The Ultimate Guide to Effective Figure 8 Workout

Figure 8 is a Latin dancing exercise 1program consisting of simple core-conditioning moves, which help build core strength, increase flexibility, and help lose weight. In this article, we will discuss all the Figure 8 workouts in detail.

All About Figure 8 Workout: Check It Here In Detail!

Many of us in this world are cautious about staying fit and healthy. For this, we apply various workouts every day and develop our immune system gradually. Being healthy is necessary in today’s fast-moving world, especially to efficiently perform all the work of your daily life.

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This Figure 8 workout<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> has gained huge popularity in recent times. Various people give an honest review regarding this Figure 8 program that has given them benefits in staying fit and healthy2. This exercise helps to burn belly fat as well. It primarily works on your core muscles, making them strong, and helps you to function efficiently.

Let’s now gain an idea regarding what this figure 8 workout is.

What is Figure 8 Workout?

Figure 8 workout is primarily considered a Latin dance or dancing exercise program that combines basic dance and exercise moves. There are three distinct phases of this workout, which include learning, burning, and sculpting. It works by targeting your core and strengthening your core cardio. It helps in losing weight and increases your body flexibility to a great extent.

This scheme includes internal oblique crunches and is full of energy and fun. This workout is mainly for women, but men can also implement these exercises to have favorable benefits. You will surely love this program once you start and get habituated to it.

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One great thing that makes a Figure 8 workout different from other exercises is that you don’t have to focus on any specific area of your body you want to develop.

Especially in core muscles, you can enjoy your moves freely, without setting any focus, as this scheme will automatically work on your core muscles, and you will experience the benefits soon. The coaching for the Figure 8 exercise is mainly executed via online videos or classes.

History Of Figure 8 Fitness Workout

Jaana Kunitz was the one to start this workout program of Figure 8 Fitness. She is famous for her Latin ballroom dance and is a famous choreographer of home exercises as well. She has created various fitness routines, which can be executed at home easily.

She is tremendously focused on staying fit and has helped those who desired to do so while staying at home. Figure 8 Fitness is fun to execute because of her the way she has framed those exercises with full of energy and joy.

Figure 8 Fitness Working Procedure & Routine

You can discover the Figure 8 fitness package with DVDs, helping you learn different cardio exercises’ moves. It includes 3D exercises too. Each one of them spans 30 minutes, and every single of them uniquely forms your external and internal abdominal parts and back muscles. You can consider it an aerobic dance exercise helping middle-aged women stay fit and gain power and stamina3.

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The Figure 8 fitness routine includes 14 distinct coaching videos of this workout program. Apply them daily, and gain strength in your moves and muscles gradually. These fun exercises will also help you keep away from boredom, and it might seem a bit hard to execute at first, but it will be joyful work to do when you apply it consistently.

The package includes a journal regarding the Figure 8 fitness program, a fitness guide, a tracker, and a nutritional blueprint.

  • 14 Coaching Videos of Workout Sessions

In the video coaching exercises sessions, you will explore the complete figure 8 workout training system that engages your body movements to tighten your muscles around the core4. It bears less complexity and a carefully framed body-sculpting scheme that gives you the experience of pain-free workouts or going or the gym.

  • The Fitness Guide

This fitness guide consists of instructions on how you will start your workout program and apply this to gain the best results. You can also see warm-ups, cool-downs, and the other modifications that you need to execute to achieve your fitness goals.

  • The Workout Journal & The Success Tracker

A success tracker is always there in the Figure 8 workout package, which assists you in keeping track of your fitness progress in a week. Besides, a journal regarding this is also there for every workout video, which helps to avoid sidetracking, and aids you to set your focusing on your goal.

  • Nutritional Blueprint

The nutritional blueprint is given, which is comprehensive, and increases your metabolism effectiveness via your proper nutrition and diet.

Three phases of this Figure 8 workout program.

Phase 1: Learning

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In phase 1 of the Figure 8 program, you will discover three vital core exercises. These three essential core workouts are considered the foundation of the whole Figure 8 scheme. You will learn to activate all your core muscles accurately, along with your front and hard-to-reach deep abs in this phase. It will work on your oblique and lower back areas too.

You will explore how to execute fluid motion patterns with the assistance of your hips, which increases spine flexibility and the development of body shape. Besides, you will also be guided perfectly regarding which moves can be dangerous and avoid them.

Phase 2: Burning

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In the second phase of the Figure 8 workout program, you will perform simple but very effective core-cardio moves in the burning phase. These movements are repeated multiple times, and a variation is maintained of exhilarating rhythms and tempos.

Your core muscles, rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, back portion, and transverse abdominis will be targeted here.

Each program in this scheme consists of a segment called “metabolic accelerator”. They are regarded as powerful exercises, carried out for 30 seconds. It is more or less similar to executing a 100 yards sprint with your abs. These workouts boost your post-workout metabolism to a great extent.

Phase 3: Sculpting

The third and final phase of the Figure 8 workout program is sculpting. After the core and back muscles are focused on the first two phases, the other muscles of the body are now given preference.

In the video coaching, you will find that your arms and back shoulders are targeted, along with your legs and glutes. The best thing here is that there is no use for dumbbells, so don’t be afraid of getting bulky.

This sculpting of your body is extremely beneficial, as it will work on multiple muscles simultaneously but in different directions. Perform this correctly, and you will gain the figure 8 physique soon.

Is The Figure 8 Workout Program Accessible on Youtube?

The answer is yes. You can easily access the Figure 8 workout program on YouTube. It has more than thirty-one thousand subscribers and is entirely free.

Welcome to Figure 8: The Basics to Achieve Your Ideal Figure | Body FX

Side Effects of Figure 8 Fitness Program

The Figure 8 exercises are applied by a variety of women, irrespective of age. There is no such side effect of this health-related program. Every customer who carries out this scheme gives wonderful feedback in return. You will be able to tone your body perfectly.

However, there are still some precautions that should be kept in mind. Individuals having back problems, or having severe back pain frequently, should not attempt this program. These exercises have a special focus on working on your core and back muscles and are quite intense. Hence be aware of it as a precaution, as injuries may take place.

Benefits of Figure 8 Workouts

1. Can Be Done from Home

One of the greatest advantages of the Figure 8 fitness program is that it can be done from home. It is accessible from any electronic device and reduces your expenditure from going outside or going to the gym.

 2. Helps to Build Core Muscles & Loses Fat Easily

Figure 8 Fitness strengthens our core to a great extent and helps us to lose weight with ease. If you learn the moves and execute them correctly, you will be able to reap benefits fast. Figure 8 Fitness program will make you learn all the moves, which will help you maintain your physique and make you free from health-related problems.

3. Equipment Free

One of the great benefits of Figure 8 fitness is, it is equipment-free. You don’t have to add any extra effort to focus on any specific equipment, and besides, it also saves you money.

4. Improves Body Flexibility & Reduces Body Pain

Regularly practicing the Figure 8 workout program greatly increases your body flexibility, helping you become more efficient in your daily life. Besides, performing Figure 8 workouts accurately decreases the chances of back pain as well.

5. Maintains Your Cardiovascular Health & Improves Metabolism

Figure 8 workout keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and also helps in the better functioning of blood circulation. This fitness program improves your metabolism and keeps you energetic all day long.

Probable Outcome of The Figure 8 Program

The consequences of the Figure 8 fitness program count on the way you apply it. It is mainly based on the effort you give and the diet you maintain. If you apply it accurately and maintain all its guidelines, there are chances for you to get the best results in a short period. One can see the results within the first week of this program itself.

Therefore, the Figure 8 workout program will perfectly tone your body and help you lose weight if applied properly. But remember, the consequences also depend on the effort you are putting in.

Can Men Apply Figure 8 Fitness?

Men can also obtain benefits from Figure 8 fitness. There is no such distinction when it comes to exercise. Exercises bear various movements, which can be applied irrespective of gender, and all can get benefits. It is highly beneficial to all, and many men have obtained benefits by implementing this Figure 8 program.

Cost of The Figure 8 Fitness Program

The Figure 8 workout program is available at a reasonable price on various platforms, starting at just Rs. 47$. Mentionable are Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PC, DVD, Chromecast, and Roku.

From the above-mentioned options, DVDs cost an extra 9.95 dollars. You can look for another app, i.e., Body Fx, where you can access all the exercises for free. This entire fitness system of Body fx consists of a triple guarantee, valid for 60 days.

Another great feature of Figure 8 Fitness is that it bears a cash-back guarantee. You can also reach out to the founder via email anytime. Once you purchase the Figure 8 workout program, you can access the quick Express program that offers a 10-minute workout program every day.

Experience of Customers

Numerous customers have found the Figure 8 fitness workout program very useful. However, some individuals are still there who were unable to figure out what it is.

To them, who figured it out and enjoyed it utmost have described how it encourages them to stay fully fit and fine, by performing these fun exercises. It is the most joyful way to burn fat faster and build muscles.

However, despite all these, customers have stated various disadvantages as well. According to them, a great disadvantage of the Figure 8 program is that is doesn’t involve any supplements. Besides, it is not suitable for people who have any injuries to their back.

Overall, the Figure 8 fitness program is indeed beneficial to execute for maintaining good health. Especially if you don’t find enough time to execute those tough, complex exercises, the Figure 8 program is a good substitute for those, which will give you the same results.

Not only by words, but it is also clinically proven good to maintain anyone’s health and fitness. You don’t have to go to the gym or any clinic or try hard to execute moves to stay good. Apply for the Figure 8 workout program from today onwards to lead a better life and function better in your daily work.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is Figure 8 good for beginners?

  • Is it for men and women? The Figure 8 workouts are fast-paced and have advanced choreography (in my opinion) but anyone (from beginner to the advanced home exerciser) should try them. You can make them as cardio-intense as you want. The key to these routines is to relax, have fun and be patient.

Q. Is Figure 8 like Zumba?

  • Figure 8 has the same “fun” factor as Zumba. However, Figure 8 training has an additional element; muscle conditioning. Because Figure 8 is based on competition dance training, the primary focus is technique, form, and muscle contraction.

Q. Is Figure 8 an hourglass?

  • The Figure 8 body shape is a variation of the Hourglass. Shoulders are softly curved and slightly narrower or as wide as hips and thighs.

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