Is Brown Rice Healthy?: 6 Wonderful Benefits!

Is Brown Rice Healthy
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Is Brown Rice Healthy For You?

Rice is a starchy cereal grain and forms a part of the staple diet of a considerable proportion of the population. Global consumption of rice has increased over several years. This makes rice a focal edible grain to know all about.

But have you ever wondered if rice is the white cereal grain that comes to most of us, just after we read or hear the word ‘rice,’ or are there any other types of rice?

Interestingly, rice has two or more types and more than 7,000 varieties of rice, varying in size and color.

Out of these varieties, particularly in the United States Of America, the most commonly consumed ones are white rice and brown rice.

An Interesting fact about rice: Rice has been feeding the population of the world for more than 5,000 years. This fact makes it stand as one of the oldest food known in the history of human civilization.

Rice is the staple food for the population of various countries in the world. As per a report by Statista, the global consumption of rice is approximately 509.87 million metric tons.

As the purpose of today’s world is to eat healthy live healthy, let’s have a look at a healthy purview of white rice and brown rice and explore a very commonly raised question: “Is brown rice healthy for you?” in this article.

What Is The Difference Between White Rice And Brown Rice?

Before knowing the difference, firstly, it is good to note that any type of rice has one similarity. All types of rice have no fat content but are primarily rich in carbohydrates and a minimal amount of protein.

Is brown rice healthy
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When it comes to brown rice, it plays the role of both a cereal grain and whole grain. Being a whole grain, it is classified with all the features of grain, the fibrous bran, the nutritious germ, and the carbs-rich endosperm. This differentiates it from white rice because it has the bran and germ removed before edible purposes.

This differentiation makes brown rice a more nutritional variety than white rice.

The next difference between the two lies in the cooking time. This difference is quite simple and obvious. Brown rice has a whole grain composition, taking longer to cook than white rice.

However, the time brown rice takes gets easily compensated by the health benefits it offers.

An Interesting fact about rice: Rice is mainly grown on every continent except Antarctica.

So, let’s know, “Is brown rice healthy for you?” and if yes, then how?

Is Brown Rice Healthy For You: 6 Wonderful Benefits Of Eating Brown Rice

Is Brown Rice Healthy
Image source: Photo by Marco Verch Professional Photographer from Flickr (original photo/license)

Today, we all want to stay healthy, and with the growing awareness for nutrition and diet, it is essential to know the nutritional benefits of a variety of rice brown rice.

Brown rice consumption has many health benefits. Here are six benefits of brown rice:

  1. Rich in nutrients
  2. Prevention against heart disease
  3. Controlling blood sugar
  4. Rich source of antioxidants
  5. Helps in weight control
  6. A good remedy for hypertension

An Interesting fact about rice: Rice does not have sodium or cholesterol and has significantly less fat making rice gluten-free naturally.

1. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: Rich In Nutrients

Brown rice stands one step ahead of regular white rice regarding nutritional value. This is the reason for it to be preferred in a healthy diet.

Brown rice is a nutrient-rich grain containing fiber and essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The proportion of these is slightly higher than that of white rice. Brown rice is also featured with a good content of antioxidants.

2. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: Prevention Against Heart Disease

Brown rice is good for your heart’s health, as it has good HDL and low LDL.

But what are LDL and HDL? Let’s understand the science behind these two acronyms.


LDL or low-density lipoprotein is popularly known as bad cholesterol. A high level of bad cholesterol is a significant cause of the increased risk of heart disease.


HDL or high-density lipoprotein is also known as good cholesterol. HDL plays a vital role in absorbing cholesterol and taking it to the liver, which is then flushed out of the body.

Brown rice, like whole grains, is believed to have low levels of LDL and a slightly high level of HDL. However, it does not act uniformly in this manner across all individuals.

3. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: Controlling Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a major health concern for many individuals globally. Earlier, a problem that was predominant in people in aged groups has now taken its toll on the younger stratum of age groups.

Brown rice with low levels of carbohydrates impacts blood sugar and insulin levels at a very meager rate. This is the reason why the consumption of brown rice benefits diabetic people.

An Interesting fact about rice: The nutrient value of rice depends upon the variety of rice and, interestingly, also on the cooking method.

Check the phytochemical profile of brown rice.

4. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit the chemical process of oxidation, which involves producing free radicals and chain reactions. This oxidation process ultimately leads to cell damage in the body of an organism.

This is why brown rice, a powerful source of antioxidants, helps neutralize free radicals. This, in turn, reduces inflammation in the body.

Some studies depict that this feature of brown rice makes it a solid candidate to prevent fatal diseases like cancer when taken in a limited amount.

5. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: Helps In Weight Control

For those with a motif to lose weight or maintain average body weight, brown rice is one of the satisfactory alternatives.

A tremendous increase in weight leads to many health problems, a prominent one being obesity, eating brown rice can be beneficial for maintaining body weight.

Brown rice helps in losing weight and reducing body mass index.

6. Is Brown Rice Healthy?: A Good Remedy For Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is a lifestyle disorder that has become a major cause of death worldwide. But, it can be quickly taken under control by maintaining a healthy diet daily.

The consumption of germinated brown rice effectively controls problems related to hypertension.

An Interesting fact about rice: Rice cultivation requires a lot of water. For instance, to grow just a kilogram of rice, about 5,000 liters of water are required.

Is Brown Rice Healthy For You?: 2 Main Concerns And The Possible Solution

Brown rice is beneficial overall to be consumed. But every coin has two sides, a positive as well as a negative side.

Digestion-Related Issues

High fiber food tends to intervene in digestion and thus creates digestive problems. Brown rice, with bran and germ intact, makes it a grain with high fiber. This creates irritation in the digestive tract, which creates problems like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and others.

The Concern: Levels Of Arsenic

The only concern that needs attention if you intend to replace white rice or any other rice with brown rice is levels of arsenic. Arsenic is a contaminant that is the reason for many health issues, for instance, cancer. According to a renowned study, researchers found that arsenic risks due to rice consumption of any type is difficult to assess.

However, this problem can be managed up to a greater if the consumption of brown rice takes place in a controlled manner. Especially, pregnant women must be conscientious about brown rice consumption.

So, Is There Any Way To Eat More Cooked Brown Rice And Still Remain Safe?

Is brown rice healthy
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Brown rice plays the role of a versatile grain that can be easily made a part of any dish. You can incorporate it in soups, tacos, grain bowls, salads, veggie burgers, stuffed cabbage, and casseroles.

If you are a lover of desserts, you can make pudding, ice cream, and cookies with brown rice as the prime ingredients. You can give a punch of puffed brown rice to dark chocolate and many other sweet innovations.

If you are baking and cooking a sweet dish with wheat flour, you can replace it with brown rice flour. You can surely go for plain sprouted brown rice protein powder for making smoothies.

An Interesting fact about rice: Interestingly, the Great Wall Of China, built during the 15th and 16th centuries under the Ming Dynasty, the workers building the wall used a porridge made with a mixture of rice and calcium carbonate as a mortar for the purpose to hold the stones in the wall.

Is Brown Rice Healthy For You?: Yes, it is, But still take heed.

Who doesn’t want a healthy body? Who doesn’t want to keep himself fit inside out? I am sure most of us want it all. Health is the most precious asset, and to honor this asset of your life, the first step is to incorporate some healthy dietary habits within the framework of your lifestyle.

Now, the question that started this quest was, “Is brown rice healthy for you?” and this quest sums up the most straightforward answer ever, that is, YES!

White and brown rice are good to eat, but brown rice contains powerful nutrients and healthier options. But as you know, excess of anything is harmful. So, healthy eating also involves taking small portions and not exceeding the limit.

Eat healthily, live healthier!

While at times contributed by guest authors, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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