Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? – 8 Benefits to Know

Lemon water is one of the most common drinks found worldwide. It not only keeps you hydrated but is also a very good source of vitamin C. 1There are many advantages of drinking lemon water 2every day.

Lemon water is also known as detoxifying water.3 It is said that consuming lemon water in the morning every day can help you lose weight.

Let us find out does lemon water help you lose weight actually, or is it just a myth like most other things in the world?

What Is Lemon Water?

Lemon water is just lemon juice mixed with cold or room temperature water to make it a soothing drink. The drink can be customized in your way.
Some prefer chilled lemon water. While others like adding ice cubes to the fresh lemon juice. Some people also like adding lemon slices to clean water. For adding sweetness, some use honey, and others use various other sweetening syrups.
Lemon water with fresh lemons and green plants
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It is one of the best drinks that boost metabolism and is the perfect fit for all weight loss regimens. It also helps improve the immune system as it is rich in vitamin C.
Drinking lemon water is the best way to kick start your diet routine. It is the perfect replacement for all the sugary beverages available on the market.
In short, it is a widely flexible drink that can be consumed in any way possible and has many health benefits.
In this write-up, you will learn about the various benefits of drinking lemon water. And also its effectiveness in weight loss.

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Drinking lemon water has many health benefits. One of the popular benefits of drinking lemon water 4is losing weight. It is a very popular and effective drink that helps people lose weight and has many other health-promoting properties.

Let us look at all the health benefits of drinking lemon water.

1. Low In Calories

If you are conscious about the regular calorie intake of your body, then you can opt for drinking lemon water without a second thought.
Lemon water has almost zero calories without sugar or other sweetening ingredients. Drinking half a lemon with water counts for only nearly just six calories. A glass of orange juice contains around 110 calories and 20-25 grams of sugar.
A woman consuming lemon water which is low in calories
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If you quit the other drinks and opt for drinking lemon water once a day, you save your body from consuming around 800 calories per week
Some research also shows that consuming a low-calorie drink helps in less food intake. Which is good instead of drinking milk, alcohol, or other sugary beverages.

2. Helps Boost Metabolism

Drinking water, in general, is known to boost metabolism. But if you add lemon to the glass of water, the goodness of the water increases.
People with healthy habit of drinking lemon water every morning get good results. Drinking lemon water increase metabolism and helps in promoting good gut health. It also aids digestion as it increases the metabolic process. It will kick-start digestion. It also keep our bodies in a calorie-burning mode throughout the day.
Highly beneficial for metabolism - Lemon water
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Some people don’t like drinking water in the morning. But if you add lemon juice to the water, it will provide a flavor and make the water more appealing. Not only that, it will help reduce any more calories consumed the night earlier.
Many types of research show that the more water we drink, the more it helps us lose calories. As per studies, resting energy expenditure is losing weight. Which happens by reducing excess calories consumed by simply drinking adequate water.
20-30 percent of calories are burnt only through water drinking habit. Hence, it is good for an adult to drink adequate amount of water in the proper interval of time.

3. Provides A Feeling Of Fullness

Drinking water before consuming any meal gives us a feeling of fullness. As a result, we end up eating less food than we usually do. According to research, drinking lemon water before any meal reduces calorie up to 13%.
Not only that, drinking regular lemon water helps transport waste efficiently. In this way, it keeps our system clean and healthy.
Glass of water lemon, zest and lemon
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Drinking half a liter of water before having food reduces calorie intake, as mentioned above. But it is not always possible to drink half a liter of normal water at a go. Adding lemon juice to this water will make it flavourful and easier to finish.
In the end, eating less or avoiding overeating helps us from getting overweight.

4. Lemon Water Keeps Us Hydrated

There are times when our body is not able to differentiate between thirst pangs and hunger. We might think we are hungry and munch on something to eat. But actually our body requires water, not food at that moment. Doing this makes us munch on something now and then without thinking about the calories, we might intake.
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Drinking adequate water fills us up and helps in flushing toxins out of our bodies. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of drinking lemon water. It helps regulate our body temperature. It also provides us with energy for performing physical activities. And also helps to ease any physical pain that may have as it provides lubrication for our joints.
Research suggests that when we are properly hydrated, our body functions correctly. We can read and understand what exactly our body wants apart from just-food. In addition, when we are fully hydrated, we can break down fats, which helps in fat loss.
Being fully hydrated also makes you look thinner as it makes us bloat less, and we tend to get less puffy.

5. Lemon Water And Green Tea Cures Certain Illness

The effects of green tea on losing weight are very popular. Many people drink green tea regularly as it helps in weight loss. But did you know adding lemon juice to green tea can speed up this process?
Yes, it is true. Adding lemon juice to green tea accelerates its effects on our bodies. It not only helps in weight loss but also helps prevent the growth of cancer cells in our bodies. Research suggests that people who drink four to five cups of green tea daily lose weight more than those who do not drink green tea.
Studies also suggested that green tea has an antioxidant known as polyphenol. It blocks a molecule and leads to cancer and heart disease. Usually, before showing action in our body, polyphenol breaks itself down.
Adding lemon juice to green tea helps to cure these diseases. This is because the fresh lemon juice prevents polyphenol from breaking down.
Research also suggests that lemon has a fiber called pectin, which is effective in weight loss. Pectin is a very good anti-inflammatory agent that helps in reducing puffiness and bloating.
It also ensures that our body has a slower absorption rate to absorb as little fat as possible. In addition, it also checks the insulin level of our bodies, and as a result, our blood sugar remains balanced.
Pectin is also helpful in reducing the “bad” cholesterol in our bodies. The important thing to remember here is that pectin is generally available in the skin of the lemon. So make sure not to squeeze the lemon juice completely into the glass. You will have to continue consuming lemon water or lemon green tea for some time to see fruitful results.
Drinking lemon water helps in many other ways too.

6. Lemon Water Helps In Digestion

Lemon water plays a very important role in performing healthy digestion. It is acidic and helps the body in aiding digestion. The acids in lemon water are not harmful to our bodies; it rather helps us in many ways.
In some cases, these acids slow down the digestion process so that the nutrients can get absorbed into our bodies. When we hear about the slow absorption rate, we tend to think it’s a bad thing as it lowers the rate of metabolism too.
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But in reality, it is a very useful thing. It helps our body in regulating the sugar levels. And also helps in transporting the nutrients to their correct place.

7. Lemon Water Helps In Detoxification

Lemon water is also known as detoxification water. As it is one of the essential agents that detoxify our entire body. Not only lemon water, but water is very good for detoxifying our bodies.
The nutrients in fresh lemon juice help the body release toxins and promote good liver health. It is, therefore, important to wash the lemon very well before squeezing it. As you will need to put the entire slice of the lemon in the water. This process will help you in getting all the nutrients that are present in the pulp as well as the skin of the lemon.
The nutrients in lemon help you lose weight as it improves your metabolism. It helps to remove wastes out of the body by ensuring healthy bowel movements. People suffering from irregular or complex bowel movements can also have lemon juice daily.

8. Lemon Water Boosts Your Energy

A glass of water with lemon juice in the morning will make you feel more energetic than ever. During sleep, our body goes through many crucial functions requiring all the water’s nutrients.
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Having a glass of hot lemon water in the morning will make you feel more energetic. It also makes you active throughout the day and make you want to finish all your work. Some of us also feel hungry as soon as we wake up. Drinking lemon water in the morning will also help you fight those hunger pangs.
Brushing your teeth after drinking this acidic water will also help clean your teeth. But make sure to brush your teeth as soon as you drink the lemon water. Because the acid present in this drink might be harmful to the enamel of the teeth if it is kept unwashed for some time. You can also try drinking lemon water with a straw to reduce the damage it has on the teeth.

Lemon Water Recipes

We have been discussing the benefits of drinking lemon water for a long time. Let us now discuss some lemon water recipes that will make the drink more tasty and full of flavors.

1. Lemon Mint Water

One of the famous recipes, lemon mint water, is not just tasty but also very healthy and refreshing. People who don’t like drinking lemon water, in general, can add mint leaves to get some additional flavor.

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Adding mint leaves to fresh lemon juice makes it more refreshing and soothing.

The ingredients required are mentioned below.

  • 4-5 slices of lemon

  • water

  • mint leaves


Making this drink is one of the easiest things to do. There are no additional efforts that you will have to put apart from cutting the lemon into thin slices.
Take a glass of water and squeeze the lemon juice into the glass. You can also add slices of lemon to the glass. To this mixture, add some fresh mint leaves. You can also add some ice if you want the drink to be chilled. But make sure to drink it at room temperature for the best weight loss results. Because cold water or ice water accumulate fats in our bodies.

2. Cucumber Lemon Water

Another very popular drink is the cucumber lemon water. Adding cucumber to lemon water will help you detoxify your body faster than anything else. Cucumber also adds a soothing effect to the drink, making it more refreshing than ever.

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The ingredients required for making this drink are mentioned below.

  • 4-5 slices of lemon

  • 4-5 slices of cucumber with skin

  • water


If you like eating cucumbers, you can also eat some in the process! Take a glass of water and squeeze the fresh lemon juice into it. Add the pre-chopped cucumber slices to the water.

After adding the ingredients, stir the mixture well and enjoy your drink. Make sure to add no sweetening agents to get better results.

3. Lemon Ginger Water

Lemon ginger water for weight loss is one of the popular drinks worldwide. It is as simple as making the last two drinks. The ingredients required are mentioned below.

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  • 4-5 slices of lemon

  • 3-4 slices of fresh ginger

  • water


To make one of the common water for weight loss, you must first take clean drinking water. To this water, add the pulp of fresh lemon. Now you can add the freshly chopped ginger slices to this mixture. You can also add the slices if you want.

Stir the water well before drinking.

4. Lemon Blueberry Water

If you want to stay healthy, this is one of the drinks that you must try. It supports hydration and is the best drink to start your day. The best part about this drink is it is very flexible. You can consume this drink any day without a second thought.

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The ingredients required to make this drink are mentioned below.

  • 4-5 lemon slices

  • 8-10 blueberries

  • one cup water


Making blueberry lemon water is the same as making the other lemon water recipes 5mentioned above. To a cup of water, add fresh lemon juice. You can then add the blueberries and give the water a good stir.

Drink and enjoy the juice in the favorite corner of your house.

Ensure to rinse your mouth properly after drinking lemon water, as the acid in this mixture can harm the teeth.

Other Ways To Lose Weight

No magic food or drink would help you in immediate weight loss. Unlike gaining weight, losing weight is a bit tougher. You will have to keep patience and be consistent to see good results.

Apart from drinking lemon water, you can also try these tips to lose weight.

1. Healthy Diet

Eating and drinking are among the best ways to lose weight. Infusing healthy food items into your diet will help you lose weight. It also gives you feeling of more energetic and less lazy.
Woman eating healthy food
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Make a habit of eating breakfast within 2 hours after you wake up. Add fruits and green vegetables to your diet. Smoothie bowls are the perfect meal replacement if you do not want to eat anything heavy.
Having a low-calorie diet plan is perfect for your weight loss regimen. Try to avoid oily food and junk food as far as possible. If you crave soft drinks, try drinking low-calorie beverages as they promote weight loss.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking adequate water can also help in losing weight. Having enough water in our bodies help us in proper digestion and also promote good gut health. It also promotes good bowel movement and helps in flushing the waste out of our bodies effectively
Portrait of young beautiful dark-haired woman wearing blue t-shirt drinking water at summer green park.
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Proper water intake is essential for your weight loss regimen. In this case, you can also drink lemon-mixed water and plain water.

3. Regular Exercise

Apart from having a healthy diet, exercising is also very important for weight loss. Find the exercises that suit you the best and be consistent because consistency is the key.

Young woman doing yoga in garden
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It is always better to maintain a routine for exercising.6 You can choose to do it during the day or evening, whichever time suits you the best.

If you are not comfortable exercising, you can opt for yoga too. Doing yoga helps in losing weight. The only thing with yoga is to keep patience, as it might take some time.

4. Having Proper Sleep

People often forget to rest properly while on their weight loss journey. Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily is equally important as having a healthy diet and exercising.

Closeup view of an attractive young woman sleeping in bed with a peaceful expression
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If you don’t get proper rest and do all the steps mentioned above, you will not be able to get fruitful results.

Sleeping is also essential for the healthy functioning of our brains and body. When our body gets proper rest, all the cells are activated, and we feel much more energetic.

5. Cut Down On Alcohol

If you plan to lose weight, one of the most important things you will have to do is cut down on alcohol. Consuming alcohol regularly or even at intervals can be harmful to our health.

Man with glass of whiskey and woman refusing to drink in bar
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Also, people often tend to much on snacks when they drink alcohol which can also add to weight gain.

A normal glass of wine and other alcohol contains calories almost equal to a bar of chocolate.


By the end of this article, we hope your confusion about does lemon water help you lose weight is clear. Not only does it help you lose weight, but drinking lemon water helps in many other things.
It helps detoxify our bodies. It gives us a boost of energy, increases metabolism, and also keeps us healthy. Add drinking lukewarm lemon water in the morning to your routine and see your life changing for good.
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1. When should I drink lemon water to lose weight?

You can drink two glasses of lemon water that is warm every day, once in the morning and a second time in the evening, to help you lose weight. To improve the flavour, include honey instead of sugar as a healthy substitute.

2. Can lemon water help you lose tummy fat?

One of the most popular and highly efficient methods for reducing abdominal fat is to drink warm water with lemon in the morning. You only need warm water, a few drops of lemon juice, and, if you like, a pinch of salt.

3. How many calories are there in lemon water?

Each glass of lemon water that you consume will have about 6 calories (can vary depending upon the size of the glass that you use).

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