DIY Sugar Scrub: 4 Great Benefits And More

Body Scrub
Body Scrub

Scrubs are essential whenever it comes to exfoliating. If you are looking for a good scrub, then you should definitely try the DIY sugar scrub. Homemade sugar scrubs are really effective in exfoliating your face and body.

Exfoliating is important for getting rid of dead skin cells. Removing dead skin from the outer layer of your skin is essential for good and healthy skin. If you don’t exfoliate your skin properly, then that may result in excess dry skin problems.

The DIY sugar scrub will definitely help in preventing dry skin and making skin smooth and shiny.

Sugar Scrubs

You can prepare the DIY sugar scrub with minimal ingredients that are available at your home. There are various other ingredients that can be added to the DIY sugar scrub for more benefits.

Sugar scrub is great for preventing dead skin and restoring clogged pores. This scrub can also bring the shine back to your face and body.

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Benefits Of The DIY Sugar Scrub

1. An Amazing Exfoliator

Sugar scrub is a great exfoliator that works amazingly for your face and body. Exfoliating your face and body is vital for good bright looking skin.

There are various sugar scrub recipes that one must follow while making his own DIY sugar scrub. You can also add oils such as olive oil or jojoba oil for better results.

An Exfoliator
An Exfoliator

2. Keeps Your Skin Bright And Young

Have you ever watched someone with an astounding bright and glowing body and face? A reason for that is that all of the dead skin cells are removed from their face and body.

There are various scrubs available in the market, but DIY sugar scrubs are much better and healthier than them.

Sugar scrub recipe
Sugar scrub recipe

3. Cleanses Your Body

Cleansing your body is important. We always clean our faces and do exfoliate our faces. But people always snub to exfoliate their bodies. Exfoliating your body is equally important as exfoliating your face.

You can try your own homemade body scrub for productive results. Homemade body scrubs are really efficacious in making your body clean and healthy as it cleans the dead skin cells that make your body looking dull and tired. Once you start exfoliating your body, your skin starts feeling relaxed and fresh.

DIY sugar scrub
Brown sugar scrub

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Exfoliation: A Basic Requirement

Exfoliating your body is very important to maintaining the overall health of your skin. The dead skin on the outer layer may clog your pores. This may result in rough skin.

People who don’t exfoliate properly may experience skincare absorption as the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin will not allow the skincare products to enter into your skin properly, and this may result in dull, pale, and rough skin.

Different Types Of DIY Sugar Scrub

You may add many other ingredients to your DIY sugar scrub according to your skin type and requirement.

1. Sugar Coffee Scrub

Coffee is known for various benefits for your health and body. You can directly use it by mixing it into sugar for exfoliating your body and face. This DIY sugar scrub with coffee increases the benefits of each ingredient, contrary to if they were used individually. Coffee is an astounding organic scrubbing option.

Adding coffee to your sugar scrub can be a perfect choice for people that are looking for natural scrubs. Try to use coffee ground and not coffee powder as they are more effective in removing dead skin cells.

Coffee sugar scrub
Coffee sugar scrub

2. Sugar Honey Scrub

Honey is a trustworthy ingredient for preventing bacterial infection. Honey can be added to various homemade scrubs for better results. Honey may also speed up the healing process by preventing your body from bacteria.

Now, if you are adding honey to your DIY sugar scrub, then you must know how much to add. It would help if you balanced the mixture for perfect consistency. Honey will do miracles for acne-prone skin.

People that are having acne-prone skin may add honey to your DIY sugar scrub as it will prevent your skin from getting further acne and help in completely getting rid of it.

Honey sugar scrub
Honey sugar scrub

3. Sugar Green Tea Body Scrub

Whenever the topic is about good skincare. The most beneficial ingredient is green tea. Green tea is effective both internally and externally for your body. You can keep your body healthy by drinking green tea as well.

Also, you can add green tea to your DIY sugars scrub for great skin. Green tea is packed with detoxifying components. It can help your scrub to detoxify your body simultaneously.

Green tea is the best ingredient for people that have acne-prone skin and are looking for a suitable homemade scrub option.

Sugar green tea scrub
Sugar green tea scrub

4. Sugar Olive Oil Scrub

There are various studies that show that olive oil could help in lightening your skin tone. This ingredient is highly beneficial for your body, as well.

This oil is rich with brightening effects. Not only brightening, but this skin works fantastically for pigmentation and redness. People looking for a brightening scrub may try adding olive oil to their DIY sugar scrub for some great effects.

You may also substitute olive oil with almond oil and jojoba oil in this.

Sugar olive oil scrub
Sugar olive oil scrub

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5. Yogurt Sugar Scrub

Yogurt can offer various benefits to your skin if added to the DIY sugar scrub. Yogurt is known for brightening up your skin. It can keep your skin young, living, and glowing. It may also help in increasing elasticity.

Various studies showed that yogurt could be added to homemade body scrub to increase your body’s glow.

Yogurt is also amazing for fighting acne on your face and body. By adding yogurt to your DIY sugar scrub, you can see the changes after using it for the first time. It exfoliates and moisturizes your skin simultaneously.

Yogurt sugar scrub
Yogurt sugar scrub

6. Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub

Coconuts oil is traditionally used for its beneficial effects on your skin and body. It can be a great moisturizing option for both your body and skin. This combination can do wonders for dry skin people.

Coconut oil works wonders for dry skin. It can cleanse your face properly and can enhance the glow on your skin. By adding coconut oil to your sugar scrub, you can make a good scrub with moisturizing benefits.

Coconut sugar scrub
Coconut sugar scrub

7. Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

Essential oils are often used for skin benefits. They can be used in various DIY products such as face washes, face masks, scrubs, and many more.

If you love using your essential oil, you may try adding it into your DIY sugar scrub. You can add any essential oil as per your requirement and skin convenience into sugar for some amazing results.

Essential sugar scrub
Essential sugar scrub

8. Matcha Sugar Scrub

Matcha is the upgraded form of Green tea. Matcha claims to be more powerful and strong as compared to green tea as it is rich in antioxidants that purify your skin deeply.

If you want an agent that can remove the dead skin cells as well as toxins from your skin. Then you may try making a DIY sugar scrub by adding matcha in that. You may directly use matcha in pure form for better results.

Matcha sugar scrub
Matcha sugar scrub

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Why Homemade Body Scrubs?

Organic and natural things are mostly safe to use. You can also try various other scrubs available in the market. But homemade scrubs will always prevail over store-bought scrubs. This is because homemade scrubs are made up of natural ingredients.

They don’t go for any food coloring or any other chemicals. These chemicals may boost up the working efficiencies of the store-bought scrubs but will not affect your skin. Chemicals are rather unhealthy for your skin.

A lot of people prefer buying store-bought scrubs rather than making their own DIY sugar scrubs. But homemade scrubs have pure and safe organic ingredients, and they are authentic and safe to use.


DIY sugar scrubs are better and the most trusted scrubs these days. And can also add ingredients as per your requirement. For example, people with dry skin can add olive oil or coconut oil to it.

Whereas oily skin people may try green tea as the best option. And people suffering from acne-prone skin may add green tea, matcha, etc., for some remarkable results.

You can use any sugar that your skin is comfortable with. But cane sugars are ways better options as compared to others. For your DIY sugar scrub, cane and brown sugars can be your top choices, along with granulated sugar. Also, store the homemade sugar scrub at room temperature in a mason jar.

Homemade sugar scrubs are preferable to use 2 to 3 times a week. Excess use may also lead to various side effects.

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