Top 6 Effective Body Weight Triceps Exercises

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Body Weight Triceps exercises, also known as calisthenics for triceps.

Nobody likes being reconsidered, regardless of how significant they might be. Such is the situation of the triceps brachii muscles. Albeit a conspicuous muscle in the arm, it takes still falls secondary to the hotshot biceps muscles.

Many people neglect training their triceps and solely train their biceps. But, if you really want to have those buff arms, you need to pay attention to every muscle on your arm equally.

Our arm muscle always works in twin actions, also known as the coupling effect. The muscles go through eccentric and concentric motion every time you perform some action simultaneously.

Importance of Tricep Mucles

Here are a few more important points as to why you should consider the triceps an important muscle well:

  • The triceps have three separate heads – the long head of the triceps arises from the scapular bone – the bone that forms a triangular structure in the back just below the neck, the other two heads emerge from the humerus or the upper arm bone.
  • The triceps muscles are comparatively bigger than the biceps muscle.
  • The triceps muscles are responsible for straightening your arms.
  • The triceps muscles help in initiating shoulder and elbow movement.

Functions of the Triceps Muscles

  • It helps in extending the elbow
  • Assists in the extension of the shoulder joint
  • Provides stability to the humerus
  • Helps in the abduction of the shoulder joint

Why Body Weight Triceps Exercises?

Bodyweight triceps exercises are the easiest way to build your triceps. Bodyweight triceps exercises are hassle-free and do not need any equipment or gym as it uses the bodyweight to build muscles.

If you are a beginner exploring bodyweight triceps exercises, we have come up with a few of them to get you started.

Although you might feel the bodyweight exercises a bit tough or difficult to perform, complete sets, practice and punctuality will make you perfect in these bodyweight triceps exercises and help you yield the desired result. But, it would help if you kept patience for that.

Some Body Weight Triceps Exercises for Beginners

1. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Narrow Grip Push Up

Body Weight Triceps Exercises

How to Do This Exercise?

  • Start in a planking position with abs tight and body aligned from your heels to the head. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart but not in contact or a diamond shape.
  • Keep elbows near your midriff as you lower yourself to the floor and as you push back up to the beginning position.

Professional tip: You’ll get decent abdominals to exercise on the off chance that you keep them rigid for the whole activity. Tight abs likewise hold your hips back from listing, which can strain your lower back.

2. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Diamond Push-Ups

Body Weight Triceps Exercises
Diamond Push-ups

How to Do This Exercise?

  • Place yourself in a pushup position, body prone and raised off the ground, and arms at the width of your shoulder.
  • Make a diamond shape out of your hands by bringing them closer under your chest. You need not keep the hands at shoulder width during this pushup.
  • Start by pushing your body down slowly and then bringing it back up. You will feel the muscles of your upper limb working.
  • Make sure you do not bend your knees while doing so or not to go down headfirst. Your body should be a straight line and should go down and come up together.
  • Repeat this exercise for 12 repetitions with three sets.

3. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Chest Pressure Pulse

Body Weight Triceps Exercises
Make sure to Stretch this way if you feel your muscles are getting sore.

How to Do This Exercise?

  • Hold your arms in an L-shaped position in front of your chest. You do this by clasping both your hands and forearms. Then bring it up to face level while bending the elbow at a 90-degree.
  • Now slowly lift your forearms up and down in the same 90-degree position while applying pressure. You will feel the pressure on your triceps.
  • Do this exercise for 20 seconds continuously and gradually increase the time.

4. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Diagonal Plank

Body Weight Triceps Exercises
Diagonal Plank

How to Do This Exercise?

  • The start position for this exercise would be placing your body in a straight plan position. Body raised from the floor in the prone position, with arms and legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Start by lifting your opposite arm and leg until they are parallel to the floor and bring them back to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other side as well. Carry out three sets of 10 repetitions for strong triceps.

5. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Floor Triceps Dips

Body Weight Triceps Exercises
You can use a bench to do the triceps dips as well

How to Do This Exercise?

  • Sitting on the floor with knees flexed, and feet placed flat on the floor with full contact.
  • Place your hands beneath the shoulder level with the fingers pointing towards the feet.
  • Slowly lift your hips off the floor and then flex and extend the elbows to lower and lift your hips off the floor.
  • Repeat this exercise for 18 repetitions of 3 sets and increase gradually for a very good upper limb workout.

6. Body Weight Triceps Exercises – Doorway Curls

Body Weight Triceps Exercises
You can also do wall push-ups instead of doorway curls

How to Do This Exercise?

  • Start by standing in a doorway. Hold the entrance with your left hand, place your feet close to the bottom of the door.
  • Extend your left arm and lean towards the door and pull back. Come to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do this exercise 8 times, with three sets on each hand.
  • This exercise is amazing for the triceps extension and flexion movement and can help build the biceps.

Body Weight Triceps Exercises

Body Weight triceps exercises are a sure shot way to build triceps.

All these triceps workouts mentioned above can help build the whole upper body too. Work your triceps with the help of these exercises and add a few other full-body workout exercises as well, and you will see the difference very soon.

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