Feng Shui Bagua: 4 Incredible Things To Know

This article covers everything you need to know about Feng Shui Bagua.

‘All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.’ As rightly said by Buddha, he claims our mind is the most powerful.

feng shui bagua

Coexisting with our thoughts is the energy which surrounds it. Energy forces are found universally and allow our life to exist and flourish. Our life force or energy helps us live life to the fullest.

If the energies surrounding us have diminished, we can feel lethargic, depressed and unable to move forward. There are many ways one can live a positive, spiritual life.

feng shui bagua

While there are different life forces and their principles, Feng Shui is one of the most unique and famous practice. It is a philosophy paired with scientific calculations which use energy forces.

Feng Shui harmonizes individuals with their surrounding environment to create balance. It helps improve many life areas as well.

feng shui bagua

Do you feel anxious in small and unruly rooms, cluttered with things everywhere? Did you experience peace and happiness in a clean room where everything was in its place? This is the most fundamental principle that Feng Shui strives to achieve.

According to this study, a cluttered room can negatively impact and influence our mind. If you want to grow positively and change your life, you can start by changing your environment.

Feng Shui originated from ancient China, and the term translates to ‘wind-water’ in English. In this practice, one needs to arrange their objects and space of their surrounding to achieve balance in life. Ancient Chinese people believed that the practice of Feng Shui brought positive energy in their lives.

Feng Shui Bagua: Top 4 Incredible Things To Know

Although it may sound complicated, this philosophy is simple and easy to practice. Feng Shui element is split into five different parts, each focusing on an important aspect in life.

  • The Wood Element – It is related to kindness, healing and growth. By adding your space with wood elements, you can achieve these qualities. A great example would be adding green houseplants in your surrounding.

feng shui bagua

  • The Fire Element – This element is related to passion, leadership and expression. Associated with the colour red, you can add candles and light electronics to keep your home well lit.

feng shui bagua

  • The Earth Element – It brings stability, protection and strength to our lives. You can use earth tones such as yellow, orange or brown.

feng shui bagua

  • The Metal Element – This element brings precision, simplicity and joy. Add metallic as well as white and black colours to manifest this element.

feng shui bagua

  • The Water Element- It represents inspiration, wealth and emotion. It is associated with black and darker colours instead of blue or lighter shades.

feng shui bagua

1. What Is Feng Shui Bagua?

Bagua in Feng Shui is an energy map and is one of the most powerful principles to enhance this practice. Bagua is also one of the main principles in Feng Shui.

Bagua literally means ‘eight areas’ and each gua or area is connected to different aspects of our lives. To evaluate our energy field, Bagua offers a systematic way to enhance the Feng Shui practice.

The foundation of Bagua is interwoven with other Asian ideologies such as yin yang, the elements mentioned above and many more. It is inspired by nature and helps people live in harmony with the natural world.

2. Feng Shui Bagua: The Bagua Map

The Bagua map is an octagon or sometimes a square in shape. It consists of eight areas around a centre and acts as a compass. The centre is considered to be the heart of the home.

The Bagua map involves symbolic meaning, an energy grid that can be used for your entire house. The Bagua map resembles a similar shape to that of a tic tac toe.

feng shui bagua

However, it cannot only be imposed in your house but also in your room, home offices and even a large property. No matter where you use the map, it will always remain equally proportioned three – by – three grid.

3. These Are The Areas A Feng Shui Bagua map focuses on:

  1. Wealth and Property – This section is associated with the Wood element and uses a purple colour.
  2. Fame and Reputation – It uses Wood’s element and uses colours such as teal, blue and green.
  3. Love and Marriage – This area is associated with the Earth element and uses the colour purple.
  4. Children and Creativity – It uses the element of Metal and utilizes the colour pink.
  5. Ancestors and Health – This area is associated with the Earth element and uses colours like earth tones, yellow, orange and brown.
  6. Knowledge and Self – Cultivation – It is is associated with the Earth element and makes use of the colour dark blue.
  7. Career Area and Life Path – This section associated the Water element and uses the colour black
  8. Helpful People and Travel – This area is associated with the Metal element and use the colour grey.

Each area represents an element and the colours associated with it. Deciding over that, you need to place items correctly.

4. Beginner’s Guide To Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui Bagua: The Front Door

Locate your front door and on your floor plan. It must be the primary entryway to your house, office or your room. The front door aligns the bottom of the Bagua map.

Feng Shui Bagua: Divide Into 9 Sections

Use a ruler and do your best to divide the areas of your home into nine equal sections. Use different colour pens to set apart each section.

Feng Shui Bagua: Label The Sections

After dividing, place a print out of the Feng Shui Bagua map next to the floor plan of your home. Start labelling each section according to the Bagua area.

If you have a missing or an extended area, they mean two different things.

feng shui bagua

For the Bagua areas missing, place mirrors or plants to fill in space. For extended sizes, these provide extra energy and are usually positive.

After you have made your own Feng Shui Bagua plan, all you have to do is activate energy in those areas. Start by selecting two-three sites and add colour, plants and objects associated with the given element. Various home decor items can be placed according to their colour as well.

feng shui bagua

Try to apply the Feng Shui Bagua in your bedroom first as they are easier to work with. A bedroom is a place that is known to be closest to you. Once the Bagua map is applied there, Feng  Shui can work effectively.

A Feng Shui consultant is also available who can help you apply the Bagua mapping in your house.

You can manifest the desired energies in your life by making the correct use of Feng Shui Bagua. It brings positive energy and can provide growth and motivate you to achieve your life goals.

Whether you strongly believe in Feng Shui Bagua or not is not the real question. The central aspect to keep in mind is your intention to improve your life. Feng Shui serves as a starting point for your plan of action.

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