How To Glow Up In 12 Amazing Steps


Is everything about how beautiful you look?

You very well know the answer to this, it’s a No!

Glowing is not about looking beautiful, but it is about feeling beautiful. In this article, we’ll discuss how to glow up naturally whilst retaining your true beauty.

Glow up is often misunderstood for just physical beauty, but there is more to it. It is a trick to channel your inner beauty along with your abilities. It is a way to feel confident and empowered.

Glowing up is about taking care of yourself, maintaining a healthy diet and focusing on improving your mental health.

In simple terms, it can be implied as a change, whether it be physical, mental or behavioural.

Although the definition of glow-up varies from person to person, it deals with the same transformation aspect. For some, it is about physical appearance, while for others it is mental development.

It is a process of learning to accept yourself and an encouragement to be a better version of yourself.

The art of practising to be confident and self-dependent whilst surrounding yourself with people filled with positivity is another idea of how to glow up.

When you learn to love and accept your true self, you glow up like a shining bright star.

Are you excited to discover the ideas on how to glow up like a star?

How to Glow Up?

There is no fixed time as when you want a glow. If you want to glow like the star today, follow these amazing tips on how to glow up.

1. Emotions

controlling your emotions is how to glow up naturally.

Emotions play a key role in maintaining your glow. When your emotions are heightened with stress or overwhelmed, your face shrinks while accentuating the stress lines on your forehead, it, in turn, makes your day gloomy.

When the feelings of happiness, love and joy make their presence known, your lips forget the idea of frowning.

A beautiful curvature of a smile gets etched to your face giving you a shining glow.

If you have firm control over your emotions, automatically, you get control of your life. It motivates you to be self-reliant and confident.

Stronghold on your emotions rejuvenates your facial glow.

2. Rest and Meditation

Rest and Mediate

Before thinking of how to glow up, it is better to figure out the mental state you are currently in.

The central processing unit of our body, the brain, is constantly at work. We fail to give it the rest that it requires.

As a result, the jumbled space of thoughts is worn out by so much pressure that it dulls the facial glow.

It is obligatory to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night to retain your glow.

Meditation works its magic to revitalize the glow when negative thoughts plague your mind. It keeps your mental, emotional and physical state at ease, in turn alleviating stress and slowing the ageing process.

Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be just sitting and not thinking. You can build your meditation techniques to keep your mind calm and at peace.

It’s all about relaxing!

3. Skincare Routine

Skincare is one major component of how to glow up

A key tip of transformation is to take special care of your skin as it is the first thing that one notices.

If you follow a good skincare routine, you will ooze with confidence.

How to Glow up Your Skin?

  • Give at least 30 – 40 minutes to nurture your skin once a week.
  • Splash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Exfoliate the dead skin cells using a suitable skin exfoliator.
  • Use toner
  • Apply homemade face masks.
  • Keep moisturizing your skin.

Make sure to use chemical-free skincare products that give you a natural glow up without causing any skin irritation.

Feel confident in your skin!

4.Healthcare Diet

have a healthy diet
Healthy Diet

A healthy diet enables you to feel alive inside out, making your skin glow ten times better.

Follow a balanced diet full of nutritionally rich seasonal fruits and vegetables and proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Herbal tea helps to retain the glow of your skin.

Glowing up is not only about looking pretty but feeling pretty and lively.

The better the diet plan you follow, the more your health would improve, encouraging your mental and emotional state to be optimistic.

Once in a while, don’t forget to treat yourself to your favourite dish!

Everything in moderation is healthy.

5. Drink Water

drink 2 litres of water
Drink Water

Drinking at least 2 litres of water is a must to get naturally glowing skin.

When you are dehydrated, it gets reflected on your skin, making it look dry and pale. Therefore, the more you stay hydrated, the better you will glow.

Simultaneously, it gives you healthy-looking hair, nails and maintains your overall well-being.

Develop a habit of keeping a water bottle beside you while you work to remind you to stay hydrated. Sip on it from time to time and make sure to refill it.

Forgetting to drink water is the main concern; set up a timer on your phone or download the app that tracks your water intake.

Drinking more water keeps you fresh, and it is another way of how to glow up naturally.

6. Wear Feature Accentuating Clothes

Wear Feature Accentuating Clothes
Buy outfits you like

Wear clothes that make you feel confident. After all, it is all about making yourself feel comfortable and happy in your skin.

Fill your wardrobe with clothes that you love, so you would be wearing your favourite designer piece whenever you have to go out.

Don’t be afraid to try new clothes that you like, and change is always good. Pair up your outfits with various accessories to look more fashionable.

If you wear clothes that you love, you will wear confidence up your sleeves.

Dress in a way in which you look the best. When you wear or do something that you admire, it shows on your face.

7. Hair Care

Take care of your hair

How to Glow up Your Hair?

Deep condition your hair to make it look healthy, shiny and let the long strands flow smoothly.

Get a trim or try a new haircut that you’ve always wanted. A layered cut or a pixie bob!

If you cannot decide, explain to the hairstylist how you want your hair to be or just let them surprise you.

Twist and turn your hair to match with the outfit and let your confidence swoop in, in turn glowing you up.

Browser through the internet to pin unique hairstyles ideas of your choice.

Dye your hair with the colour you’ve wished to try for a long now.

Have a good hair day, every day!

8. Brush your Teeth

brush twice daily
Pearly Teeth

A smile glows multiple times better when you flaunt those pearly whites hidden behind your rosy lips.

Brush your teeth regularly to show off your million-dollar smile. Develop a habit to brush your teeth every morning and night. Don’t forget to floss as well.

How to Glow up Your Teeth?

  • If your teeth have lost their shine, use whitening toothpaste.
  • Try whitening strips to get your flawless teeth back.
  • Follow a yearly dental check-up to examine the health of your enamel.

You’ll smile confidently when you know that you have got those perfectly shining white teeth.

9. Get Your Nails Done

paint your nails

Yes, nails too play an important part in glow up!

One glance at your nails, and it’ll either brightens or dampens your mood.

Clean and tidy nails, whether long or short, make you feel pretty as they depict your hygiene.

How to Glow up your Nails?

  • Clean your nails using a removal.
  • Shape it as per your choice.
  • Paint it in your favourite colour.
  • Try creative nail art.
  • Nail paints are not your thing? Well, either apply a transparent coat or leave them as they are after giving a good shape.

10. Keep Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a positive statement that you make to yourself to overcome negative thoughts.

These statements challenge you and, when repeated, makes you believe them bringing out a positive outcome.

For example, if you say ‘I love myself,’ you will fall in love with yourself.

Things like this retain your enthusiasm in life, making you glow like a rising flower.

Positive affirmations motivate you to get your work done, and that is how you can reach your goals.

The joy and happiness that follows bring a light glow to your face.

11. Connect with Positive People

Connect with Positive People

People tend to have a major impact on your glow. When the gates of positivity are open from the people around you, you are bombarded with love, support, care and most importantly, positive thoughts.

These positive emotions give a glow up to your face.

When the air around you vibes with negative people, you are plagued with negative thoughts which dim your glow.

Surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you, like the constant supporters who encourage you to achieve your goals and inculcate healthy habits.

12. Set Challenging but Achievable Goals

Set Challenging but Achievable Goals
Set your goals high

Your achievements brighten your glow as you are engulfed with complete joy.

Set up challenging goals for yourself and list them down. Take baby steps to accomplish each goal at a time after each success, rewards yourself and move to another.

After every success, you’ll feel a surge in your confidence and make you strong enough to accomplish the next.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and implement these tips on how to glow up and let them work their magic on your skin in no time.

Let your true beauty glow!

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