Figure 8 Workouts – Everything You Need to Know

If you hear Figure 8 workouts everywhere, then you are not alone. Figure 8 Workouts are becoming the new trend among all generations of women.

You can find almost every woman talking about it, who is crazy about it and wants to try it. Because of the benefits it offers, it is a very popular dance workout program.

If you want to lose weight quickly and want to gain pretty good benefits, then Figure 8 Workouts are what you need to know.

But if you are unaware of it, then don’t worry. Here we will discuss it in detail.

1. Who Started Figure 8 Workouts

Figure 8 Workouts are started by a famous Latin ballroom dancer, Janna Kunitz. She was the first one who started this new form of dance program.

Apart from being a ballroom dance professional, she is also a choreographer who makes workout videos.

In the year 2016, she started this new workout program, keeping in view women’s fitness.

As a popular Latin ballroom dancer, she is also an excellent choreographer who has a great name for creating home exercises and fitness routines.

In this fitness program, she has planned and set all the exercises and physical activities which aim at weight loss and building core muscles.

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Making her workout program extremely fit and aim-focused, she has also added a new fun and energy element. And by adding this, she has wined the ground.

Why, because there is a major problem with most of the workout programs that they are boring. And it is normal.

Humans always want new things in their lives, and they get easily bored with the same things. And so happens with workout programs.

They have limited and same physical activities, which after some time make the people bored of it.

They don’t have fun and make a person less energetic and lethargic. And here, figure 8 workouts have the edge over all the workout programs.

It is not boring and is packed with fun and energy, which always motivates people to try more. And a person never feels bored or less energetic during a workout.

2. What Is Figure 8 Workouts

As we have discussed, the workout program’s creator now turns to moving forward with detailed knowledge of the plan. In this section, we will see what the plan is and what it includes.

Figure 8 Workouts is a dance fitness program that a dancer and choreographer started in the year 2016. So it is not very old and relatively new to any other fitness program.

The dance workout program is full of fun and energy. The workout focuses on the fitness of women of all age groups. The workout is aimed at weight loss and core muscle builds in women.

Apart from being packed with energy and fun, it is also a very dynamic workout program. Why, because it has three different phases. These three phases are learning, burning, and sculpting.

Although the workout looks similar to other programs but is completely different from the, it is full of dynamic physical activities that are fun and energy-loaded.

It targets only the core muscles of the body and makes the tone. While working on the building up of the core muscles also helps in losing weight.

With this workout, you don’t have to look for separate training programs. With this, you can focus on both the core muscles and losing weight. It has some basic moves with some advanced moves.

You are offered a nutritional blueprint, fitness guide, belly fat report, success tracker, and video coaching in this workout program.

When you buy this workout program, these are all the things you would get. When you purchase the workout program, you have to agree to its terms and conditions.

The program includes 14 different video workout sessions and coaching services. All these sessions will help you strengthen your core muscles and movement.

The package of video workout sessions consists of DVDs, and each exercise will be of a duration of 30 minutes. These exercises are cardio exercises.

These cardio exercises aim at the core muscles, rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, back muscles, and transverse abdominus.

An intense physical workout program plan has diet-to-exercise plan lessons aiming at the core muscles and weight loss.

Figure 8 - The Fitness Marshall - Dance Workout

3. Benefits Of Figure 8 Workouts

The secret of the success of Figure 8 workouts lies in the benefits it offers to the users. It is very beneficial for the people who perform it regularly.

Besides being intensive, fun, and energy-packed, it is very beneficial for the whole body, not only for the core muscles and weight loss.

The benefits of this workout plan are as follows,

3.1. Helps in Weight Loss

One of the most important that one could get from this workout plan is that it helps in fast weight loss.

Because the diet plan and exercises that are planned in this workout plan are highly muscle-centric. These are such sorts of aerobic or cardiac exercises which aim at weight loss.

They target our core area and extra belly fat, which is the main reason for obesity. And obesity further leads to many other health problems such as cardiovascular problems, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many more we can count on the list.

When you regularly figure 8 workouts daily, your extra belly fat burns at a very high rate and quick weight loss.

3.2. Helps in Growing Core Muscles

One benefit people would have from this exercise plan is that one can grow very good and toned core muscles.

Toned core muscles are a dream for many, and they sweat out for hours in the gym to get toned core muscles.

But with this program, you don’t have to sweat out for hours. You only have to devote only half an hour.

And you would get a toned core at your home only, without using any complex machines in the gym. So figure 8 workouts are very helpful in getting beautiful core muscles.

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3.3. Improves Metabolism

This workout program helps in weight loss and developing strong core muscles, and improves our metabolism.

Metabolism is a collective name given to all the chemical processes that continuously go on in our body to keep us alive.

A good metabolism is very important for a healthy body. And with this exercise plan, you can improve a good metabolism for your body.

3.4. Improves Cardiac Health

The exercise plan includes all the important cardio exercises that are important for good cardiac health.

Improving our cardiac health prevents us from heart problems like heart attacks, blockage of arteries, strokes, and so many we can count on the list.

These benefits don’t bias anyone based on gender. Although the workout plan is made for women, men can also do this and get all the same benefits that women would get.

4. Side Effects

One drawback people can develop body pain. As this workout plan is very intensive, one of the common drawbacks is the body pain that one can feel.

But that would be a sign of successful attempts. And this body pain would go away after some time. However, if the pain persists or gets more severe, then you should consult a doctor.

Another drawback is that it is not for women having lower back pain and problems. This high-intensity exercise also targets the back muscles.

People with back problems should not try this without consulting some experts and should consult a doctor first.

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5. Where to Find Them?

Apart from this priced plan, you can also get it from other free platforms, which are

  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • I – Pad
  • DVD
  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Chromecast
  • Roku

The Figure 8 workouts fitness plan is also available on YouTube. You can also contact the founder of the fitness plan anytime, anywhere through the mail for queries regarding the Figure 8 program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is a Figure 8 Workout?

Figure 8 Workouts can last up to 50 minutes on average.

2. Is Figure 8 worth it?

Figure 8 does indeed work. You will definitely see results if you stick with the programme and these efficient, all-body exercises.


Here we have discussed one excellent workout plan, Figure 8 Workouts. This is such an amazing workout plan that helps us lose our extra weight quickly and develop strong and toned core muscles.

All women of any age group who don’t have back problems and want to lose weight can try this workout plan only after consulting an expert.

Please consult a doctor or a gym expert before starting any new workout plan to benefit us and become harmful to us.

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