Is Boxing a Good Workout? Here’s What You Need to Know

is boxing a good workout

Boxing – It isn’t just a sport anymore. It has become a popular way to stay fit, express yourself, burn calories, make your heart pump and explore your inner fighter. It is a two-for-one for strength training and cardio. Fitness boxing has become a way to stay fit among older and younger adults of different fitness levels. There is no need to get in the ring or injure yourself like doing so in a traditional boxing workout, it has more adapted moves that are converted into an exercise routine. You can do it with or without a punching bag. Incorporate weights and other equipment and do it at your own pace. Is boxing a good workout, though?

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’- Muhammad Ali

This kind of boxing comes with a lot of health benefits as it requires you to constantly change your position and posture. It is not only a great workout to get fit, but it also helps you to lose weight and maintain your bone density. You learn to defend yourself, hit back, and become more confident. A boxing workout can be done anywhere in a boxing gym, fitness studio, or at home. If this is not enough to convince you to add boxing to your fitness routine, these 5 boxing benefits will have you put on your gloves.

Is Boxing a Good Workout? – 5 Benefits

boxing gloves
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1) Boxing workout boosts whole-body strength and improves core stability

Boxing boosts whole-body strength, throwing a punch involves power from the entire body and not just shoulders. The lower limbs, core muscles play a significant role in the punching movement. Boxing is an incredible full-body workout it helps in building strength and muscle in your hip, arms, legs, and shoulders. Core strength improves performance, prevents injuries and lower back pain.

With boxing, you perform footwork, practice various defense and offense skills which leads to building a stronger core and developing power. It improves your overall fitness, balance, strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and agility. Most people think that boxing predominantly acts as an upper-body workout but they are wrong, it impacts the whole human body.

2) Ultimate cardio workout that burns major calories and heart health improves

Boxing trains cardiovascular strength, health, and muscular endurance. It improves resting heart rate and increases stamina which can give you an edge in your workouts and overall. Boxing like any other type of cardio has the potential to burn 13 calories a minute. It is a form of high-intensity interval training that pushes your body to sustain intense activity, it helps you burn fat and decreases the risk of heart disease.

High-intense boxing workout decreases body fat and refines body composition. It is a heavy impact aerobic exercise and gives a high-calorie burn. Body fat burns and reduces your waistline. It also boosts your metabolism and you feel healthy. Cardio exercise like boxing is amazing for burning calories and your heart health keeps going and lungs work hard. A typical boxing workout can burn up to 1000 calories, as compared to other activities like running or walking. If you are trying to do weight loss, stay in shape, and burn more calories then boxing workouts are perfect for you.

3) Stress relief

With physical benefits, boxing involves its mental benefits as well. It helps to relieve stress and things bothering you by releasing endorphins. It elevates the mood, most physical activities help to reduce your stress, like runners experience ‘runner’s high’ similarly boxing is no different. When you are working out on the punching bag, your brain releases endorphins, the neurotransmitters that make the feel-good thoughts.

You relieve your muscle stress by punching. It improves your focus, concentration and reduces your stress. Boxing is a high-intensity workout and it is a way to let out your stress and tensions. Boxing requires your full concentration. You switch off from the outside world and put your 100% focus. You can avert your daily stress, gain a new perspective and feel fresh by doing boxing. The mental perks don’t end here you feel happy, productive and build confidence and discipline in your life.

4) Improves balance and coordination

A key element of boxing is balance and coordination. Boxing improves balance and coordination because it involves footwork, head movement, and hands. You need to coordinate both your hands and feet in powerful movements while staying balanced. Boxing gives you a good foundation and keeps your body upright and stable. You attack, defend counter without losing your footing, and stay in your position which helps in maintaining balance.

It is a movement-intensive activity and involves coordinated movements. You use your muscle strength and apply movement strategies. By practicing these basic movements (footwork, jab, cross, hooks, stance) you can improve your skill effectively.

5) Build self-confidence

In addition to physical strength training, a boxing workout makes you feel powerful and gives you a fighting spirit that enables you to deal with any challenges in life. Boxing boosts your confidence, gives you mental clarity, and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Boxing instills a sense of achievement which builds self-esteem and confidence.

Mental skills that you learn in boxing can be effectively applied and used outside; finding your fighting style, understanding your opponents, using your learned defensive techniques. High intense boxing workouts help in burning fat which makes you feel good about yourself and you feel confident.

Beginners Guide – First Boxing Class

Here are a few things to know before your first fitness classes-

1) Clear mindset

Show up with a clear and positive mindset. Show up to have fun and engage your muscles in a great workout. Regardless of your skills, you will get to learn different techniques.

2) Consistency

Show up every day as you won’t master it in one day. Practice, be consistent, and work hard to get towards your fitness goals. Don’t give up, You got this!

3) No fancy equipment is required

In your first workout, all you need is two fists, motivation, determination, and not tons of equipment. Everyone starts with shadowboxing (no bag necessary). If you want to have equipment then all you need is comfortable clothing, a water bottle, gloves, hand wraps, etc.

4) Comfortable clothing

Wear athletic gear that allows you to move. For the upper body wear tank tops or something that gives your arm free movement. For your lower body, you can wear shorts, leggings anything that makes you feel comfortable, and a good pair of training shoes.

5) Don’t be afraid

Don’t be scared to suck, the most important thing is to have fun and work hard. Be ready, focused, and full of energy to give it all. If you’re having a bad day remove all your frustrations through boxing. You will feel sore but remember, the more you practice you master it and you will feel less sore once you learn how to move efficiently.

Beginners Boxing Workout

Beginners should always begin with a 5-minute warm-up which can include jumping rope, power walking, dancing, or jogging. You want to slightly elevate your heart rate and move your feet. A basic boxing workout includes a combination of punches and kicks at a quick pace. Firstly, you need to learn these moves and proper techniques before picking up speed and endurance.

Check out the above video for boxing tips and techniques.

Some of the basic boxing movements to learn-

  • Hooks
  • Crosses
  • Jabs
  • Uppercuts
  • Front, sidekicks

To Conclude

With our sedimentary lifestyle, we find it hard to look after our health. One of the oldest sports in the world, boxing is an incredible way to work out. It strengthens your entire body from head to toe. This includes both your cardiovascular system and muscular strength, beneficial for muscle building, core, weight loss, and overall cardiovascular conditioning. Previously the fitness industry believed that boxing was only for men, but it is best for anyone looking for a way to stay fit and take responsibility for themselves. There are various types of boxing gyms to choose from.

No matter which boxing program you choose, make sure you practice the movements slowly at first. Make sure to warm up properly for at least five minutes beforehand, and allow your body to rest after each boxing workout. Eat whole, healthy foods during well-timed meals and hydrate yourself to maximize your performance. Following a boxing training diet plan rich in nutrition is important even if you are just working out.

In conclusion, Boxing has its own disadvantages and risks that include brain damage, facial injuries, wrist injuries, etc. People face dizziness and confusion. The damages can be both physical and mental. However, if you are looking for a sport that will help you to improve your confidence, better health, and live your life fully, then boxing as a workout is a good choice as it is an all-around sport. Remember to always use safety gear to get the most out of the sport. Now, sweat it all, and all the best!

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