Exercises That Make You Gain Weight in 2021

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For many, healthy means to be in the correct range of weight. And that’s true too. But how can we know the so-called correct range of weight? And probably the next question is how do we gain weight in a healthy way?

Body Weight

Bodyweight is divided into ranges like underweight, obese, normal, or overweight. Underweight is when your body weight is less than it should be for your age, height, and sex. Obese or overweight is when your body weight is more than it should be for your age, height, and sex.

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Healthy body weight is determined keeping in mind the height, sex, and age of a person. One of the most trusted ways to determine if you’re having a healthy body weight is BMI. Body mass index is shortly known as BMI. It is calculated by dividing your weight by height.

Ranges for BMI include:

  • Underweight: less than 18.5
  • Normal/healthy weight: 18.5 to 24.9
  • Overweight: 25.0 to 29.9
  • Obese: 30 or higher

Weight Gain

In the world where people are going around slim and thin figures, there are those set of people who want to gain weight too. Being underweight is as much a problem as being overweight. The tips for those to gain muscle and increase weight are the same as those for clinically underweight.

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To gain weight quickly is not the goal of a healthy weight gain plan. Weight gain goals are achieved by increasing one’s muscle mass. And many would suggest having high-calorie foods added to your diet plan. Weight gainer shakes are a must for caloric surplus.

These add-ins to your calorie will definitely help you gain weight, but not in increasing the mass of the muscle. For muscle growth, one should do bodyweight exercises for weight gain.

Exercises to gain weight

There are many types of exercises that can shape your body. At the starting point of gaining weight one can do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, bench press, overhead press, and bench dips, which includes lifting heavy weights and also with minimal equipment.

To gain weight, minimize aerobics and cardio exercises as these are meant to burn fat and tone muscle, not bulk you up. You don’t have to avoid all those exercises entirely. You can perform these exercises to tone your muscles, in moderation.

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Let us look at weight-gaining exercises clearly.


Push-ups are best for building the upper body and for core strength.

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Step-1: Lie on your mat with your face down on the ground.

Step-2: Put your hands a little wider than your shoulders, with your palm lying flat on the ground or your mat.

Step-3: Slowly push your body up until your arms are fully stretched. Make sure your body makes a straight line by extending your back and legs straight.

Step-4: Now bring your body towards the floor or your mat, letting your chest touch the ground until your nose nearly touches the ground or mat.

Step-5: Repeat the exercise as many times as possible as long as you feel comfortable.


Pull-ups are the most known exercises to gain weight. It focuses on bicep curls primarily. It helps in building more muscle by building arm and shoulder muscles, which also helps in gaining weight.

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To do this, one will need minimal equipment, which is a pull-up bar or a strong cylindrical object.

Step-1: With the help of your palms, grip the pull-up bar. Keep your arms shoulder-width apart.

Step-2: Pull your body up until your chin is nearly above the bar. Make sure your arms stay straight.

Step-3: Then lower your body until your arms are fully stretched.

Step-4: Repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

Bench Press

To do this exercise, one will need a flat bench or any weighted bar to lie on. This exercise helps in building shoulder muscles, triceps.

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Step-1: Lie backward on the bench, facing the bar.

Step-2: Lay hold of the bar with the help of your hands. You can spread your fingers a liitle bit for you to feel comfortable.

Step-3: Hold the bar, and lower your arms so as to bring the bar closer to your chest.

Step-4: Extend your arms back until you reach the rack of the bar.

Step-5: Repeat the exercise.

Bench Dips

Bench dips target on triceps and also the front part of the shoulders and chest muscles.

One will need a bench to do this exercise.

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Step-1: Sit with your back facing the bench.

Step-2: Take a grip of the bench’s end that is in touch with your back, with a shoulder-width apart.

Step-3: The palms should face the ground, downwards.

Step-4: Sit perpendicularly, with your legs stretched forward and your torso straight up.

Step-5: Inhale and slowly lower your buttocks by bending your elbows perpendicular and pushing yourself down until your forearms are perpendicular to the ground.

Step-6: Exhaling, straighten your arms and lift yourself to the starting position.

Step-7: Repeat this exercise as much as you can.

Overhead Press

This exercise focuses on building up your arms, shoulders, deltoid muscles, abs, legs.

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Step-1: Grip the weight bar with the help of your hand’s shoulder-width apart.

Step-2: Lift the weight bar up to your shoulder or chest level.

Step-3: Take a breath. Slowly lift the bar until your arms are stretched fully.

Step-4: Slowly lower the bar to your shoulder level

Step-5: Repeat these steps as many as comfortable.


This exercise helps in improving the muscles of lower body focusing on butt and legs. It improves one’s core strength by targeting abdominals, glutes, and calves.

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Step-1: Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart.

Step-2: Stretch your arms straight forward or join your palms together in front of your chest.

Step-3: Lower yourself by pushing back your hips as if you’re sitting on an invisible chair until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Step-4: And then raise yourself up to the initial position.

Step-5: Repeat as many times as you can with intervals.


This exercise is done anyplace, as a result of it does not need any tools. This exercise helps in building the muscles of the thighs and hips. It targets abdominals, calves, quadriceps, and back muscles that facilitate gaining weight.

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Step-1: Stand straight

Step-2: Take a step with one leg forward, because it makes a ninety degrees angle with the ground.

Step-3: Slowly lower your body to create your thigh parallel to the bottom.

Step-4: Rise yourself back to your initial position.

Step-5: Repeat a similar together with your other leg.

Step-6: Repeat this exercise with each of your legs.


Deadlift exercise helps in increasing the muscle tissue of the body. This exercise is nice for weight gain. It helps in developing strength to your higher back and lower back.

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One can use a weight bar to try to do this exercise.

Step-1: Stand together with your mid-foot beneath the free weight

Step-2:Bend over and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip

Step-3:Bend your knees till your shins bit the bar

Step-4:Lift your chest up and straighten your lower back

Step-5:Take a giant breath, hold it and rise up with the burden.


Crunches train all of the abdominal muscles, though they concentrate on the abdominal and oblique muscles the foremost. Crunches may assist you in gaining weight and increasing core strength.

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Step-1:Lie down on your back.

step-2:Bend your knees and place your arms across beneath your head.

Step-3:Inhale and contract your abs.

Step-4:Exhale and elevate your higher body while keeping your head and neck relaxed.

Step-5:Inhale and come back to the beginning position.


The skeletal muscle muscles area unit primarily benefited by gluteal muscle kickbacks. It conjointly strengthens your buttocks and targets your hamstrings. It’s one of the useful exercises to realize weight.

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Step-1:Kneel on the bottom together with your hands in a very arm exercise position.

Step-2: Slowly elevate one among your legs upwards till your hamstrings area unit is in line together with your back.

Step-3:Squeeze the glutes throughout the move and hold for a second once totally extended.

Step-4:Return to the initial position and do a similar with the opposite leg.

Compound Exercises

These are the exercises that employ multiple muscles at a similar time. For example, a squat that works the muscles like quadriceps, glutes, or calves.

One can jointly do these exercises that mix 2 exercises into one move, to focus on even additional muscles (for example, a lunge with a bicep curl).

Compound exercises take issue from isolation exercises. They work on one muscle cluster at a time. A conventional bicep curl with association to isolation exercise means to strengthen the skeletal muscle.

How many calories?

The calorie intake of a few foods is additionally necessary, to lead a healthy life. How many calories to be taken depends on age, gender, metabolism, and lifestyle. Generally, the prompt calorie intake for every day is 2000 in girls and 5000 in men.

-How several calories of sugars ought to be taken per day is totally different for men and girls. It’s 150g in men and 100g in girls, which equals 100% of daily calorie intake.

-400g of fruits, vegetables, and legumes are to be consumed in proportions daily.

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-Reducing the quantity of total fat intake to half of the total energy intake helps to forestall unhealthy weight gain within the adult population. But 1 Chronicle of trans fat will help in weight gain.

How much macromolecule ought to be taken depends solely on the individual. It is 0.8g per metric weight.

It’s conjointly necessary to think about the macromolecule package— the fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and alternative nutrients that invariably come back alongside macromolecule.

Calorie expenditure

It refers to what quantity of energy the body expends in a given quantity of time. Everything the body performs requires the employment of energy. The body continues to complete a range of processes once sleeping, together with respiratory, digesting, and healing. Caloric expenditure varies with activity and individual and is influenced by a range of characteristics like age, weight, and gender.

Burning calories

Every day, you burn calories after you move around, exercise, and set about your daily tasks. Our body even burns calories at rest, through basic functions like respiratory, and circulation.

The Harris-Benedict formula is employed to calculate the basal rate (BMR), that is, the variety of calories your body must spend at rest. Eating lesser calories than this may lead to weight loss.

It is necessary to notice that along side calorie intake and exercise area unit a vital a part of weight loss, hormones and metabolism also play a significant role.

Caloric surplus

This refers to the number of calories we tend to consume exceeds the number of calories we tend to burn. Our body mass will increase if we eat additional calories than we burn.

The magnitude of the caloric surplus, similarly to however that surplus influences the individual’s progress, isn’t similar for everybody. There are many parts that confirm the dimensions of the caloric surplus.

The factors which will influence your total caloric surplus:
  • Training expertise
  • The total quantity of muscle gained over time
  • Gender
  • Genetics
  • Training frequency and volume

Factors deciding caloric surplus

Every person features a genetic limit, as to what level of quantity muscle growth they’ll acquire in their lifespan. Though the precise quantity gained can vary from person to person, there’s a limit to what quantity of additional lean tissue( increasing lean mass) they’ll gain, in their lifespan. once it involves the speed of progress, there’s a curve that starts to fall when the primary 10-20 pounds of muscle are gained. As a result, when you grow muscle quickly within the initial few years of coaching, your rate of progress can quickly slow.

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At first giant surplus of 300-500 calories is needed however it’s not needed indefinitely. This can be because of the actual fact that the more muscle you build, the harder it becomes to build muscle over time. The nearer you get to your genetic limit, the harder it’ll be to confirm that the additional weight you gain is muscle instead of fat. Hence the more responsible you’re, the less food you wish.

In general, for men, adding 100-400 calories per day to your daily maintenance intake could be a good place to start out. If you gain quite this, the muscle-to-fat gain quantitative relation can trend toward fat gain. However, as for girls, it’s between 100-300 calories higher than maintenance.

It additionally depends on bones, frame size, the larger the bones are, the more stress they’ll stand up to. Also, the higher the stress you place on muscles, the larger they become.

Calories and weight loss

Weight loss is often achieved by feeding fewer calories than the desired quantity. To slim, many of us cut our calorie consumption by 500kcal daily or as another same quantity of calories will be taken and more physical activity will be done.

The most economical strategy for losing weight and keeping it off within the long haul is to measure a balanced manner that includes the subsequent activities:

•Eating wholesome foods.

•regular physical activity.

•Getting enough sensible sleep.

•Reducing stress.

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Healthy calories

Calories from contemporary whole foods, quality meal replacements, and supplements that deliver lean macromolecule, healthy fats, and sophisticated carbs are thought about as sensible calories.

Dangerous calories are those that don’t provide adequate nutrition to your body and there are basically no dietary fiber, amino acids, antioxidants, dietary minerals, or vitamins.

Therefore it’s instructed to consume lean macromolecule, healthy fats, and unprocessed, unrefined carbohydrates like vegetables, beans, and fruit. And once it involves whole grains, the less processed the higher, for example, brown rice vs. white and whole wheat, quinoa, or oats rather than light bread.

Commutation of extremely processed carbohydrates, that spike blood glucose, and internal secretion, with vegetables, beans, and whole grains is suggestable. Select fats that come back from plant sources like cracked, oil, and avocado and lean proteins like fish and chicken.

Is lean body mass important?

As your muscles and internal organs have the next rate that than the equivalent of fat, an honest proportion of lean body mass boosts your metabolism and create it easier to take care of the healthy weight you wish.

There’s additionally proof that a high proportion of lean mass reduces inflammation, which results in the tiny fat cells in lean people promoting health. Whereas, the enlarged fat cells in overweight or fat individuals promote inflammation and chronic illness.

By staring at the weather that frame lean body mass and your overall calculation of lean body mass, have a far a lot of correct image of however healthy you’re and following this figure over time will show you the impact of diet and exercise on maintaining or up your lean body mass proportion.

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Increasing lean body mass

You can work towards up your lean body mass by increasing your healthy muscle by ensuring you’re well hydrous and, if necessary, by operating towards reducing your visceral and body covering fat.

You may even be acting on your lean body mass while obtaining sensible quality sleep, as gas and nutrients are carried to your muscle tissues to assist their post-work-out healing and growth!

No matter your score, understanding your body and your fitness level can place you in an exceedingly a lot of stronger position to take care of and improve your health.

Foods to achieve weight quickly

The following nutrient-rich foods will facilitate someone to achieve weight safely and effectively.


Milk offers a combination of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.

It is additionally a wonderful supply of vitamins and minerals, together with Calcium. The macromolecule content of milk makes it an honest alternative for individuals, making an attempt to build muscles.

2. Macromolecule shakes

Protein shakes will facilitate someone to achieve weight simply and expeditiously. A shake is simplest at serving to build muscle if had shortly when you sweat.

3. Rice

A cup of rice contains around two hundred calories, and it’s a good supply of carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain.

4. Red meat

Consuming white meat has been shown to assist with building muscle and gaining weight.

Steak contains each essential amino acid and amino alkanoic acid, nutrients that play a big role in boosting muscle mass. Different red meats contain each macromolecule and fat, which in turn promote weight gain.

5. Snack

Consuming snacks frequently will facilitate someone to achieve weight safely. They are an excellent snack and might be more to several meals, together with salads.

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Gaining weight in a healthy way requires patience, as it will take time.

Bodyweight is important, but without proper exercise, it may lead to unintended body shape.

Exercises help the body to get a shape and build muscles at a required part of the body.

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