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Can You Get Botox While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. But it is also challenging with a lot of changes. Your body and skin are

By Alka

7 Things to Know About Psoriasis in the Scalp

Skin conditions and ailments are not uncommon nowadays. Today we will be talking about scalp psoriasis or psoriasis in the

A Guide to 9 Wonderful Skin Benefits of Glycerin

As a rookie in skincare or a user of skin care products with less knowledge, you may be familiar with

Does Blue Light Damage Skin? 6 Surprising Facts

In the modern and digital age, blue light has become as much a part of our lives as sunshine. but

By Joshita

What Does Lactic Acid do for the Skin: 3 Amazing Benefits

This decade is a whole new dimension for skin care, isn't it? With the marketing tactics for the growing demand

Is Micellar Water Good for Your Skin? 5 Amazing Facts To Know

What is micellar water? Is Micellar Water good for your skin? These questions must have come across to your mind

By JyotiK

How to Use Body Scrub: 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Body Scrubs

 Following a skincare routine is an essential part of life to keep it moisturized and exfoliated to get rid of

What to Eat to Remove Dark Spots on Face?

How many times have you seen pictures of flawless skin in magazines and wondered what it's like to have skin

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