What Causes Small Blood Clots In Urine: 11 Common Signs You Should Not Ignore

What causes small blood clots in urine
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Are you bleeding while urinating? Do you know what causes small blood clots in urine? In this article, we will learn about a common physical problem often faced by many: small blood clots in urine flow. Though the topic suggests all about this article, let’s dig in to know what causes small blood clots in urine?

Women who had attained periods might be seeing blood while urinating. Still, women must not confuse periods with hematuria as the period is a natural phenomenon, whereas hematuria is a disease that needs to be treated as early as possible.

Blood clots in urine

There can be multiple reasons what causes small blood clots in urine; it can be Urinary tract infections, microscopic hematuria to gross hematuria, kidney infections, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, etc.

What causes small blood clots in urine
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This blood in the urine can come out in many possible ways like bleeding before urinating, bleeding after urinating, or small blood clots in the urine flow; these bleeding urine can also have multiple symptoms like abdomen pain, pain in the bladder, irritation in the urinary tract along with burning sensation or just burning sensation.

Therefore the pain and the symptoms may vary from person to person; depending upon the disease, the blood clot colour may also vary from person to person from brown-red to light pink.

If the blood is visible in the urine, it is known as gross hematuria. If it is only visible under a microscope or so, then it is called known microscopic hematuria.

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss what causes small blood clots in urine in detail, but before we go further if one is facing this blood clot problem in their urine, they should consult a physician immediately.

What is Hematuria? Is Hematuria what causes small blood clots in urine?

Hematuria is nothing but blood in the urine, or the bloody urine is known as Hematuria. As mentioned earlier, hematuria can be further divided into two parts I) gross hematuria and II) microscopic hematuria.

The blood visible in the urine through the naked eye is gross hematuria, and the other one that needs a microscopic test to see the blood in the urine tests is microscopic hematuria.

Now moving on to the next question: Is Hematuria what causes small blood clots in urine? Well, no, Hematuria is the urine that consists of blood; it is not a disease but a symptom.

Hematuria can rather caused by many other diseases whose symptoms are hematuria; there are many diseases like urinary tract infection, kidney diseases, kidney stones, etc., which cause blood in the urine and other symptoms.

What causes small blood clots in urine
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[DISCLAIMER:- Hematuria can often be analogous to severe pain, either in the internal lining of the urethra or it may be the urinary tract, bladder, pain in groins in men and labia in women, or it can be pain in the pubic region, one should not ignore such symptoms rather one should consult a doctor immediately and seek further tests and medication.]

What causes small blood clots in urine?

There are many reasons and diseases what causes small blood clots in urine; the reason can be as follows:-

Kidney diseases, prostate cancer, kidney stones, digestive diseases, kidney infection, sickle cell anemia, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer, and many more; here in this section, we will discuss in detail about this.

This blood in your urine might look like worms in urine flow for some, some might bleed before urination, and some people can also bleed at the end of urination.

Urinary tract infection / UTI

What is UTI? Generally known as UTI, it is the short form of Urinary tract infection; this urinary tract infection can be a prominent reason for the blood in your urine.

A UTI occurs when one is having bacterial infection in the urinary bladder; these bacteria enter the body through the urethra (which is the exit point of our urine from the body) and create colonies by growing into the urinary bladder.

Symptoms include a perpetual impulse to pee or frequent urination; However, you might not pee even after trying; there is a pain and burning sensation while urinating and a very pungent or strong smell in the urine. Now let’s move on to the next part of what causes small blood clots in urine.

[Note:- if untreated for a long period, Urinary tract infection can lead to kidney diseases such as Pyelonephritis, which is discussed in detail further.]

Pyelonephritis (Kidney infections)

Pyelonephritis might be what causes small blood clots in urine; this kidney infection is when the bacteria residing in the lower urinary tract moves to the kidney or the kidney gets infected with the bacteria through blood, this disease is similar to urinary tract infections symptoms along with flank pain and fever.

[These diseases are serious, and one should not take them lightly but consult a physician as soon as possible.]

A kidney or bladder stone

A kidney stone is also one of the common causes of small blood clots in urine; if you see blood in your urine without much pain, you might also have kidney stones.

The minerals in our body are all filtered by the kidney; sometimes, these minerals concentrate in one place in the kidney or the bladder in crystal forms and give rise to kidney disease, namely kidney stones.

These stones are not painful unless they are stuck in the passing canal or create an obstacle or blockage for the other fluids to pass through; these can often lead to severe pain accompanied by either or both of the hematuria.

These diseases mentioned above are the top three reasons found in the human body what causes small blood clots in urine now moving further; here are also the other reasons found in the human body what causes small blood clots in urine.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is also one of the components what causes small blood clots in the urine; kidney disorder is not only limited to strep infections or stones. Rather, it can be Vasculitis (diseases of the blood vessels).

What causes small blood clots in urine
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Kidney inflammatory diseases like glomerulonephritis and other immunity disorders or immune system problem in the kidney can cause blood in your urine; now, let’s move on to the next part of what causes small blood clots in urine.

Enlarged prostate gland

This generally happens in men, especially those who have attained middle age; in these cases, their prostate gland often gets enlarged; the prostate gland is situated just below the bladder covering up the urethra.

This enlarged prostate then blocks the urine flow up to a certain limit by creating an obstacle. This enlarged prostate problem then causes passing blood clots in the urine. Now this urine blood in the urine might be visible or can be microscopic blood in the urine.

Inherited Disorders

Inherited disorders or genetic disorders such as Sickle cell anemia, a disease related to red blood cells, can also be a prominent cause of what causes small blood clots in urine.

This is a hereditary/genetic disorder carried through genes; this disorder mainly affects the red blood cells. However, this red blood cell disorder is very rare.

This medical condition can cause red-coloured urine and abdominal pain, so if you suspect this medical condition, you must look at your family history or medical history of the family to determine.

The red blood cell easily loses their shape and takes the sickle form; the RBC here dies quickly and creates a deficiency of red blood cells in the body.

Other medical conditions besides sickle cell anemia, namely Alport syndrome, cause blood in the urine.

Fun fact

People used to think that this disease is X-linked; therefore, these red blood cell disorders mainly affect men, whereas if women are affected or have these disorders in their genes, they will be just the carriers of the disorder, but this is a myth.]


Blood in the urine can be caused by bladder cancer or kidney cancer or may be due to prostate cancer; in these cases, cancer has already developed to a critical level, and sometimes it is barely treatable.

what causes small blood clots in urine
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Kidney Injury

Kidney injury may cause visible urinary bleeding, such as an injury that happened because of an accident, while playing any sport, or some other symptoms.


Certain medications can also cause blood in the urine; for example, if someone is consuming the anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide or using prescribed antibiotics such as penicillin or blood thinners, etc., these can cause blood in the urine. Though always, these things may not be an obvious reason.

What causes small blood clots in urine
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Strenuous exercise

Those who work out or do an intense or heavy workout like swimming, cycling, racing, etc., are often prone to this urinary bleeding these urinary bleeding was mostly seen in runners.

These urinary bleeding may be related to bladder trauma, dehydration, or the breakdown of red blood cells. These might cause urinary bleeding, but it is very rare.

Just because one exercises daily and is having urinary bleeding, they won’t go to the doctor is not an option; in such cases, one should go to the doctor immediately.


Though it is very common that if one is having or suffering from dehydration can have this urinary bleeding problem, these generally happen when one person stops taking an adequate amount of water for a long time.

In these cases, there is a constant urge if pee, which bleeds at the end of the urine flow and severely hurts the urethra, the extreme exit point of urine.

Coping up with these is easy and treatable at home; having a lot of water constantly throughout the whole day till you stop bleeding is one way.

Another home remedy is to drink coconut water, whether fresh coconut water or chilled coconut water, as coconut water is cool and will help to calm the body heat but also has a lot of benefits especially aids in hydration, which also helps in preventing kidney stone.

Another remedy is drinking chilled water mixed with rock sugar; drinking these chilled drinks will aid in hemoglobin production, which will help in coping with the blood deficiency and also has a soothing effect on the body.

Though it may not always be dehydration that causes urinary bleeding, it is better to see a doctor.

Is a small blood clot in urine curable?

Here we are almost at the last stage of these articles, namely what causes small blood clots in urine; in most cases, if one is having abdominal pain accompanied by blood in the urine or urine hematuria, one must consult a physician or should opt for a physical examination.

Any disease in an earlier stage is treatable, and so is these disease. If treated earlier, this urine hematuria is curable. Some physical examination, blood tests, and examination of the patient’s urine sample are necessary.

What causes small blood clots in urine
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In certain cases, if it indicates some kidney disease, one must opt for a kidney biopsy and a urine test suggested by the doctor.

Biopsy of any body part is the test of the said body cells to determine whether the cell of that body part consists or carries cancerous cells.

In a Nutshell

So here we are at the last part of our article on what causes small blood clots in urine. To sum up or conclude all of the above in a nutshell, we will suggest that if someone notices blood and is having difficulty urinating accompanied by abdominal pain, is suffering from hematuria.

What causes small blood clots in urine
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This hematuria is treatable if treated on time. To examine such diseases, MRI, which is magnetic resonance imaging, or biopsy, urine test, blood test, etc., are available to detect the exact problem and to treat such diseases.

One must visit the doctor as soon as possible to clear all the chaos and seek the right treatment.

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