How to Increase Serotonin Naturally in 3 Easy Steps?


How to increase serotonin naturally is being researched in the medical world to substitute serotonin-based chemical drugs. Depression, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, and OCD are the new normal psychological ailments. Their treatment requires counselling and drug dosage.  Chemical drugs have their own side-effects. It has become necessary to know how to increase serotonin naturally.


Serotonin: The Happy Chemical! 

serotonin in brain

 Serotonin regions present in the brain.

Serotonin is a chemical produced in our body by our nerve cells. It acts as a mood stabilizer. Found in human beings and other organisms, it is distributed across various tissues like platelets, intestines, and our nervous system. 

Serotonin — the happy chemical, improves our mood. It decreases stress and helps us to relax. 

It has been constantly researched for its integral role in morphogenesis, liver regeneration, bone biology, blood pressure, and other development issues. 

It naturally controls our mood. When the serotonin level is normal, we are happy, more focused, emotionally stable, and calmer. In a nutshell, it is responsible for emotional stability.

However, it has several physiological benefits. It heals our wounds and responsible for blood clotting.

The Balance

Serotonin is a chemical messenger between many living cells. Known as a neurotransmitter, it acts on blood vessels and pain control paths in the brain.

The low level of Serotonin causes several emotional and behavioural disorders. Its deficiency can cause several psychological disorders, including depression.  Serotonin level impacts our sexual health. Its low level leads to increased libido, and the high level leads to decreased libido.

Hence it becomes essential to conserve an adequate amount of serotonin in our body. In medical cases, antidepressant drugs are prescribed by medical practitioners. Long-term intake may lead to nervousness, dizziness, and sex-related diseases.

There must be a distinction between how to increase serotonin naturally and how to not.


3 Easy Steps to How to Increase Serotonin Naturally!

How to increase serotonin naturally in our body is a genuine question.  And the answer is equally natural. Eat, Pray, Love, a 2006 memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert narrates the journey of a woman, visiting three nations, in search of completeness. A little twist to the title, Eat, Exercise, and Meditation gives us the solution to how to increase serotonin naturally!


1. Eat

How to increase seroton naturally

Our quest for how to increase serotonin naturally starts with food.

Food is a natural medium to get essential nutrients and minerals. Researchers have found many food articles directly linked to serotonin.

The amino acid called tryptophan is responsible for the creation of serotonin in our body. There is still hope for patients who have insufficient serotonin levels. They can include food articles, like salmon, eggs, tofu, dairy products, nuts and seeds, and others to their diet.

Salmon contains amino acid tryptophan which increases serotonin level. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids good for the skin and brain.

Eggs are a superb source of protein. Boiled and poached eggs are the healthiest.

Nuts and seeds are a substantial source of amino acid tryptophan. Vegans can eat them as a substitute for salmon.

Milk and cheese are a wonderful source of tryptophan. They have an additional benefit for healthy teeth and bones because of their calcium enrichment.

Tofu is made of soy that contains high tryptophan. Pineapple is also a tryptophan enriched fruit.

Hence, a balanced diet-plan with essential tryptophan content can substitute serotonin drugs. Interestingly, all the food articles mentioned above are part of our daily diet. We can easily improve the level of serotonin with a slight improvement in our dietary habits.

In an article reviewed by Debra Rose, P. Hd, MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, in Healthline, natural herbs and sources important for mental health are discussed in detail. The work answers, how to increase serotonin naturally?

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2. Exercise


Simple exercises help in serotonin level balance. There is no requirement to visit a gym or take part in a marathon to do this. Simple aerobic exercises will benefit you a lot.

Exercising helps to boost tryptophan which decreases the number of other amino acids to maintain the serotonin level. Dancing is a good vocation to improve its level. Any physical exercise that involves whole-body coordination can be performed.

Swimming, jogging, bicycling, brisk walking, skating, and other light exercises are beneficial.


3. Meditation


Meditation is the next medication. Researches have shown meditation improves the level of serotonin in our body. Meditation increases an acid called 5-HIAA in the brain that is related to serotonin level.

Psychologists now use Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as an anti-depressant technique. It has gained popularity and recognition by medical experts.

Yoga, What is Power Yoga? Fun Facts an ancient meditation practice is also helpful in increasing serotonin levels. It helps to calm our nerves, reducing stress. The flexibility of yoga makes it popular among all age groups. There are several asanas to improve the serotonin level in our body.


The answer to how to increase serotonin naturally hides in a simple modification of our diet and lifestyle. Serotonin enriched food, proper exercise, and meditation are some natural processes that can be done by anyone without any extra effort.


Serotonin level is also related to weather. It increases during summer and decreases in winter. It is advised to spend at least 15 minutes in the sunshine. During winter, people with anxiety and depression should spend time always in a bright light environment.

How to increase serotonin naturally is a simple effort, as simple as listening to a meditation tune. Anything that reduces stress helps increase serotonin. Keeping a jolly mood with an active and conscious lifestyle reduces stress. It can’t be tiresome to spare time for yoga, brisk walking, and eating pineapple. We can do it easily with our daily work.

We understand that serotonin is a natural chemical, and its level should be maintained through natural resources. A healthy lifestyle with smart diet answers how to increase serotonin naturally. We must follow the 3 easy steps to follow, how to increase serotonin naturally!

Note: There are even some side effects of a high-serotonin level. Fever, seizures, muscle rigidity, and diarrhea are some side effects of its high level. So, it is preferred to consult a dietician before using serotonin enriched food.


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