15 Natural Eyebag Removal Remedies

Aging creates wrinkles on your skin, causing puffiness under the eyes. Everyone is in search of eyebag removal remedies. Eyebags often give you a tiresome and unhealthy look.

You may be wondering why people enquire about your health when you are feeling wonderful. This is because of your sick appearance due to eyebags. Try out some eyebag removal remedies to get a fresh look.

What are Eyebags?

Eyebag removal

The sagging of skin under the eyes is called eye bags. The tissues around the eyes sag due to aging. Then the fat is accumulated under the eyes, which gives you a tiresome look.

This can sometimes occur due to certain diseases too. Therefore it is necessary to examine the cause of eye bags.

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Causes of Eyebag Removal

A major cause of eye bags is aging. Other causes include lack of sleep, smoking, allergies, and gene conditions. Stress is also a cause of eye bags and dark circles.

Eyebag Removal Remedies

There are many reasons for the occurrence of eye bags under your lower eyelid. For getting rid of this problem, you can practice some natural solutions.

Many products are available for removing eye bags. But they are not always dependable.

Here are some natural eyebag removal remedies:

1. Drink more water

According to professionals, Sometimes eyebags are a result of dehydration. Hence, it is necessary to consume an adequate amount of water daily. The human body contains more than 60 percent of water.

Increase your water intake to remove eyebags and dark circles. You can have fruit juices or other drinks to maintain the needed water requirements.

2. Sunscreen

As many researchers have said, the harmful rays of the sun can damage your skin. It is also said that it can cause premature aging and even skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen can help you in removing dark circles and eye bags. It also prevents them.

3. Teabags

The anti-inflammatory effects of teabags, particularly green tea, helps in eyebag removal. It also helps to get rid of dark circles. The antioxidants present in the teabags can increase blood flow. It also decreases the pace of aging.

Apply the liquid from the cool tea bags to the affected region. Wait for half an hour and then wash it off. You can also put tea bags in some hot water and then let them cool down. Then apply it under the eyes.

4. Cold compress

Use any cold compress to see good results. Take a cold metallic spoon or a cloth that is soaked in cold water. Apply this to the affected regions. Keep it there for about 5 minutes.

5. Lower your Salt Consumption

Salt consumption can affect your skin. If the intake is high, then you are likely to damage your skin. Control your salt intake to avoid eye bags.

6. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes many diseases. It also makes you look miserable. The puffiness under your eyes can be a direct result of your habits. Stop smoking to remove eye bags.

7. Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Increasing the quality of your skincare routine also helps in eyebag removal. Always remember to remove your makeup before sleep. If you have your eye makeup even when you sleep, it can contribute to eye bags or other allergies.

It also damages your skin and leads to premature aging. Use any makeup removers and follow a healthy skin routine at night to remove your eyebags.

8. Maintain Your Sleep Time

The overall health of human beings is directly proportional to the amount of sleep they get. Dark circles and puffy eyes are also a cause of the lack of sound sleep.

Creating a sleep schedule and improving the quality of your sleep can help you to remove eye bags.

9. Consume Vitamin and Mineral-rich Food

Increase the intake of vitamin C to get healthier skin. This can avoid saggy eyes and wrinkles.

Iron deficiency causes dark circles and eye bags. Have a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals to maintain your skin health.

10. Reduce Alcohol consumption

Dehydration is a major effect of alcohol consumption. It makes you look tired and creates eye bags or dark circles. Avoid alcohol to see the better conditions of your skin.

Permanent Eyebag Removal

Apart from the natural eyebag removal remedies, permanent solutions do exist. The most effective remedy is eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery can remove eye bags. This is a simple and efficient cosmetic procedure that can improve your look.

This surgical procedure removes the excess fat and gives you a young appearance. You can also do some additional procedures to get a more satisfying overall look.

By this surgery, a surgeon can remove all the unwanted eye bags for a longer period of time.

Eyebag removal
Before and after surgery.

If you have a tired and weary appearance and your eyebags are not removed with simple solutions, surgery will be a good option. People without health issues like glaucoma or blood pressure issues can’t undergo this surgery.

There are different kinds of eyebag removal options available, which include a provider. The important ones are described below.

1. Lower Eyelid Surgery

This surgery helps in removing excess fat and wrinkles in your under-eye area. The elasticity of your skin reduces due to aging. After the lower eyelid surgery, the condition is improved by giving a smooth look.

It gives the lower part of your eyes a more rigid look. There are several approaches to this surgery that are chosen according to your needs and anatomy.

The preparations for the surgery include eye drops or certain medications. Also, you shouldn’t have food or drinks after midnight the day before the surgery.

You need a caretaker to take you back home. It would help if you took clothes and cold compress and sunglasses.

The procedure starts with anesthesia. An incision is made below your lash line. Then the excess skin and fat are removed, and then the skin is sewed to give a smooth look. It also gives a lifted appearance.

The surgeon can remove asymmetrical lower eyelids, eyebags, eyelid sagging, wrinkles, and dark circles with this surgery.

This surgery’s risks and side effects include bleeding, double vision, infection, skin discoloration, loss of vision, unhealed wounds, cysts under the eyes, and other issues.

There is a chance of being affected by this surgery. Therefore it is necessary to discuss your health conditions before your surgery. It would be best if you also mentioned the expected outcomes.

You have to give adequate care after the surgery. Sometimes you will be prescribed ointments or eye drops. You are likely to have irritations under the eyes or discomfort for a few days. When the swelling and bruising fade away, you will get your new look.

It would help if you also had to limit exercises for one week. Wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you have severe pain, bleeding, fever, or any issues, always seek medical support immediately.

Even if you undergo surgery, it won’t be lasting for the rest of your life. Aging can affect your skin again. This is subjective, as your skin’s quality, age, and aftercare directly affect the formation of wrinkles, eyebag,s or sagging.

This surgery is an effective eyebag removal remedy.

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2. Dermal Fillers

This is another treatment for eye bags. This isn’t FDA-approved. Plastic surgeons use this method to give a better appearance.

The fillers, in most cases, possess Hyaluronic acid, which is injected to give a polished look. Fillers are only a temporary solution as they can get absorbed.

3. Laser Surgery

This includes using lasers. The lasers will help you in tightening your skin. But everyone can’t undergo laser treatments. Skin discoloration can occur in people’s skin tone.

4. Tear Trough Treatment

This is a new procedure in which fillers are injected above the bone in the eye socket. Then it is massaged.

Wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles are removed. But this is a temporary treatment. This result lasts for about a year.

5. Upper Eyelid Surgery

After giving you anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision on your upper eyelid. Then the fatty tissues are removed, and the muscles are tightened.

This surgery is for those who have saggy upper eyelids, which reduced their field of vision. The extra skin is removed. You won’t see scars as the incisions are made in natural creases.

Eyebag Removal

Eye bag removal is necessary if it affects your appearance and self-confidence. The tired look due to eyebags makes you unattractive. You can solve this persisting problem by undergoing any eyebag removal remedies.

Eyebag removal

Natural remedies work only under certain conditions. Surgery is a good option if the eye bags are not disappearing. This is a permanent solution.

Surgery can smoothen the under-eye region. Even though this is cosmetic surgery, risks are there. In rare cases, post-surgery issues are present.

Eyebag removal helps you to get a youthful and fresh appearance. Both men and women can undergo eyebag removal surgeries.

You can return to work after a few weeks of your eye bag surgery. Since the under-eye region is sensitive, it takes time and necessary care to get the result you want.

A fresh and youthful look is always admired. Eyebag removal can help you to get that polished look. Eliminate the puffiness under your eyes to improve your appearance.

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