15 Awesome Tips to Answer-‘Can You Lose Weight by Walking?’

‘Can you lose weight by walking?’

The answer is yes! Not only can you lose weight by walking, but you can also be happier, healthier, and overall a better version of yourself!

Everyone has weight loss on their agenda but hardly anyone can step out of this fear. But we are here to tell you to not let this fear come in the way of having a healthy lifestyle. Because we have a solution for you! You can lose that extra weight right off just by walking!

1. Can You Lose Weight by Walking?

Walking is a much simpler way to burn calories as opposed to an intense workout in the gym. Walking frequently not only helps you lose weight but also has many other health benefits. Most of us have desk jobs that keep us confined to our table which leads to weight gain, lethargy, and other health problems in the long run. Walking, hence, keeps us active, burns calories, and helps us to achieve a healthy lifestyle.1

Can You Lose Weight by Walking
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The simple act of going for walks will help you burn more calories and shed some of that stubborn body fat! The number of calories you burn and your answer to ‘Can you lose weight by walking’ will depend on how much distance you cover and your walking pace.

We recommend you practice brisk walking. Brisk walking or power walking is a kind of fast walking in which you have a higher walking speed than usual. It is a better way to burn more calories than regular walking! The higher your brisk pace, the more calories you will burn, and the faster you find out if can you lose weight by walking2!

Therefore, the answer to the question, can you lose weight by walking is that you surely can. However, there are a few tips you can incorporate that will help you in the long run.

2. What Your Walking Routine Should Look Like?

You need to figure out what will work best for you with the help of a professional and then go ahead with planning a walking routine for yourself3.

Can You Lose Weight by Walking
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2.1. Walk According to Your Weight

Your walking routine should depend on how much weight you want to lose. Combine it with a suitable diet. Cutting calories along with the physical activity of walking will help you reach your fitness goals faster than you can imagine. So not only can you lose weight by walking but it will also inspire you to live a healthier life.

2.2. How Much Walking?

For best results, you can walk up to 15,000 steps per day and walk for 20 minutes twice a day. If you are at work, you can go walking during your lunch break or during refreshments timeouts.

2.3. Remember to Have a Good Diet

Walking workouts when combined with a good diet can reduce belly fat and body weight quickly. You can also try walking uphill to intensify your walks.

2.4. Start At Your Own Pace

You must start slowly and then gradually increase the intensity of the walk after a few days. Make a little extra effort every day which will give you much better results in the long run.

3. Benefits of Walking

There are many benefits attached to walking o4ther than weight loss. Walking is beneficial for both your body and mind.

Let’s look at some of the other benefits you can achieve by adding a good walk to your daily routine.

3.1. Health Benefits

Walking has several health benefits. If you go for walks regularly every day for about one hour, it will have many other positive effects on your health other than weight control.

3.1.1. Decrease Bad cholesterol and Increase Good Cholesterol

Walking helps you decrease the LDL, also known as bad cholesterol in the body that is harmful to your cardiovascular system and can cause heart disease. It also manages your blood sugar levels as walks help increase the HDL or the good cholesterol that helps you protect your heart health and makes it stronger.

can you lose weight by walking
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3.1.2. Manages Blood Pressure

People suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure should also consider going on walks regularly as it helps you calm down, puts you in a better mood, and lowers your blood pressure!

3.1.3. Strengthens Joints

Going for walks regularly will also strengthen your joints protecting you from the evils of old age! It also has a positive impact on your immune system which helps you fight viruses and bacteria.

3.1.4. Tone Your Body

Walking every day even with moderate intensity will strengthen the muscles in your legs and make them toned. Since it helps you burn more body fat and calories, you will eventually have a better and fitter-looking body that will improve your self-esteem, make you happy, and eventually will have positive effects on overall health too.

3.1.5. Protects from Life-Threatening Diseases

Burning calories and losing fat will protect you from many severe life-threatening diseases as well. Reduced blood pressure also protects your heart from type 2 diabetes. It also has major positive effects on the quality of your life. So not only can you lose weight by walking, but you can also protect your heart.

3.2. Mental Health Benefits

Going for walks also has a positive impact on your mental health. When you go out in nature, endorphins, serotonin, and other chemicals get released which helps significantly improve your mood.

You will also meet a lot of people during your walking time and that will help you make some new friends! For people who have fewer friends or who suffer from social anxiety, this is a golden opportunity! You can also join a walking group and get to know more people in your neighborhood and community and connect with them.

Walking regularly also helps you think more creatively. This is because going out for walks in nature clears your mind allowing a better flow of ideas. Therefore, not only can you lose weight by walking but also it makes your mood better and your life easier in more than one way.

Walking will keep both your physical and mental health in check!

can you lose weight by walking
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4. How to Start Walking?

If you are someone who spends most of your time at home or at a desk job, going out for a walk every day could be a little exhausting. What you can do is start small. Try just going around the block for a half-hour at whichever time suits you best.

4.1. Be Comfortable

You don’t even need to do brisk walking, do it at a pace that is comfortable for you. You can switch to a brisk pace whenever you feel you are ready.

4.2. Small Improvements Daily

Even if a short walk leaves you tired, don’t worry because it will get easier the more you practice. Try to increase your time by 10 to 15 minutes every day. Small improvements every day will lead to bigger results in the long run. Remember the fact that not only can you lose weight by walking but you will also be taking care of your physical and mental well-being.

4.3. Choose the Good Time and Route

The best time to go for a walk is in the morning time as the fresh air, and the sounds of the birds will have a positive effect on your mood and mind. To make your walks interesting, you can change your routes frequently and go walking uphill! Uphill hikes at high walking speeds are as good as regular exercise. It will get your heart pumping and is always a fun thing to do with your loved ones!

can you lose weight by walking
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5. Some More Tips for Walking

5.1. Have a Cool Playlist with Songs That Will Hype You Up!

Having a good playlist will hype you up to push harder and go for long walks! Listening to upbeat music will also boost your mood and reduce your exhaustion. It is proven that music has a lot of positive effects on your mind and your mood. It will surely enhance your performance and will help you reach your body goal faster.

can you lose weight by walking
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5.2. Try Going for Walks in Shoes That Fit You the Best

Choosing the right shoes for your walks is extremely important. The best walking shoes are the ones with low heels, which are lightweight, and cushioned. Don’t forget to walk around in the shoes you want to use for walking. If you have the right shoes, you will automatically be motivated to not miss your walks!

5.3. Listen to an Audiobook or a Podcast

You can also find audiobooks and podcasts to make your walks interesting. When you listen to something intriguing, you might not even notice how far you have come or how tired you are!

This will also help you improve your walking time and get you closer to your goal. There are also walking book clubs where you have to listen to books while walking or running and then discuss them online. Give those a try too!

5.4. Try New Routes Once in a While

It’s good to have a fixed route as it may save you the trouble of figuring out a new route. However, trying new routes every once in a while will make you enjoy your walks more! It will also give you the change and adventure that you might be craving in the same old boring route.

can you lose weight by walking
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Try going to a new neighborhood or popular places near your house. You can also go to a beach if you have one in your city! As long as you are safe, it’s worth the try!

5.5. Join Walking Groups or Get Your Friends to Walk With You

Going on walks with friends or a walking group will certainly ensure a more fun walk than going on solo walks. You will see a difference instantly! If you are someone with fewer friends, walking groups might just be the best thing for you.

You will not only make new friends but they also will motivate you to improve. You might even lose track of time enhance your performance and reach closer to your goal easily.

5.6. Have a Pre-Walking Snack

Do not forget to have a healthy snack before your walk. You can have fruits, smoothies, or anything you like. It should be light, healthy, and taken an hour before your walk.

According to specialists, if you skip your pre-workout meal, you run a chance of muscle breakdown 5and low blood sugar. This is especially recommended if you are planning to go on long walks.

can you lose weight by walking
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Having a good pre-workout meal will stimulate muscle protein synthesis, improve muscle recovery, and enhance performance during your physical activity.

5.7. Keep a Journal

You can use a journal to record your everyday walks as a reminder of how long you have been consistent with your walks. This will help you appreciate your progress and will make you want to improve more. It will also bring a sense of accountability. Title it with ‘Can you lose weight by walking?’ and then write your progress!

5.8. Get a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and many apps available on both IOS and Android will help you track your performance, overall health, and fitness. They can sync with your phone and will also help bring a sense of accountability.

Can You Lose Weight by Walking
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You can see your performances and your improvements per week and access it. Some trackers also have the feature of tracking your sleep, your heart rate, and your oxygen level and thus help you keep track of your overall fitness.

5.9. Set Reminders for Your Walks

If you are someone who easily forgets things or procrastinates, setting reminders would be the best option for you. They will remind you of your walks and you won’t miss any! Being consistent is certainly the key to success and having a reminder every day will help achieve just that.

Choose any time of the day you want to go for a walk and put it on your phone now! We recommend early mornings for a fresh start to the day.

5.10. Bring a Pet with You!

can you lose weight by walking
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As you probably already know, pets make everything better. You can hence use your walks to spend some more time with your furry friends. They will certainly appreciate it too. You will have a walking buddy that you already love!

So taking your house pet on a walk can help provide the motivation you are looking for. It will also make you consistent with the walks.

5.11. Try Brisk Walking

As mentioned earlier, brisk walking is the perfect style of walking if you are trying to burn calories faster. Brisk walking is proven to have significant health benefits for people. Try to maintain a posture while brisk walking. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed and maintain a long, straight back. You can also gradually start including hills into your walking routes.

5.12. Ditch the Treadmill and Go for a Walk Outside

Walking outside is better than walking on a treadmill in several ways. Walking outside will work more effectively as you will have to push your body on your own to move unlike on a treadmill.

Different and difficult terrains will strengthen your muscles way faster than a treadmill will! Walking outside will also have a positive effect on your mood as going out in nature has proven mental health benefits too.

can you lose weight by walking
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5.13. Walk Uphill

Aside from brisk walking and walking outside, you can also try walking uphill. Walking uphill will be challenging at first but it will boost the performance of your heart and your heart rate.

This will help in burning calories faster than normal walking. It will also strengthen your leg muscles faster. In fact, walking uphill regularly will increase your overall stamina, and is good for your body, heart, and mind!

5.14. Hydrate Yourself!

Hydration is extremely important not just while walking but also all day long. As you indulge in physical activities or even the regular activity of your day, it is essential to maintain the water balance of your body.

Can You Lose Weight by Walking
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A dehydrated body is weak and will make you less likely to enjoy your walks. Not only can you lose weight by walking and by constantly hydrating yourself, but it will also make you more consistent.

6. An End Note

As you frequently follow all the tips in the article, you will eventually make going on a walk a part of your day and eventually a part of your life. Keep pushing yourself until going for a walk comes naturally to you.

As you remain consistent, you won’t even realize when this will happen and you’ll know the answer to the question, can you lose weight by walking? Once you have made it a part of your life, you will reach your fitness goal in no time!

Thus, the answer to the question “Can you lose weight by walking?” is yes, you absolutely can.

As mentioned before just be consistent, push harder every single day, follow a suitable diet plan, and bask in the magic that the routine provides. You will become a better, fitter, happier, and even more social version of yourself very soon!

7. Frequently Asked Questions

7.1. How much should I walk a day to lose weight?

For best results, you can walk up to 15,000 steps per day and walk for 20 minutes twice a day.

7.2. How many calories to lose for 1 kg weight loss?

7500-8000 calories are lost for every 1 kg of weight loss.

7.3. How much should I eat before the morning walk?

You should avoid heavy meals but eat fruits or food that provide you with energy, for example- a banana or an apple. In conclusion, avoid an empty stomach and keep yourself hydrated during the walk.

7.4. Can people walk with arthritis?

Yes! Walking is a great exercise for people with arthritis as it helps them with joint flexibility. However, if people are experiencing pain during walking then try doing it less and seek professional help for the same.

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