems in their normal routine because they are mostly tired, have a lot of pain, do not sleep well, and cannot engage in many physical activities.

In such a situation, acupuncture is a safe therapy in which you will not even take medicine, and your quality of life will be improved.

The biggest fact is that you can do acupuncture yourself if you know pressure points. You can bring relaxation back into your life with this appeal.

Acupuncture Points for Back Pain Relief:

Back pain acupressure relieves pain by improving circulation and reducing muscle tension. Firm pressure is applied to the acupuncture points in a circular motion for 3 minutes.

The motions are repeated based on the need. These back points relieve pain in a variety of conditions. A mini gist of the back pressure point is given below:

Spleen 6:

This point relieves pelvic pain. It is located inside the leg above the ankle.

Stomach 36:

Present four fingers wide down from the kneecap.

Large intestine 4:

Located topmost at the thumb and index finger junction.

Pericardium 6:

This point is located three finger widths down the wrist from the innermost part. This point also provides relief from headaches.

Gallbladder 21:

This pressure point is located between the neck and shoulder. It relieves shoulder pain and neck pain.

Large intestine 10:

This pressure point is located in front of the elbow. Provides relief from shoulder pain and tight neck.

The stomach point for back pain relief is CV 6

It is located 2 fingers below the belly button. Apply pressure on this point with the middle or index finger. This stomach point gives a lot of pain relief regarding back pressure pain.

Lower back acupuncture points:

If you know where your spine at waist level is, you can identify these acupressure points for back pain relief. These points are present on both sides of the lower back. They are B23, and the B47.B23 pressure point is two finger widths, and B47 is four finger widths.

Hip bone acupuncture pressure point:

They are on both sides of the hip bone. These two points are B48, and the GB30.B48 pressure point is two finger widths from the bottom of the spine or the spinal cord.GB30 pressure point is between the top of the hip bone and the base of the butt. Apply pressure gently with two thumbs on these acupressure points for back pain relief. Hip bone points can save you from severe back pain.

Knee acupressure points:

There are two points in the knee acupressure points. They are B53 and B54. Both these knee back points are present in the back space of the knee at the center. Firm pressure application is made with the middle and index fingers.

Hand acupressure points:

4GI is the hand acupuncture pressure point. This point can give you a lot of relief from pain, but it is possible only when you apply gentle pressure when lying down. The point is 2 finger widths from the junction of the thumb and index finger. When we apply firm pressure on this point, we should get the feeling of squeezing the point. Acupuncture pressure on this point is applied for a few seconds and then released. We can repeat this process up to 5 times to benefit maximum pain relief.

Foot point in acupressure points:

We call this foot pressure point Liv 3. It is present between the big toe and the second toe. The exact location is 2 fingers wide from above. This point is a little tender, so it is right to apply medium pressure. This acupressure point has more effect when lying down and bending your knees to reach the point. Back pain acupressure is very useful in treating chronic pain.

Acupressure in Leg Pain:

Have you ever heard of sciatica? It is a condition in which your legs, hips, and back start to pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says that sciatica pain belongs to the gall bladder meridian.

Two acupuncture points are considered for sciatica. They are GB 34 and GB 30.

GB 34 is known as Yanglingquan, and GB 30 is Huantiao.

Here the concept of acupressure therapy is to first remove the blockage or obstruction in the channel or meridian. Then promote qi and blood circulation.

The acupuncture point is stimulated for 30 minutes by surface pressure, and then the needle is penetrated with or without manipulation.

A laser or radiant heat can heat acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture Points in Earlobe: A Proven Concept

Shenmen and the nervous subcortex are two acupuncture points for pain, including those in the pelvic area.

A french neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Nogier gave a very interesting theory in the 1950s. He said the ear presents itself as an inverted fetus in the womb. Different parts of the ear present specific body parts.

According to the World Health Organisation, auricular medicine is a form of acupuncture points therapy that affects the whole body. It has been practiced in Asia for 2000 years.

We learn a very important and interesting fact about traditional Chinese medicine. According to this medicine, 12 meridians of our body pass through the ear.

So acupuncture therapy of the ear will balance Yin and Yang by promoting circulation. It can relieve tension, pain, and anxiety, which has increased among people, especially during COVID-19.

Stomach Point: Application beyond

Qi Hai represents this.

Using the stomach point CV 6 in acupressure points, men’s and women’s reproductive health can be tuned, abdominal problems can be solved, and your muscles can be strengthened.

This acupressure point strengthens abdominal muscles.

In women, it can treat menstrual problems.

In men, it can treat hernia and impotency.

It can correct abdominal pain, loose motions, and distention.

Acupuncture Points for Neck Pain Relief:

The pressure points for neck pain relief are:

Jian Jing (GB21):

This pressure point is useful in treating neck pain, muscle tension, and headache. This point can induce labor, so not used in pregnancy.

He Gu(L14):

This point is present between the thumb and forefinger and can relieve the pain of many body parts, including the neck.

Wind Pool (Feng Chi/GB20):

This point is behind the earlobe.

Zhong Zu (TE3):

This is present between the knuckles above the ring finger. This point improves blood circulation and stimulates the brain. This point also provides relief from neck pain.

Heaven’s Pillar:

The point is where the backbone begins.

Hip Pain and Acupuncture:

The difficulty is usually in the morning for those suffering from hip pain. But as soon as they start walking, they feel better.

If you have hip pain and have exercised much, your pain will be more. This pain may even reach the knees.

If you have hip pain and want to start acupuncture therapy, then first consult your doctor to figure out the reason behind hip pain.

There are many reasons for hip pain like arthritis, dislocation, fracture, sciatica, muscle stress, etc.

The Biggest Advantage of Acupressure:

This is completely a non-drug therapy. Therefore, it is free from side effects arising from long-term use of drugs in chronic conditions like chronic back pain, neck pain.

Acupuncture is very effective in treating abdominal pain. Just relax and sit in a comfortable position before starting acupuncture therapy.

Why is acupuncture an effective strategy for back pain?

Perhaps you must know that back pain is the top reason people consult a physician, and this is the first reason people trust acupuncture. Practically, acupuncture is a very effective remedy for back pain relief.

Acupressure therapy and Western practitioners:

Western doctors believe in associating pain relief with other things like endomorphins, reduced muscle tension, and improved circulation.

What are the precautions you must take in acupressure therapy?

Before acupressure point therapy, you need to take care of certain points. First of all, the acupressure practitioner who is giving the therapy should be licensed and verified.

There are some conditions like rheumatoid arthritis where acupressure should not be done because it is a type of physical therapy that can cause harm.

Acupressure therapy is not done in:

  • Cancer when it has spread to the bones.
  • Pregnancy

Varicose vein

Also, don’t apply too much pressure on these pressure points. It can harm you.

A Theme of Knowledge:

Can you imagine that you also have pressure points on your face that can protect you from neurological discomforts like Bell’s Palsy and paralysis?

Do you know you can come out of depression and release stress and anxiety by firm pressure on acupressure points?

Take Away Points:

  • Self-massage can ease the pain.
  • Always talk to your doctor before acupuncture therapy.
  • Not everyone is a candidate for acupressure therapy.
  • When you choose to do the therapy on your own, it is a must to read the books and find out the correct technique, which fingers are to be used, how much pressure is to be applied and for how long the pressure needs to be applied.
  • You must know how many times a therapy must be repeated and for how long, like in studies of up to 6 weeks, have provided beneficial result in conditions of chronic pain.
  • If you experience any difficulty, like pain and discomfort, then stop with the therapy and consult your doctor.

Well, this is what we have for you on back pressure points and acupuncture therapy for various other pains associated with your body.

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