10 Best Protein Powder Supplements for Muscle Gain

Protein powder supplements are the best if you are planning on muscle gain. Adding nutrients, essential amino acids1, and plant or whey protein to your daily lifestyle will show tremendous muscle mass results.

Investing in a good protein powder is always a good idea as it helps regain lost muscle mass. Not only that, but these supplements are also effective in providing stamina, strength, and endurance to the body, which makes the body able to perform high-intensity workouts.

Before buying, it is always important to review the protein powders or protein supplements properly. Protein powders are available for other muscle goals, dietary, and workout routines.

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You should always be careful before buying and using any protein powder, as there can be consequences if you choose the wrong protein powder for your body.

In this article, we will learn about the best protein powder for muscle gain, concerning the different muscle goals, muscle mass, and diet options. All these options are safe and will not have any adverse side effects.

1. What Are Protein Powders

Protein powders are additional supplements provided to the body during the journey of muscle gain. Not only in the process of muscle gain but protein powders and various other protein supplements are also used by people who are opting for the journey of weight loss.

Many options in protein powders are available these days on the market. You will be able to find animal-based proteins, plant-based proteins, and also vegan protein powders.

People who do not want to consume additional protein supplements can opt for natural protein through food.

2. Best Protein Powder For Muscle Gain

Before we dig into the detailed discussion of protein supplements, we must understand that all the products mentioned here are tried and tested. All of these protein powders are easily available on the market. 

You can always consult your trainer before consuming any of these powders for muscle gain, as they are the best person to guide you.

Taking the right amount of amino acids, proteins, and other nutrients is the ideal solution for muscle growth, along with regular exercise. All these protein powders are responsible for maintaining healthy muscle protein synthesis in the body.

Let us dig into the best protein powders for muscle growth without further delay.

2.1. Huge Supplements Of Whey Protein

Huge whey protein powder is the best for muscle growth because it is highly concentrated. The protein per serving count of this protein powder is very high, approximately 25 grams of protein per scoop.

The Huge Supplements whey protein powder is one such product that has retained a 5-star rating for a long time and will continue to do so in the future. It is versatile and can be used for weight loss and muscle gain. 

The consistency of this protein powder is very smooth, is very easy to mix, and has four options of delicious flavors to choose from. It is also cost-effective and hence can be availed by everyone. 

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2.1.1. Nutrient Content

The nutrient content of one scoop serving of this protein powder is mentioned below.

  • 23g protein

  • 120 calories

  • 2g fat

  • 2.5g carbs

2.1.2. Features Of The Supplement

Considering the flavors and the quality, you get a good amount of the product at a reasonable price. The flavor options for this particular protein powder are cream, cookie, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla milkshake, and strawberry cheesecake.


The included amino acids are a blessing found in a tub. The amino acids help repair the muscle fibers and ensure mass muscle growth.

In addition, you also get a good quantity of calcium in this whey protein that contributes to the better health of the bones. The presence of potassium 2in the protein powder ensures muscle recovery and is also effective in soothing aches.

2.1.3. Advantages Of Using Huge Supplements of Whey

  • Very high protein content per scoop

  • Additional nutrients include potassium and calcium.

  • Has great taste and also comes in various Flavors

  • Cost-effective and comes with a different protein shaker

2.1.4.  Disadvantages Of Using Huge Supplements of Whey

  • Extensively available on Huge Supplements

2.2. Huge Supplements Vegan

The vegan protein powder of Huge Supplements is a great vegan option for whey protein. 

It is vegan and is made from high protein ingredients like a fava bean3, pea protein, rice, and mung bean. Since the source of proteins has so much variety, it is a complete protein powder that fulfills the body’s need for proteins and amino acids.

The reasons mentioned above make it one of the top-selling vegan protein powders in the market. Another advantage of consuming this protein is you get an option of five flavors to choose from.

2.2.1. Nutrient Content

  • 20g protein

  • 110 calories

  • 1.5g fats

  • 3.5g carbs

2.2.2. Features Of The Vegan Protein

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The importance of amino acids in our body’s canon is compared as they help support healthy protein muscle synthesis. This process is essential for the recovery and growth of the muscles. It has the presence of a complete amino acid profile which is missing in most vegan protein powders.

The ingredients used in naming these proteins are high-quality plant protein, which has only natural ingredients. They do not have the presence of any genetically modified organisms and are completely safe to consume.

The vegan protein powder comes in five flavors; cinnamon toast crunch, birthday cake, cookies and cream, graham cracker, and marshmallow madness.

The supplement has also retained a 5-star rating for consumers and is the number one-selling vegan protein powder on the market.

2.2.3. Advantages Of Using Vegan Supplements

Vegan Protein Powder - Extra Protein, Your Kidneys & Prostate Health

  • 100% pure vegan formula with no harmful chemicals and preservatives

  • 2o gram protein content per scoop

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Dairy-free

2.2.4. Disadvantages Of Using Vegan Supplements

  • Slightly less protein intake than the whey proteins

2.3. Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate | Healthy Protein Powders- Thomas DeLauer

This supplement is for you if you are looking for a natural source of whey protein. The source of protein isolates comes from dairy. These dairy or milk proteins are obtained from hormone-free cows.

The popularity of this protein powder is because it does not have the presence of any unnatural substances. Few flavor options are available for this grass-fed whey protein.

It is also known to have the highest protein ratios among the protein powders in the industry and is suitable for protein macros and workout recovery.

2.3.1. Nutrient Content

The nutrients in every 32g scoop of this grass-fed whey protein are mentioned below.

  • 28g protein

  • 120 calories

  • 0.5g fats

  • 1g carbs

2.3.2. Features Of Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Along with the benefits of protein, you also get the goodness of potassium, magnesium, and calcium as they are added to the protein powder. There are some tasty flavor options that you can choose from. The flavors include mocha, milk, cinnamon pastry, and salted caramel. Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon french toast.

Including protein powders in your daily routine is a must for muscle gains as it helps cut off the excess fat and provides you more strength to perform your workouts.

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In addition, this protein powder also has a very high rating and is one of the favorite protein powders of customers.

2.3.3. Advantages Of Using Grass-Fed Whey Protein

  • Has a lot of protein intake value

  • Fat and sugar-free

  • Has low-calorie count

  • Does not have the presence of artificial sweeteners

  • Has no added colors and preservatives

  • Tastes Amazing

2.3.4. Disadvantages Of Using Grass-Fed Whey Protein

  • Non-Allergic Free

  • The protein base used in this protein is milk

  • The protein is a bit more expensive

2.4. Dymatize Athlete’s Whey

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Dymatize Athlete’s Whey protein powder is a high and budget-friendly protein supplement available on the market. The protein powder also has amino acids, essential for muscle synthesis.

Each tub of 4 pounds includes 40 servings. All the servings have 100% whey protein concentrates with no added chemicals. It is also gluten-free. 

2.4.1. Nutrient Content

2 scoop serving of whey protein contains the following nutrient values.

  • 30g protein

  • 180 calories

  • 3.5g fat

  • 6g carbs (contains sugar)

2.4.2. Features Of Dymatize Athlete’s Whey Protein

The best part about using this protein is consuming it as a pre-workout or a post-workout drink. It has a lot of delicious flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cookies, and cream. You can also finish it with meals because this protein is very flexible.

Dymatize Athlete’s whey protein can be made into delicious protein shakes and consumed with a balanced diet. 

It is a protein powder suitable for all athletes as it has enough protein to help you gain muscle. It is also effective in fulfilling the protein needs of the body. 

2.4.3. Advantages Of Using Dymatize Athlete’s Whey Protein

  • Perfect for athletes

  • Contains 6.6 grams of balanced chain amino acids

  • Gluten-Free

  • No added artificial sweeteners

  • Great Taste

2.4.4. Disadvantages Of Using Dymatize Athlete’s Whey Protein

  • Non-allergic free

  • The protein base is milk

  • High sodium and cholesterol content

  • Limited flavor options

2.2.55. Gold Standard Whey Protein

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Screenshot from optimumnutrition

It is a hundred percent whey blend protein – isolate protein concentrate and protein peptide. It comes in various flavors and also has a higher protein content. 

One such protein powder can be consumed at any time of the day. It is one of the most liked protein supplements of the customers. You can convert this delicious protein powder into tasty protein shakes of your choice.

2.5.1. Nutrient Content

One scoop serving of this protein powder contains the following nutrients

  • 24g protein

  • 12o calories

  • 1.5g fat

  • 3g carbs

2.5.2. Features Of Gold Standard Whey Protein


Along with protein content, this protein powder is loaded with essential amino acids that help in the faster synthesis of protein muscles. In addition to proteins and amino acids, this protein powder also contains calcium which supports the bone and ensures healthy bone health.

All the ingredients used in this protein powder are natural and are being tested, and it has no banned substances.

Many delicious flavors are available, including double-rich chocolate, French vanilla, delightful strawberry, chocolate pint, and many other flavors.

2.5.3. Advantages Of Using Gold Standard Whey Protein

  • It is a high-quality protein powder

  • Has a high protein content

  • Helps in muscle growth and muscle recovery

  • Is budget-friendly

  • Includes BCAAs

  • Contains Glutamine

  • Assists in supporting endurance and recovery

  • Different sizes of protein tubs are available

2.5.4. Disadvantages Of Using Gold Standard Whey Protein

  • Contains allergens

  • Contaisn soy and milk

  • Has high cholesterol content

2.6. Sports Research Whey Isolate

The protein powder is used to build lean muscle mass. The biggest advantage of using this protein powder is its high quantity of protein isolates. The powder contains other essential nutrients like calcium, MCT powder4, and Vitamin D.

All the ingredients used in naming this protein powder are tried and tested and safe to consume. It is smooth to mix and can be transformed into any delicious protein shake of your choice.

You can consume this protein powder as a snack, smoothie, or even a post-workout drink.

2.6.1. Nutrient Content

The nutrient content of this protein powder per serving is mentioned below.

  • 25g protein

  • 150 calories

  • 4g fat

  • 4g carbs

2.6.2. Features Of Using Sports Research Whey Isolate

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Photo by LyfeFuel on Unsplash

The formula used while making this protein powder is induced with leucine amino acids. The amino acids have a good impact on the muscle as it helps in muscle recovery and bulking up.

Dutch chocolate is one of the most popular flavors of this protein powder, which has little to no sugar content. 

You get at least 56 servings per container of this protein powder in a very affordable range.

2.6.3. Advantages Of Using This Protein Powder

  • Uses all-natural ingredients

  • Has high-quality protein isolate intake

  • Also has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)

  • Vegetarians can also consume this as it is vegetarian-friendly

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Tried and tested

2.6.4. Disadvantages OF Using This Protein Powder

  • Contains some allergens

  • People who are lactose intolerant might not want to try this as it contains milk protein

  • and very limited flavor options

2.7. Pro JYM Ultra Protein Blend

It is one such protein powder that contains several types of protein isolates. It contains milk, egg white protein, micellar casein, and whey protein isolate. All these ingredients are mixed to form an effective protein powder that fulfills the body’s demand for protein and helps build muscle mass.

Customers like this product as it tastes good, has a nice texture, and is true to its word. 

The protein powder fulfills the basic needs of endurance, energy, strength, and recovery.

2.7.1. Nutrient Content

The nutrient content of one spoon serving of this protein powder is mentioned below.

  • 24g protein

  • 140 calories

  • 2.5g fats

  • 4g carbs (has certain content of sugar)

2.7.2. Features Of Using Pro JYM Ultra Protein Blend

Pro JYM Percent Protein

The best part about this protein powder is that it is flexible and can be taken anytime during the day or even at night. 

The naturally flavored chocolate and a vanilla variant of this protein powder mix up with the drink and can be turned into a protein shake of your choice.

The protein concentrate used in making this powder is egg protein, casein protein, and whey protein. All these proteins mixed up makes the best protein supplement ever.

2.7.3. Advantages Of Using Pro Protein Blend

  • It is a mixture of various proteins. 

  • The ingredients list is tried and tested

  • Has BCAAs for better muscle synthesis

  • Rich in calcium, it helps maintain bone health

  • Designed for better muscle growth

2.7.4. Disadvantages Of Using Pro JYM Protein Blend

  • It is not budget-friendly

  • The price range is generally high than the other protein powders mentioned in this list

  • Not vegan-friendly

2.8. BSN Syntha Six

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Screenshot from gobsn

It is one of the most premium proteins containing egg and whey protein. Along with proteins, this protein powder also has essential amino acids, which are best for post-workout recovery.

It is effective in boosting workout performance and is also known to provide more energy to the body.

It has many delicious flavor variants and is perfect for all workout regimens.

2.8.1.Nutrient Content

The nutrients in 1 scoop serving of this protein powder are mentioned below.

  • 22g protein

  • 200 calories

  • 6g fats

  • 15g carbs

2.8.2. Features Of BSN Syntha Six


The amino acids in making this protein powder help improve workout endurance, resulting in better gains. 

The flavors available for this protein powder are cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry milkshake, and banana. With this protein powder, you can make amazing protein shakes and see your body gaining those extra muscles.

2.8.3. Advantages Of Using BSN Syntha Six

  • Targets lean muscle

  • Helps in muscle growth and muscle recovery

  • It is flexible and can be used at any time of the day

  • Mixes easily with all recipes

  • Tastes good

2.8.4. Disadvantages Of Using BSN Syntha Six

  • The calorie content of this protein powder is high

  • One serving of the protein powder contains approximately 200 calories

  • It is high in fat

  • It is rich in carbohydrates

  • Not vegan-friendly

2.9. Animal Whey Isolate

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Screenshot from animalpak

It is a low-sugar, highly-digestive formula that works best for muscle recovery and is one of the most used post-recovery protein powders. It contains high-quality protein and other essential nutrients for the body.

The protein powder also comes in various flavors and is easy to mix. The most amazing part about this is that it does not clump, leaving a smooth protein shake mixture.

2.9. Nutrient Content

The nutrients in one scoop serving of this protein powder have the following nutrients.

  • 25g protein

  • 120 calories

  • 1g fat

  • 3g carbs (includes sugar)

2.9.1. Features Of Animal Whey Isolate

Universal Nutrition Animal Whey | Science-Based Overview

It is a fast-absorbing formula that mixes up with the blood and starts working for the muscles quickly. The best part about using this protein powder is that it soothes sore muscles and provides relief to the muscles.

The particular variant of animal whey protein has digestive enzymes5 which help digest this protein powder much faster and more effectively than other protein powders. Many flavors are available for this protein powder, including strawberry, brownie batter, cookies and cream, banana, chocolate, and vanilla.

It is a budget-friendly product that is true to what it claims.

2.9.2. Advantages Of Using Animal Whey Isolate

  • Low-calorie formula

  • Easy to digest

  • It contains calcium, magnesium, and iron

  • Tried and tested

2.9.3. Disadvantages Of Using Animal Whey Isolate

  • Contains allergens

  • Has milk protein, egg protein, and soy protein

  • It is not vegan friendly

2.10. Rule One Protein

Protein powder supplements
Screenshot from ruleoneproteins

The Rule One Protein is slightly different from the other proteins mentioned above. It is a pure formula of whey isolate and hydrolysate, which is fast acting. It also has the presence of essential amino acids, which are required for better muscle synthesis and help bulge the muscles.

2.10.1. Nutrient Content

The nutrients mentioned here are represented in one scoop serving of the protein powder.

  • 25g protein

  • 110 calories

  • 0g 0f fat

  • 1g carbs

2.10.2. Features Of Using Rule One Protein

Rule One Proteins - R1 Protein

The best part about this supplement is that it comes in various flavors like cookies and cream, banana, vanilla, strawberry, and cream. The amino acids in this protein powder will help you digest it properly.

2.10.3. Advantages Of Using Rule One Protein

  • Fat-free

  • 110 calories per serving

  • Has a lot of flavors to choose from

  • Has many positive reviews

2.10.4. Disadvantages Of Using Rule One Protein

  • Contains allergens

  • Contains milk protein concentrate

3. Conclusion

We are sure you have a good idea about the best protein powder for muscle gain by the end of the write-up. Always choose the protein powder according to your diet and muscle gain intention.

Remember, while protein powders can be a convenient way to supplement protein intake, they should not replace a balanced diet consisting of whole foods that provide a variety of nutrients.


1. How is protein powder consumed?

Protein powder can be mixed with water, milk, or other beverages to create a protein shake. It can also be added to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal, or used in baking recipes to increase protein content.

2. Is protein powder safe?

Protein powder is generally safe for consumption when used as directed. However, it is important to choose reputable brands and follow the recommended dosage. Some individuals may be allergic to specific protein sources, such as milk or soy, and should choose alternative options. Consulting with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian is advisable, especially if you have specific dietary needs or medical conditions.

3. How much protein powder should I consume?

The recommended protein intake varies depending on factors such as age, sex, activity level, and goals. As a general guideline, the daily protein intake for most adults is around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Athletes or individuals engaged in intense exercise may require higher protein intake. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian to determine the appropriate amount for your specific needs.


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