6 Awesome Lip Scrub Benefits

lip scrub benefits

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Lip scrubs are one of the most underrated things for lip care, as there are some amazing lip scrub benefits. Lip scrubs can be either made at home or could be bought at any store. It depends on people and individual preferences, as some prefer using natural products.

Lip scrubs are made from different ingredients than all the other skin products as the skin on our lips is very delicate and needs to be handled in a very fragile manner.

Why Lip Scrubs?

lip scrub
Lip scrubs promote healthier lips.

Lip scrubs work just like body scrubs. While body scrubs benefit our skin, lip scrubs benefit the lip skin, which is slightly different from our body skin.

Our lips’ skin is subjected to dryness quite easily and start chapping very easily if we forget to apply a lip balm. This is because of many factors that deteriorate our lips’ skin, making them dry and unappealing.

Our lips have a fragile barrier system and can lose their moisture very quickly. People who smoke and have the habit of licking their lips from time to time have parched lips. Certain factors like cold and extreme heat also tend to dry out the lips, which causes an accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the lips, making them look dull.

What Exactly Is A Lip Scrub?

A lip scrub is a semi-liquid or liquid product with small particles that help eliminate the dried, flaky skin on your lips. Even though it is called a lip scrub, you don’t have to scrub the product very hard as it may cause further injuries and damage to your already delicate lip skin.

Let us have a look at a few top lip scrub benefits and why you should include it in your skincare routine.

Top Lip Scrub Benefits:

1) Exfoliation

lip scrub benefits
Lip scrub benefits our delicate lips a lot

The most important and primary of all other lip scrub benefits is that it helps to exfoliate the tender skin on the lips and add moisture. Our lips are exposed to a lot of factors like polluted wind, harsh sunlight, and chemicals like nicotine in case of smokers

This strips of the softness and moisture and causes our lips to look dry and unhealthy. Lip exfoliation is a significant lip scrub benefit as it helps retain the moisture and removes dead skin cells that form an unappealing outer layer on our lips.

Further, exfoliating with lip scrubs helps get smooth-looking lips and is ideal for those women who like to wear lipsticks daily. Hence the first and foremost lip scrub benefits are exfoliation of the lips to get rid of chapped lips.

2) Promotes Lip Health

lip scrub benefits
Everyone likes healthy looking beautiful lips

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like healthy-looking lips? When we look at someone, the first thing we notice about them is obviously their face. Our lips constitute a major part of our face, and if our lips look unhealthy, they would say a lot about our appearance and hygiene.

Lip scrub benefits our lips by making them look plump and healthy. A few ingredients in those lip scrubs are added to promote lip skin health, not just after the scrub but also for the long run.

People who wear braces tend to have small cuts on their lips. Using a proper lip scrub with healing ingredients would help heal the wound faster and give you healthy looking hydrated lips.

Then again, you won’t get the lip scrub benefits if you use it the wrong way. Do not apply vigorous pressure while using a lip scrub. A gentle massage can do wonders.

3) Gives A Natural Tint To Your Lips

lip scrub benefits
Naturally pink lips can be obtained through lip scrubs

Who doesn’t like baby pink lips? You could have them by applying lipsticks from time to time, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them naturally? Also, a few people believe in having naturally tinted lips rather than applying external chemical products.

The good news is that lip scrub benefits our lip skin by bringing out our skin’s natural lip color. A few of the lip scrub benefits include maintaining the natural tint and color of our lips. Proper hydration and moisturizing of lips may help them to get back to their natural color if there is discoloration

So, we can say that lip scrub benefits the lip skin tone as well.

4) Gives A Glossy Finish

lip scrub benefits
Naturally glossy lips are far better than externally applied glossy lips

It would be really great if you could attain glossy lips without the use of lip balms or lip gloss, right? Well, now you can. The lip scrub benefits our lips by giving them a smooth glossy texture that pales in comparison to other external harmful products

The lip scrubs seal in the moisture of our lips, giving them a glossy finish.

The gloss we attain through lip balms and lip gloss are not permanent and need to be reapplied after every few hours. But, consistent use of lip scrub benefits our lips by bringing out a natural glow and making them look glossy.

Of course, you could still apply your favorite lip gloss for a touchup, but then you would not have to use a lot of the product.

And here is another plus point: your lip product would last much longer because, yes, makeup can be expensive at times. So basically, you end up saving a few bucks too!

5) Plump Lips

lip scrub benefits
Who doesn’t love a plump pout?

I have seen many people wanting plumper lips. One of the lip scrub benefits includes plumping your lips as well.

A few natural ingredients help get your lips all plump looking, just like you always wanted.

This benefit may not apply to all lip scrubs. There are a few specially made lip plumping lip scrubs and a few natural ingredients that would go around and help you get your desired plump.

And this definitely is a lot better than using harsh chemicals or injections to get plump lips.

6) Anti-Aging Quality

lip scrub benefits
Lip Scrubs benefits the lip skin and keeps them from aging too early

One more of the lip scrub benefits is that they have an anti-aging property. It helps in declining the possibilities of premature aging of the lip skin. Premature aging of lips also causes thinning of lips in both men and women.

They also cause wrinkles on your lips. Lip scrub benefits your lips by keeping them healthy, which in turn keeps them from aging too fast and in an unwanted manner.

Homemade Lip Scrub

Lip scrub benefits are for all. It is mostly seen that men tend to ignore lip care and focus on their facial skin.

As I mentioned earlier, you could use a store brought scrub or a natural one. Here is one of the most basic and easiest DIY lip scrub recipes that you could make in the comfort of your home.

lip scrub recipe
Honey, sugar, and lemon are amazing natural ingredients for your lips.

Sugar-Honey Lip Scrub:

This two-ingredient lip scrub is straightforward to make and use as well.

It only needs honey and sugar.

  • Take 2 tbsp. Sugar and 1 tbsp. Honey.
  • Brown sugar would be the best choice to use, but white sugar works well too.
  • Mix them well together to form a paste
  • Apply this scrub to your lips and massage gently with your fingers.
  • You could also use your gentle toothbrush instead of your fingers.

The sugar in this scrub is the main exfoliating agent, while honey improves overall lip health. Make sure to cover your neck with a cloth as this procedure can get a bit messy. You could also add lemon to this recipe in case you want to lighten your lips.

Many other stores brought lip scrubs and many more DIY Lip scrubs that would also give you the lip scrub benefits.

A Few Helpful Tips

lip scrub benefits
Avoid using too many chemically induced lip products.

As it is said, overdoing something can reverse the effects. This applies to lip scrubs as well. Overdoing and over massaging the lips will do more harm than good. Here are some more helpful tips:

  • It is ideal for scrubbing your lips twice or thrice a week.
  • Do make sure to add lip scrub to your dry skin care routine for consistent results.
  • Make sure you choose the right product with the right ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, brown sugar, honey, and more.
  • Steer clear of the products with ingredients that could irritate your lip skin or give rise to an allergic reaction.
  • Products like menthol, strong fragrance, mint, and other chemicals.

Lip care doesn’t end with just a lip scrub.  Choosing and applying the right lip balm also need to be taken note of. Avoid frequent licking of lips as saliva causes increased dryness. You can also find many lip peels and lip masks that would help keep your lips soft and plump.

Also, make sure to use proper products on your skin as well.

Finally, keeping yourself properly hydrated is essential to keep you healthy, hydrated, and moisturized throughout and help you reap the proper lip scrub benefits.

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