5 Great Benefits Of Drinking Lassi for Skin

Benefits of lassi for skin
Benefits of lassi for skin

Summers will be quite troubling for your skin. Excess heat will be disturbing your skin health to some extent. The benefits of drinking lassi for skin would be known better if given a chance to it.

An effective summer drink, lassi is highly beneficial for your skin health due to lactic acid in it. There are many benefits that you will receive by drinking lassi daily.

This article will help you get a brief knowledge about the benefits of drinking lassi for skin.

How To Make Lassi?

Ingredients Required

You need yogurt, sugar, water or ice cubes, dry fruits, and coconut.

Steps to Follow

  • Take 5-6 tablespoons of yogurt in a mixer. Then add some cold water or ice cubes to it.
  • Then add the required amount of sugar to the mixer and mix/ grind it for 2-3 minutes till you get a properly blended mixer.
  • Then take it out from the mixer or grinder and pour in a glass.
  • Then add dry fruits and grated coconut.

Note: Adding dry fruit and coconut is optional. If you want a simple lassi, skip adding coconut and dry fruits. You could also add many other ingredients to change the flavor of your lassi.

Benefits of drinking lassi for skin
Benefits of drinking lassi for skin

Benefits Of Drinking Lassi for Skin

1. Moisturization of Skin

Yogurt used in making lassi is the best source to get the lactic acid required for your skin. While drinking a glass of lassi, you are adding natural moisturization factors for your skin.

Lactic acid will bring moisturization and an internal glow for your skin that lacks due to dryness. Your skin needs alpha hydroxy acid (lactic acid) for maintaining the moisture in your skin to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

No doubt, all other alpha hydroxy acids work pretty well for the moisturization of the skin. But lactic acid is the best among all those alpha hydroxyl acids you will get in foods or the market.

Also, while preparing lassi, people add dry fruits and coconuts to it. Adding coconuts add extra benefits of providing moisture to your skin and that for internal skin as well. Try lassi, especially during summers, to get rid of dry and flaky skin conditions.

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Benefits of drinking lassi for skin
Yogurt for lassi making

2. Great For Anti Aging

The benefits of drinking lassi for skin will be visible in preventing aging for your skin.

In lassi, you will find lactic acid from yogurt that will help maintain youthful skin yours. According to some reports, yogurt has calcium and vitamin D, and protein. Protein is just a boon for your skin health.

Some articles say that protein such as collagen is extremely important for reducing wrinkles or fine lines due to a lack of protein.

Vitamin D is an amazing agent for maintaining your skin health and preventing aging. But still, further researches are needed to providing the link of vitamin D with aging.

3. Prevents Acne

Acne is another most popular problem that comes out very often during summers. According to reports, lassi shows antimicrobial and antifungal properties that will help your acne-prone skin.

Also, lactic acid will work as an antibiotic for your skin to stay away from acne and other skin problems. The main reason behind acne-prone skin is microbes or fungal, for that lactic acid will fight against these harmful microbes and stop their growth.

benefits of drinking lassi for skin
Lassi for skin health

4. Fights Skin Irritation

Probiotics are boon for your overall body. Not only for skin probiotics are the good bacterias to be added to your body. According to articles, you can use probiotics for treating skin irritation and fights skin rashes.

According to various researches, probiotics are medicines for reducing skin inflammation. So, adding probiotics present in yogurt would be a smart choice. And lassi is the most delicious drink to be taken for a good amount of probiotics.

5. Helps Pigmentation

Pigmentation could happen due to many reasons such as skin irritation, medications, hormonal changes, etc. But treating pigmentation could be an arduous task for many folks.

Yogurt will do magic in treating pigmentation slowly. The benefits of drinking lassi for skin will be great for treating long-term pigmentation.

Yogurt present in lassi will ultimately help in getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Add lassi to your diet daily to claim the benefits of drinking lassi for skin.

According to doctors, lactic acid will also provide strength to your skin by boosting collagen levels. And it will work really in a good manner in connecting your skin and cells with a strong bond.

benefits of drinking lassi for skin
Lassi for beautiful skin

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Other Benefits

This refreshing drink will also have many other benefits for your health. Some of these are:

  • Aids digestion
  • Great for weight loss
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improves bone health
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Prevents growth of bad bacteria
  • Good for gut health (lubricates the intestines)

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Benefits of Drinking Lassi For Skin

Lassi is an outstanding source to beautify your skin and an escape during summers. It would be best if you tried claiming the benefits of drinking lassi for skin by adding it to your daily routine.

Lassi is the way to add beauty to your skin in a tasty manner and many health benefits. Go ahead! And claim the benefits of lassi by making your won lassi recipes for beautiful skin.

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