10 Benefits of Celery Juice on an Empty Stomach

Something which not only gives clear skin and high metabolism but also results in negative calory count? Yes, please! Read on for more benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach!

Today’s generation is quite busy exploring all the luxury life can offer to someone. During this, they snub all the basic requirements their body needs to function.

10 Benefits of Celery Juice on an Empty Stomach

If you are someone who wants to live a healthy life then the only remedy you can claim is a cup of celery juice. There are several benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach, and if made a habit, can be a key to a happy and healthy life.

Whenever we hear about a new remedy for health issues, the first question that comes to our mind is comprehending its uses and benefits. One such remedy is drinking celery juice on an empty stomach. Now, the concern is why should this juice be taken while your stomach is empty.

Delve in for more information!

Should you Consume Celery Juice on Empty Stomach?

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Now there is always the right time to take any kind of green juice. You should put a bunch of celery in your juice so that you drink 16 ounces of celery juice per day1.

The right way to take celery juice is on an empty stomach. Research says the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach are double the benefits of taking it while or after a meal.

You can take this 15 to 30 minutes before eating, after preparing the celery juice, never forget to use a nut milk bag to separate the impurities, if any, present in it.

Make this a daily habit, then, consume a good amount of breakfast to keep you going throughout the day. Celery juice is a medicine for various health diseases.

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10 Benefits of Celery Juice on Empty Stomach:

1. Rich with Anti-oxidants

Celery juice is rich with various anti-oxidants 2which are extremely powerful. Including this juice in your diet can prevent cancer, because it contains apigenin which is known for killing cancer cells.

This juice also contains a chem-protective compound which not only boosts immunity but also reduces the toxicity in human cells.

2. Helps in Cholesterol Management

Celery juice contains BuPh (3-n-butylphthalide), which can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in our body.

Managing bad cholesterol is pivotal for a healthy life because it can cause various diseases. Including celery juice daily in your diet can give you immense benefits and solve this problem.

3. Helps in Restoring Hydrochloric Acid

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Hydrochloric acid 3is well known for improving digestion. One of the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach is that it can help in faster digestion by improving the amount of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

Breaking down protein is difficult, celery juice can help in increasing the amount of acid which can easily break down the protein. It can heal acidity as well, along with preventing ulcers in the stomach by replenishing gastric mucus.

4. Controls High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the reason behind many deaths these days. It is pivotal to keep that in control. High blood pressure can be reduced if your muscles are relaxed.

The benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach can be seen in lowering blood pressure as well. It can improve the amount of calcium and potassium in the human cells which can expand the blood vessels, resulting in the relaxation of muscles.

5. Helps in Reducing Liver Fat

There are various nutrients present in celery which help in reducing liver fat4. They also help in stimulating the enzymes which help in the detoxification of the liver as well.

6. Celery Juice Prevents Diseases

This juice can fight against various kinds of bacteria that may affect or lower our immunity. All you need is a strong immune system, which can fight against bacteria and viruses which cause many diseases.

Some diseases caused by such viruses and bacteria are life-threatening. To fight against them, one needs a powerful immune system. The biggest benefit of celery juice on an empty stomach is that it can boost your immune system.

7. Rich in Vitamin C

As we know, vitamin C has various benefits for our body, skin, immune system, and mental health as well, it is an antioxidant that can give you a toxic-free body.

It is present in celery which can be beneficial for your immune system and skin. Vitamin C is also known for its healing benefits. It not only prevents aging but heals your skin internally.

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8. Luteolin in Celery

An amazing remedy for both skin and body problems is called Leutolin. It can be a medicine for skin problems and is present in celery. It is a miracle for people with acne-prone skin.

Many people suffering from acne have observed the changes this juice brings to the skin. Treating hormonal acne is important. This juice can cure hormonal acne as well if taken daily, it reduces hypertension and can also prevent cancer.

9. Reduces Inflammation

One of the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach is that it can reduce inflammation to an extent.

Apigenin, a plant compound that is present in celery, can be effective in reducing inflammation because they are rich in anti-inflammatory properties5. Truly, it’s a miracle juice!

10. Highly Nutritious Juice

The benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach are plentiful, from reducing hypertension to relaxing muscles. It gives various benefits to your mental health as well.

It can provide relaxation to both your mind and body. And this is what everyone needs; a healthy body with a peaceful mind, this can lead to good mental health as well.

Juicing celery is better than eating celery as celery juice doesn’t contain any fibres in them. Celery juice can give you relaxation both in and out. Organic celery which is rich in Vitamin K can help strengthen your bone density.

Drink 16 ounces of celery daily to claim the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach. It is also known to heal some severe chronic illnesses. And this juice can heal your mental health issues as well.

One of the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach is that it can increase your life span by keeping you mentally and physically healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does celery have side effects?

Celery contains phthalides6, which are natural sedatives that may induce sleepiness. Celery also comprises coumarin, which has calcium-antagonistic characteristics, blocking calcium from infiltrating the cells of the heart.

2. Does celery juice have side effects?

Toxins in celery, such as psoralens and furanocoumarins, lead to skin problems and may induce liver damage due to the breakdown of byproducts during digestion.

3. Does celery juice make your skin glow?

Celery provides a variety of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and selenium, which may lead to attaining glowing skin.


Leading a healthy life is as important as breathing, the benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach are innumerable. It’s totally on human credence if they intend to lead a disease-free life.

There is no loss in investing a little in something which can give you massive beneficial repercussions. Mental peace and physical health are important for every individual who is struggling for internal happiness.

Try incorporating celery juice into your routine and let us know your experience in the comments!

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