13 Super Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

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We’ve known that water is life since the first grade and will continue to do so till the end of time!

Within ourselves and all around us, there is water. Water is required for survival by every single life on Earth and every ounce of our bodies.

Regardless of its temperature, the benefits of drinking water are known to everyone. There’s a lot more water does rather than merely quenching our thirst.

Water depending upon its temperature again, has a significant role to play. And for sure, the benefits of drinking hot water surpass the benefits of drinking water that is cold, depending on the little scientific research that has been conducted on this topic.

The temperature of hot water or beverages that are to be consumed should be about 54 to 70 degrees Celsius. Water temperature above this can cause burns. Make sure you don’t drink boiling water.

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Let’s dive into these benefits of drinking hot water.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

1) A Blocked Nose!

Having nasal congestion? This is how warm drinking water is going to benefit you.

Every little time we have a blocked nose, our mothers and other elders in the house run after us with a glass of hot water in a hand, and a steamer in the other! 

This is because they know how beneficial warm water is in this situation.

Steam will be produced when you consume hot or warm water. Mere steam inhalation is also going to loosen the adherent secretions and open up sinuses that are clogged.

Consuming hot water will reduce nasal airflow resistance and increase nasal mucus velocity.

You will no more have a blocked nose!

Hot water also plays an essential role in nasal irrigation and in treating recurrent sinus symptoms.

Apart from a stuffed nose, consuming hot water will also relieve other symptoms of the common cold, like coughing and a sore throat, by clearing the mucus that has built up.

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2) Better Digestion

One of the essential benefits of drinking hot water is that it aids your digestion.

Not every-time when we have a upset stomach we can go with laxatives or medications, so warm water is the go-to home remedy! 

Most of the water from what you eat and drink is absorbed by the intestines, especially the small intestine.

When your eating habits are deficient in water, your bowel movements may suffer, causing constipation, bloating, and, if not treated well, severe conditions like hemorrhoids.

It also causes dehydration.

Drinking hot water instead of normal or cold water speeds up the digestion process as it facilitates a faster breakdown of food. Hot water acts as a lubricant for your digestive tract making the functioning and motion of waste as well as stools easier.

Warm water may have beneficial impacts on bowel movements, according to a 2016 study.

Contrary to this, the oils and fats in the food you just ate solidify when exposed to cold water. Due to this, the formation of fats occurs which makes digestion more difficult.

Even though constipation relief along with relief of other bowel complications is an essential benefit of drinking water irrespective of their temperature, warm water is said to make bowel movements regular.

3) Pain and Cramping on Those Days of the Month!

Heat is said to cause a local rise in temperature, which in turn causes vasodilation and hence, pain relief.

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When you consume hot water, the heat of the water relaxes and soothes the back and abdominal muscles, which can aid in the relief of cramps and spasms.

Taking a hot bath is also beneficial. Other methods like the use of hot water bags are pretty effective.

Apart from menstrual pain relief, the pain of other origins is also relieved well by hot water, making this one of the other essential benefits of drinking hot water.

4) A Flawless Skin

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Cosmetics, makeup and all the related stuff is only for external application. It can make your skin glow for some time, but not all the time. 

Hot water will make your skin flawless from within! 

Hot water increases blood circulation making the skin glow. It helps to restore skin cells, which can lead to a boost in skin suppleness and elasticity.

If you drink a hot cup of water every morning, you can flush away harmful toxins from your body.

Also, washing the face with warm water removes dirt from the pores and prevents pimples, wrinkles, and fine lines.

5) Improved Circulation

As we’ve learned before, warm water is a vasodilating agent. It dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood flow.

This, in turn, soothes and relaxes the muscles.

Hot water intake and a warm bath will effectively carry blood throughout the body by expanding the arteries and veins.

However, there is only a little research on its effectiveness.

This is one of the ultimate benefits of drinking hot water as blood circulates throughout the body, improving its effectiveness.

6) Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Hot water improves circulation and soothes the muscles. This alleviates pain.

Also, this heat will increase oxygen supply along with blood flow and remove the debris. Hence, warm water intake helps to fight inflammation.

Direct application of hot water with the help of hot water bags is said to be more effective than consuming hot water, but it is still believed to reduce internal pain.

7) Improved Functionality of the Central Nervous System

Your body permits your nervous system to work at its best when you are hydrated and healthy. Staying hydrated also makes it easier for your nervous system to connect with the rest of your body.

Drinking water helps in improving brain functioning and keeping the mind calm and active.

Warm water is quickly processed compared to that cold water.

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8) Detoxifies the Body

When we consume warm water, there is an increase in metabolism. Also, the endocrine system of the body activates. These mechanisms cause our bodies to sweat.

Sweating is an important function of the body which regulates body temperature.

Sweating helps our body to get rid of irritants and other toxins.

This normal body functioning helps our body function optimally and has numerous health benefits and improves skin and hair health.

9) Weight Loss

Drinking water helps absorb nutrients and also facilitates the removal of waste and debris. Also, drinking a good amount of water gives a feeling of fullness, which will help you crave and eat less.

When we switch to hot water rather than regular or cool water, the rate of metabolism is said to increase by 30%. A study conducted in 2003 also states the same.

However, our taste buds do not quite appreciate the taste of plain water. Along with plain hot water, we can add other stuff to help you lose weight.

Squeezing a few drops of lemon in a glass of warm water or adding honey, chia seeds, cucumber slices, peeled ginger, mint leaves, and others and consuming it as soon as you wake up can be effective.

This acts by increasing your metabolism and thereby breaking down the fat tissues. It also boosts the body’s ability to burn more calories all day long.

10) Less Stress

A cup of hot water may relax you from stress or anxiety. A study discovered that drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Some of the effects, according to the study, are attributable to caffeine, but the warmth also played a role in the subjects’ enhanced mood.

11) Hydration, Of Course!

We all have been at a point in life where we die out of thirst. It’s either sometimes because of the empty bottles and other times due to some tiring work with no water around!

That is when we realise that why it is said ‘water is life’. 

We need to admit that drinking cold water is better when it comes to quenching our thirst.

But also the fact remains that drinking water of high and low temperatures both provides hydration.

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12) Reduces Shivering

Our hands become unsteady in a freezing cold temperature, and our body tends to shiver.

Shivering can be reduced by drinking hot liquids, according to a 2017 study.

Drinking warm water is going to maintain the core temperature of the body, making you feel warm.

Hence, this is one of the significant benefits of drinking hot water, as shivering, after all, is not something that is very pleasant.

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13) Helps Relieve Symptoms of Achalasia

The disorder in which the esophagus has difficulty in transporting food from your mouth to your stomach is called Achalasia. Hence, bowel movement becomes difficult.

Achalasia patients may experience food getting trapped in their esophagus rather than going to their stomach.

Coldwater is said to make the symptoms of Achalasia worst. Even though there is not much research on how drinking hot water helps relieve these symptoms, it is yet better than drinking cold water.

Drink enough water to lubricate the digestive system. This ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Not only drinking hot water but also other hot drinks like tea, coffee, chicken soup, and others might be helpful.

A hot drink like hot tea or green tea is said to reduce the risk of certain conditions like liver and heart diseases.

Coffee consumption also reduces the risk of Parkinsonism, carcinomas of certain types, diabetes, and some other conditions.

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Although these beverages should be consumed in moderation.

We recommend drinking warm water as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach on a daily basis without fail. When you drink hot water in this manner, you gain maximum health benefits.

More research has to be done regarding the benefits of drinking hot water. According to the little scientific research made, randomized controlled trials were carried out on Japanese adults regarding voluntary drinking water and consumer preference between hot water intake and cold water intake.

When the population assessment was completed with a pragmatic randomized controlled trial, it was found that most health benefits were seen in people who consumed hot water over cold water. Consuming hot water ensures the well-being the immunity of an individual.

Also, another population assessment was made on high and low drinkers. People who drink more quantity of water voluntarily were found to be more calm and composed than people who drink less amount of water.  

A study on post rehydration sweating was made; it proves the benefits of drinking water voluntarily and the effects of temperature on the body. Here two randomized controlled trials were conducted in which it was found that the effect of hydration had effects on the brain, which controls the functioning and regulation of mood.

Also, it was proven that the autonomic adaptations mediated the effect of hydration on the brain.

The bottom line is that even though the role of how drinking hot water helps to gain all these mentioned health benefits is unknown and is based on a mere hypothesis, it is still much more productive than drinking cold water.

But what is the harm in making those changes in life which are surely to prove beneficial without any detriment?

It is now time to replace normal water with hot water, as the benefits of drinking hot water are very well known.

Never feel lazy when it comes to getting some hot water for yourself. Instead get one now. Also, make sure the temperature is not too high as it might cause scalds.

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