DIY Teeth Whitening: Top 3 Amazing Things To Know

DIY teeth whithening

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Whether it is the beauty of the body or that of the teeth, every part of our body should be neat and clean, and DIY teeth whitening is such an important thing to ensure the beauty of our teeth. When we talk about a person’s beauty, their smile alone can add natural beauty to their personality.

And that smile can fade away if one has yellow teeth. So white teeth are important for a beautiful smile, and a smile is important for a soul’s beauty. So indirectly, white teeth are important for the beauty of any person.

And here, we discuss DIY teeth whitening, which can make your teeth more white and beautiful so that your smile can be more photogenic.

DIY Teeth Whitening: Top 3 Amazing Facts


DIY Teeth Whitening


1. Why DIY Teeth Whitening Is Important To Know

Teeth are important for the personality of a person. Healthy teeth are not only good for oral health and hygiene but also good for a beautiful smile. We can eat our food because we have teeth which help us in chewing food.

White teeth, healthy and beautiful smile are essential ingredients of a confident personality. When we have white and healthy teeth, we feel good and smile more naturally, and feel confident.

White and healthy teeth are also important for good oral health. They prevent our teeth from bacterial infections. I am sure that we all have felt the pain of the toothache in our life and know very well how painful it is to suffer from toothache.

According to researches, teeth treatment is expensive, and most of the world’s population spends a huge sum of money on teeth treatment and oral hygiene products.

So, we can see how important it is to have white and healthy teeth.

But it is a bitter truth that most of us have unhealthy, yellow, or stained teeth.

And if one has yellow and unhealthy teeth, then one way of making them white and healthy is the doctoral treatment. And that is not only expensive, sometimes painful, but also expensive.

There are several reasons why DIY teeth whitening is important to know. To make our teeth white and healthy, we have to know about DIY teeth whitening remedies that prevent toothaches without spending money extravagantly.


2. Common Reasons For Yellow Teeth.

There are many reasons which cause yellow teeth. Some of the most common reasons for yellow teeth are as follows.

1. Unhealthy Eating

The foremost reason for yellow teeth is unhealthy eating and diet. This includes the consumption of coffee, soda, red wine, and food with tannin. These food items directly affect the outermost part of the teeth called the tooth enamel, making teeth yellow and stained and resulting in tooth decay.

2. Smoking

Another common reason for yellow and stained teeth is smoking. Smoking is such an unhealthy practice that affects our lungs and teeth and makes them yellow and stained.

Certain types of diseases make our teeth stained and yellow. There many other reasons like carelessness towards our oral hygiene also contribute to the yellow and stained teeth.

These are some common reasons which make our teeth unhealthy, yellow, and stained.


DIY Teeth Whitening3. Best DIY Teeth Whitening.

As we have discussed the common reasons for the yellow and stained teeth. Now, let us look at some of the best DIY tooth whitenings. These DIY teeth whitening help make our teeth white and healthy.

These are generally the home remedies that anyone can do even with the simple ingredients at their home only.

These are so easy to follow and yet very cost-effective and save our money from getting wasted on the clinical treatments we have to undergo to make our teeth white and healthy.

These home remedies or DIY teeth whitening whiten teeth and help promote good oral health and remove the stain.

1. Practicing Oil Pulling Daily

Oil pulling is a process for making the teeth white and healthy; we have to swish the oil around in our mouth.

By this, we can kill bacteria in our mouth, which makes our teeth yellow and stained. Although we can use any oil for the oil pulling, coconut oil is the best choice for oral health.

For better results, we can do this process daily.


DIY Teeth Whitening


2. Using Baking Soda While Brushing

When your teeth are yellow and stained, brushing two times a day is not sufficient. You have to take the help of something else. While there are many teeth whitening toothpaste out there that have whitening agents, baking soda has natural bleaching properties, which make our teeth white naturally.

For better results, one should make a paste of baking soda and water brush teeth two times a day.

3. Some Other DIY Teeth Whitening Methods For You

  • Hydrogen peroxide. When it comes to making our teeth naturally, hydrogen peroxide has an important place in the list of DIY teeth whitening, as a natural bleaching agent, which has the ability to kill bacteria and whiten the teeth.
  • Healthy eating. If unhealthy eating causes yellow and stained teeth, healthy eating can make our teeth white and healthy.
  • We can include fruits like strawberries, pineapple, and citrus fruits like lemon, orange, which makes our teeth fresh and white and gives clearing our teeth from their roots in healthy eating.
  • Using apple cider vinegar. It is such a thing that it has many health benefits. And one of them is teeth whitening. Using apple cider vinegar can be useful in making our teeth and removes the stain on our teeth.
  • Home remedies for tooth pain –  Best scrub for teeth. and some teeth whitening kits might also help you to fix your yellow and stained teeth.

Although these are some of the best DIY teeth whitenings, our focus should be on the proper brushing, which prevents us from tooth decay and yellow and stained teeth. Also, there are many whitening gels out there, but they expensive and have many side effects on your health.

While taking care of our teeth is almost free of cost and easy, cure of yellow and stained is difficult and expensive. So, at last, we can say that DIY teeth whitening helps make our teeth white and healthy.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can avoid our daily oral health care routine and a proper routine. As prevention is better than cure, so instead of making the situation worse for our teeth, we should do proper brushing and practice these DIY teeth whitening properly and on time for better results and healthy and white teeth.








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