Home Workouts for Triceps- Top 11 Workouts

A person with a regular body in today’s world dreams of getting a body that he can stare at in the mirror. With gymming being the new normal in this modern workout routine1, your different muscles need to get a certain amount of workout to flex properly.

Tricep Workout by a Man. By alanpoulson / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

Out of all the muscles you have, at first, only your triceps need a little more attention to develop. This is the one that flexes most importantly and screams its beauty among others.

Although it may seem a bit difficult, triceps exercises are also prone to many mishaps while working out. You need to know the proper technique and sequence of working out so that you do not get your muscles stressed between workouts. So, let’s see what are the home workouts for triceps.

1. Tricep Muscle and its Works

It is a very basic thing to know that your tricep muscle holds the prominent stage in your upper arm bone. It is roughly two-thirds of your upper arms that hold the strength and area of it.

Everyone who loves gymming and wants a bigger and better body mostly focuses on their triceps. And with the dream of having bigger arms, it is your trips that should be built with utmost attention, and for that, triceps exercises 2are a must.

1.1 Tricep Workout with Upper Arms

But you should also keep in mind that every lifter, or everyone who works out, has a different approach than the other. So, you may be focusing on doing pushdowns and also some multi-vascular triceps exercises, but the other person would be spending hours around the dumbbell rack, lifting them.

Here to suggest what is good and what is bad is never a concern, because with a given workout and different approaches, your workout pattern changes, and you also have different ways to nurture your tricep muscle.

Here, the Basic thing that you should keep in mind is building your upper arms straight while working out your triceps. Both these muscles are interconnected, and with simultaneous workouts, you can benefit from both of them.

2. Triceps Muscles Anatomy

Understanding the anatomy of a given body part is crucial for a healthier workout routine. It helps you understand muscle activation and provides you with effective exercise.

In this triceps exercise, the main part is the triceps muscle, and for the stronger triceps, you need to get a proper triceps workout. This key muscle within the arms muscle is comprised mainly of three parts.

These three parts include the lateral head and the medieval head of the triceps. The muscle markings are on every head of the triceps. Hence, it becomes important to understand the anatomy of the triceps3 muscle groups to perform better.

3. Best Triceps Workout

Although everyone is interested these days in making their tricep muscle the best and having a broad shoulder width, it becomes necessary to understand the starting position of the triceps exercises to perform better and more effectively.

Here, we provide some of the best ways to succeed with the given triceps exercises so that you can get a proper upper body.

3.1 Skullcrusher

There are a lot of triceps exercises that facilitate the growth of your muscles. But this skull crusher move is also known as lying triceps extension and works best for the hammering of the three heads of the triceps.

Tricep Exercise
Skull Crusher Workout by a Man. By ibrak / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

These three heads of the triceps include the long head and also the lateral head. Although this peculiar anatomy science4 does not fit into every brain, keeping these things in mind helps you focus on things better and gives you an insight into knowing your muscle development.

3.1.1 How To Work Out This?

Out of all the versions present for the exercise that can help in the development of the upper body, the most popular version of all is performed on a flat bench. Here, the elbows are locked over the head, with an overhead triceps extension.

This certain exercise can also be performed on a decline or incline bench with a little support. Every time you need to make it a little more effective as it all counts in making your upper arms stronger and increasing your shoulder width.

Apart from all this, you can also make it work with a wide variety of resistance, including an EZ bar, and can also be performed using dumbells, cables, or even the unorthodox Smith machine.

So, the given recipes for muscular health can help you maximize your triceps and upper arm.

3.2 Close-Grip Bench Press

For everyone working on their triceps training, it becomes important to understand the various ways to get your triceps muscles the best out of everything. This is when you need to get your hands on the Close grip bench press, which is considered one of the best triceps exercises.

3.2.1 Muscle Involvement

This close-grip bench press involves a lot of muscular training and generates around 62% of muscle activity, in comparison to other tricep exercises. Mostly it is suggested that you need not involve your muscles a lot rather a little part of your chest works the best, but this is not true.

While working out with this triceps exercise, you can easily put your muscular chest along with the triceps muscle, through which you can also have a good exercise session, which would be an excellent workout.

3.2.2 How to Work Out?

For better results, you can also follow certain effective measures such as working your chest and triceps together during one exercise session as well. With this, your triceps workouts can be more supportive to your whole body, mostly your upper arms and upper body.

However, there are also specific ways through which you can use the exercise for support, like doing it while squatting. While doing it during squatting, you can warm thoracic muscles to prepare the body for squatting and then slowly and steadily move on to specific moves accordingly.

3.2.3 More Effective Ways

With this exercise, to make it touch the back of your arms, you can use a close grip. But during this, you need to keep your hands around 8-10 inches apart from each other.

You can easily tuck your arms in to decrease the stress on your pecs and shoulders while slightly increasing the demand on your triceps.

3.3 Triceps Dips

There are a lot of triceps exercises that can be the hardest for you and possibly the ones that can make you feel the utmost uncomfortable while doing so. But this Triceps Dip exercise is considered the second hardest exercise out of all the most common triceps exercises, and it also depends on your way of doing it.

3.3.1 How To Do It?

Every exercise needs an effective way to be performed and this way of doing defines how easily you are going to get the tricep workouts worked for your body. However, with a modified version a little different from your regular way of working out, you can slightly go with your knees bent.

Home workouts for Triceps
Triceps Dips Workout in Gym. By dima_sideInikov / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

This knee-bending movement makes your tricep workouts way simpler than you had imagined. However, extensively extended feet can also increase the intensity of your workout.

3.3.2 How It Will Affect?

This increase in intensity can slowly start affecting the hip region of your body, and it helps keep a hip close at hand to prevent shoulder strain. This may sound a bit extra stimulative, but while doing it, you will understand how effective it will be.

3.3.3 Things To Remember

While performing the exercise, you must understand that you need to take care of your other body parts. Likewise, you need to keep an eye on your shoulders, not raise or lower them or keep them away from your ears.

This will help you understand how difficult or easy this workout is going to be for you. However, as a preventive measure, if your shoulder is painful and you do not feel like doing it, you can easily skip it for that day altogether.

3.4 Triceps Kickbacks

It is often believed by everyone around the ones performing gyms that, kickbacks are quite underrated while pushups are termed as the best triceps exercises. However, the ACE shows that the triceps kickback is the second strongest muscle activation5, which plays a major role in having some perfect triceps muscles.

3.4.1 Effectiveness of Workout

This triceps kickback is not less than the effectiveness of the diamond pushups and this also brings the best muscular change in your triceps than any other exercise. While doing it, the weight will get transferred back and forth when bent forward and doing the exercise.

While performing the exercise, your shoulder will get quite used to used stabilization of limbs6, along with your forearms extended behind them. However, it is necessary for you to start the exercise with lighter weights and slowly bend your elbows.

3.4.2 Precautionary Measures

If your elbow falls while doing so, you must remember to try lifting lighter weights for good form and not just start with a higher set of weights. By doing so, you can improve your judgment and muscle growth.

3.5 Diamond Push-Ups

Everyone who starts their gymming life, from the very basic phase, is asked to focus on pushups while they are at their start position. But this workout is also very effective when you start improving your timeline.

3.5.1 How To Perform?

While you focus on your triceps, these diamond pushups can also be very effective and helpful in providing you with some triceps, which would be worth staring at.

However, these diamond pushups are the most difficult exercise, as they require a lot of upper arm strength and a good left shoulder.

3.5.2 Things to Remember

While doing so, you can also try to do it with the help of your knees and slowly climb the heels and then move slowly with elbows bent. Through this process, the workout becomes easier to perform and you can also get support without hampering your arm angle.

3.6 Rope Pushdowns

Like every other triceps workout, this exercise does not really need a lot of machines and equipment to work out. All it needs is a good cable or rope attachment and the pully to perform the exercise.

This Rope Pushdowns workout is also known as Cable Pushdown and for many gym freaks who perform this kind of triceps workout a lot, this workout is the quintessential triceps burnout move that they love, and knowing its benefits, no wonder why.

Home workouts for Triceps
Rope Pushdown Workout. By ibrak / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

This casual rope pushdown workout is generally performed with a rope attachment. In comparison to other tricep exercises, this whole workout generates almost 75% muscle activation. This is why this exercise ranks fifth among all the other exercises to glorify your triceps.

3.6.1 What It Focuses On?

It is generally used to stimulate the triceps muscle groups. You spread the cord in the center of the movement. This allows you to easily fix your tricep muscles. If you have no cable system, you can also use resistance bands instead.

You can easily fix it to the entrance and tie a knot halfway; you can work it out. This exercise effectively targets the lateral head of the triceps and becomes too easy to perform though.

However, you should keep in mind that you should not let your arms drift from your sides and lend themselves easily to the drop sets. Doing so can hurt you, and that should be avoided as much as possible.

3.7 Overhead Triceps Extensions

A lot of workouts are quite interconnected within each other, and likewise, this Overhead Triceps extension also works out as the dumbbell overhead triceps extension.

Home workouts for Triceps
Overhead Triceps Extensions. By Milkos / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

In dumbbell triceps exercises, you focus on the often-underdeveloped long head. In the same way, here, you focus on the medial head of the triceps and also the elbow extension.

This workout is so rigorous for your triceps that it provides 76% of activation. Your overhead thoracic extension is the fourth-best workout. How much it may be compared to the dumbbell overhead triceps extensions, the constant tension provided by the cable makes it a better choice for you than the dumbbells.

3.7.1 How to Do Properly?

While performing the exercise, it becomes necessary for you to put your arms close to your ears, especially when you lower the weight behind the shoulders. If important and necessary, you can keep the abs muscle in case of a back arch.

The proper way of doing the workout may vary, but you can perform the exercise by sitting and standing. But, like every case, each position has its own benefits.

If you are performing it by sitting or just sitting on your back, then you can feel it a bit harder, but standing and doing the exercise can make your exercise ball increase your core strength, which is the necessity of the whole exercise.

3.8 Plank Position

Out of all the workouts that you may find all over the internet, or even with your gym trainer, plank position is the easiest and safest way to work on your triceps, without hampering any of your other given upper body.

Being in a plank position, your left arm and left elbow both get stronger, and it also starts affecting your core muscles more than any other.

Being effective to your left arm and left elbow, and with the slowly bent elbows, you can see the difference within a week or so, how things have taken shape, and why this is the best triceps exercise.

3.9 Drag Pushdown

There are many ways to start your effective triceps exercises, but certain ways and a range of motion can help you get your workout into a good starting position. This can be with some chest exercises or even with some drag pushdowns.

3.9.1 Way To Perform

No matter if you are good with a rope pushdown or not, this drag pushdown, gives you some similar kind of muscle position and workout. You can start the exercise by positioning yourself with your hips while holding your chest upright and putting your shoulders and elbows slack behind the body.

If you are working out with a machine or equipment, then you can slowly move your cable machine rope attachment closer to your body while doing so. While doing so, you must keep certain things like the gap between your body and the machine, which should be far enough to have a safe place.

3.9.2 The Effectiveness

By regularly performing this exercise, your body is allowed to squeeze your whole triceps to a full degree completely and through this the effectiveness gets prioritized more, resulting in better triceps in less time.

3.10 Floor Dip into Close Grip Dumbbell Pushup

Dumbbells have always been the type of minimal equipment that can help you deal with any kind of exercise without lifting more with your hands. However, the positioning of the dumbbell can be more questioning while you perform any kind of exercise you use it for.

3.10.1 How To Do Effectively?

The positioning of this kind of Floor Dip Into a Close Grip Dumbbell Pushup: You should start with the ground tricep dip position with your hands properly on your dumbbell. Performing 10 rep dips in the air with a properly weighted butt on the ground is the way you can get the proper effectiveness.

However, the stance can also start differing and with the pushup stance, holding on to the dumbbell with both hands, performing 10 reps of closed-grip pushup is what you should focus on while doing. But while doing so, you should keep your core tight, otherwise, you may not find it perfect to get the results.

3.10.2 The Effectiveness

In order to keep your triceps intact, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that all that is necessary is burning the muscles. After 10 recaps for the best burning, you can feel your triceps tight and it is the three muscles that can make you feel the proper power that gets generated through.

3.11 Dumbbell JM Press

For all the people who work out, everyone needs something easy to hold on to and through it make things better. The easier the process, the more people will come back to it to get their hands on it.

This is the easiest process to do: put your palms facing your face and firmly put them on the beach, which will give you a bent elbow extension. This will allow you to raise your elbow towards your bench and bring yourself back and forth.

Home workouts for Triceps
A Couple enjoying Dumbbell JM Press. By siriwat.tree@gmail.com / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

This may look quite different, but by slowly lifting the weight towards the eyes, you will be lifting the hands back up. This may feel a little pressurized, but without three or four steps, do not stop before.

It may seem difficult, but in the end, it is quite easy for your triceps to initiate squats and push your arms forward the legs extended straight. How difficult it may seem, stopping midway should never be an option, and doing more and more reps should be prioritized.

4. Conclusion

Gymming has always been a preference for every person who has been looking around for a muscular body or who is trying to shed some weight. But it becomes necessary for you to understand that building a muscular body is different from just gaining weight or losing some.

So, while doing some exercises, you should learn how to prioritize the muscles on which you want to work and how to focus on that specific muscle but not on any other one. Hence, tricep workouts need a properly planned workout plan and not just anything to hold and drag upon. Here are some of the best workout plans to make your triceps better.

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