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How Effective is a 15-Minute Workout?

A 15-minute workout might sound like it will not make a difference to your lifestyle, but little is known about the ways it can make a huge impact on your health and lifestyle if done regularly.

Performing any physical exercise is a necessity. It helps you stay fit and contributes to the overall maintenance of the entire body’s well-being and health aspects like mental health, physical health, increases brainpower, helps in coordination, balance, and bodily movements.

Some of the effective workout ways are simple and can be considered to lead a healthy life. To begin with, you can follow a basic regimen and gradually increase the intensity of the workout.

Most of the prominent trainers in the fitness industry suggest that short-duration workouts are more effective than a longer one inconsistently. You can do various weight exercises to build stamina at the beginning.

We all are stuck in our daily jobs, but sparing 15 minutes in a day is not a great deal of time to invest but is an investment for long-term profit. So, no more excuses.

Let us see how to go about the rest of it.

A 15-Minute Workout Regime

1. Warm-ups

It is said that physical performance depends majorly on how you do your warm-ups. Warming your body is vital as it helps in proper muscle contraction and relaxation decreases the chances of getting an injury during working out, and lessens the frequency of spasms.

As we are talking about working out in minimal time but effectively, our schedule needs to be properly planned.

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Equipment required: None

What to do?

A. The starting position would be to stand with your feet hip-width apart. Wrap your wrists in a fist, bend your elbows and keep them in front of your shoulders.

Keep your left leg and right leg equally apart.

B. Now, the next move involves you sitting in a squat position, with your arms straight up and fingers spread, palms facing in. Press your heels and stand back in the A position.

Keep repeating this transition of A to B for 1 minute.


  • You can start with basic stretches or,
  • Start jumping at your place where you were standing on your heels for a good one minute.
  • Jump to the maximum height possible.

The main goal is to give the left side and right side proper warm-up to begin the exercises.

2. Squats

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  • Spread your legs and feet wider than shoulder-width, knees bent, feet flat, and toes slightly turned towards outside.
  • Your right foot and left foot will be equally apart.
  • Keep your back flat and core tight.
  • Squeeze your glutes, and then push hips and stand on your heels.
  • For arms, bend elbows and hold your hands together.
  • You can rest after the first round and then after the final round.

You can do as many reps as possible. After a month or so, you can start the jump and squat technique to increase the intensity.


  • Strengthens the knee joint
  • Burns fat and promotes weight loss
  • Strengthens the muscles in the legs, hips, calves, and hamstrings.
  • Increases flexibility in the lower body.
  • Helps all body forms.

3. Push up to shoulder tap

  • Get your body in a high plank position, in a straight line.
  • Hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders should be arranged directly above your wrists.
  • Bend your elbows and lower section of your body in a simultaneous motion.
  • Lift your left hand first and touch the other side (your right shoulder).
  • Then bring it back to the mat.
  • Then, lift your right hand and touch the other side (your left shoulder).
  • Repeat this exercise after every time you do push up.
  • Do not bend your knees and keep your legs extended as possible.
  • Both, left arm and right arm are strengthened by performing push-ups daily.
  • Using the opposite hand helps in coordination.

Do this for 1 minute.

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Zero equipment is required.

4. Lunges

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  • You can perform various lunges like a reverse lunge, stationary lunges, side lunges, twist lunges, and curtsy lunges.
  • Lunges help in weight loss,
  • Increase the balance and stability
  • Set the body in the right alignment
  • Strengthens the back and core.
  • Calculated movements of the left foot, left heel, left ankle, right foot, right heel, and right ankle must be applied.

A great workout must include one of the forms of lunges to increase an individual’s fitness level.

5. Weight lifting

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Lifting weights is another exercise that you can add to your quick workout routine. A pair of dumbbells can become your new best friend if you use them wisely.

  • In a standing position, hold the weights with a firm grip.
  • Bend your left elbow and bring it closer to your left shoulder.
  • Repeat the same to your right side.
  • It strengthens the upper body.
  • You can even lift weights with your knees slightly bent to equalize the pressure.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell and bring it back to the old position.

6. Plank

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  • Start position: Keep your left leg and right leg equally apart.
  • First, come in a high plank position.
  • Keep your hands in fist exactly proportionate with your left shoulder and right shoulder.
  • Bend your body slowly.
  • Try holding your position for 1 minute.
  • Take a rest after the first rep.
  • Again try holding for the next rep 45 sec, now.
  • Rest your body.
  • Keep your chest flat, and your knees should not be bent.
  • The hip, back, and core should be in a straight line.

7. Knee raise

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  • Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift your right knee first till your waist.
  • Bring it back to the floor.
  • Then immediately repeat the same by lifting your right knee to your waist.
  • Keep repeating with one foot at a time.
  • Keep your knee jump high.
  • Bend your knees properly while elevating.
  • This movement helps in increasing flexibility.
  • It also increases stamina.
  • Push your heels against the floor to jump while elevating the knee.
  • Keep your shoulders straight and firm while standing.

These exercises require minimal or no equipment at all. They are easy to perform and involve the foot, hips, chest, arms, both sides simultaneously, major muscle groups, and overall body movement.

Some other things to keep in mind to make your 15-minute workout effective.

Strenuous workouts can often lead to injuries like spasms, fractures, and muscle pulls; therefore, it is important to remember some basic instructions while working out.

  1. Have proper rest days.
  2. Keep your chest and hips as directed in each exercise.
  3. Rest between multiple rounds.
  4. Perform warm-ups and cooling down exercises before and after every workout.

You can follow circuit workouts, as they are considered an ideal choice in increasing endurance and stamina to perform more.

Exercise regularly, without fail. Keep pushing your limits but do not put a lot of pressure on yourself in the beginning. Get the hang of it for a week or two and then gradually increase the intensity.

You can watch videos online, subscribe to various groups where the trainers guide you with the workouts. Workouts for all body forms are designed.

There is a huge variety of workout plans available that include area-specific exercises. It is a myth that the longer duration you work out for, the better results are seen. Try to be consistent, as it is the key to your goals.

Set your goals wisely, and always write down your plan. Discuss it with a trainer and start with it. A workout alone can never help you achieve your aim, so you need a properly balanced diet and maximum protein portion.

Plan a balanced diet that includes the right amount of calories. It can give your 15-minute workout a definitive boost. Take measurements of all areas and keep track of the changes. A diet alone can help in increasing your performance while exercising.

Keep yourself hydrated always because the amount of water lost due to sweat needs to be compensated by more water consumption. Always eat healthily and avoid oily, fried, overcooked, fast food and foods with added sugars.

Replace your full juice with fresh-pressed juices and water coolers. Start consuming protein shakes if your protein intake is low.

And most importantly, do not begin any exercise without warming up; you can experience severe spasm pain and get injured badly. Always perform warming up and cooling down exercises.

Consult your doctor if you feel breathless after working out.

Fifteen minutes make a difference, and you will see the difference once you start the 15-minute workout routine. Taking the first step is always difficult, but once done, the next is always easier.

Even if you are not a fitness freak, you can begin with these 15 minute short workouts and then move on to a longer, strenuous workout.

This 15-minute workout routine is for your full body, and since it requires no equipment, it is best for those who work out at home.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on a 15-minute workout routine. Do tell us which is your favorite workout.

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