23 Excellent Star Anise Benefits

There are many Star Anise1 benefits, and if you are looking for more information on the benefits of Star anise, then this post will help you know more about this star-shaped spice and the active role it plays in human health and the immune system.

Though star anise is a herb, it is used as a spice in many culinary delights. It is mainly used to give flavor to dishes, and since the flavor is distinct, you will not find it being used in large quantities.

Star Anise Benefits
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1. Star Anise

Star Anise is a herb, and the seed, fruit, and oil have medicinal properties. Star Anise nutrition is known to all. The health benefits of star anise are many. It can be used to cure lung infections, colic 2in babies, and gas, though there is no evidence to support this. It is always the Chinese star anise that is used as medicine and said to have medicinal benefits though many have reported allergy reactions.

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The Japanese star anise is said to be poisonous, and the only way to differentiate between the Chinese star anise and the Japanese star anise is by doing tests in the laboratory. Japanese star anise is highly toxic and can cause seizures, hallucinations3, and nausea if consumed. It is the Chinese star anise pods that have health benefits and not Japanese Star anise.

Star anise benefits are many, and star anise seeds are said to work well against bacterial infections, fungal infections, and yeast. Since it contains a good source of shikimic acid4, star anise is also used to treat swine flu5 infections. The Shikimic acid, a plant-based compound present in star anise when paired with a plant pigment quercetin, is effective when it comes to treating viral infections.

Star Anise is not only used in cooking for its exotic flavor, but star anise extract is used to make essential oil and for fragrance in soaps, perfumes, cosmetic products, and toothpaste. It is an integral part of spice mixes and combinations and is used in the Chinese five-spice powder and Indian garam masala.

That takes us to the question, where can you find star anise? The Star anise tree is an evergreen tree that is native to Vietnam and Southwest China, and the fruit that smells like licorice is used a lot in their cooking. Though the flavor of star anise is similar to that of vanilla extract, star anise has more iron, manganese, zinc, potassium, and magnesium than vanilla extract.

This is a small tree that reaches up to a height of 45 feet. The leaves of the star anise tree are strongly scented and have a leathery texture. The flowers are scented, and because of that, it attracts a lot of beetles. 

Star Anise Benefits
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Star anise is mainly grown in China, Japan, the Northern parts of Vietnam, and Indo-China. Usually, the star anise pod is taken before it is fully ripe and dried in the sun. The color becomes rust or deep brown, and pure Chinese star anise has been used as medicine and spice for 3000 years. Star Anise fruit is star-shaped, and when ripe, it is fleshy. The fruit usually has 8 pointed segments, and you can either have seeds or cuttings to grow the plant.

2. Star Anise Benefits

The health benefits of star anise are many. Adding star anise to your diet or consuming star anise can help you in many ways. Star anise must be there on your spice rack as it is used as a culinary spice and a trusted natural remedy when it comes to dealing with many health problems.

30 Benefits of Star Anise - A Miracle Herb

Star anise has a good fragrance, and it can add to the flavor of certain dishes and desserts. Use a limited quantity of star anise in your cooking so that the flavor is not too strong. Some of the star anise benefits are discussed below and will make you realize the potential health benefits star anise possesses.

Star anise pairs up well with clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger and can be used to add flavor to jams, puddings, and other sweet savories. If you look at it, star anise is quite a versatile herb that is beneficial in many ways.

Anecdotal evidence points to some of the fundamental nutrients found in star anises, like Nutrient C, Shikimic Acid, and Anethole Chemicals6 protect and safeguard the body from many illnesses. Nutrient C is not only good for skin health but also safeguards the body from bacterial infections.

Shikimic Acid is good for preventing fungal infections and certain types of flu contaminations. Anethole chemicals are good for beating hypertension and assist with defeating malignant growth in the body.

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

What are star anise benefits? This herb is said to possess anti-inflammatory properties after being tested on animals. Since it has been tested on animals and proven to be effective, there are chances that it will work effectively on humans too.

The health-promoting compounds, Anethole, Gallic Acid, Linalool, Limonene, Quercetin, and Shikimic Acid, found in star anise, are responsible for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.

  1. Anti Bacterial Infections

We are looking at some of the star anise benefits, and one of them is being as effective as antibiotics against multiple drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria. It can work well toward the development of new antibiotic medications and can be used to treat bacterial infections.

Research also shows that star anise might be good in treating urinary tract infections caused by bacteria and reducing the growth of E.coli on a petri dish.

Star Anise Benefits
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More studies should be done to prove how well star anise works when it comes to anti-bacterial infections and how effective it is for antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. If you want to know some of the star anise benefits, then this is one of them.

  1. Antifungal Properties

The rich source of flavonoid anethole in star anise gives it a distinct flavor and antifungal benefits. Studies suggest there are bioactive compounds in star anise essential oil called terpene linalool which can help to suppress the cell formation of fungi that is infectious in humans.

One of the star anise benefits is that it has powerful anti-fungal properties and helps to prevent fungal infections.

  1. Affect Oxidative Stress

Many antioxidants in star anise help fight oxidative stress, and it also has good immune-supporting properties that help to lower the risks of cancer cells multiplying and against the formation of tumors in the body. One of the star anise benefits is its analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that work against oxidative stress.

Star anise seed is rich in Vitamin C and A that protects the body from oxidative stress and infections.

  1. Boost Skin Elasticity

Star anise benefits are good for low-maintenance skin treatments. It tones down wrinkles and fine lines and increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. You can see an improvement in your skin, and the anti-aging properties of star anise help to get rid of the dark spots on the skin and take care of your skin in a way that looks shiny and smooth.

One of the star anise benefits is that it works well when it comes to skin health, and there will be a noticeable change in your skin after using it for a while. Vitamin A in star anise helps to prevent damage caused by UV rays, acne, and stretch marks. It makes your skin feel fresh and is also good for preventing premature aging and wrinkles.

Star Anise Benefits
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  1. Bone Health

If you are looking for star anise benefits, then bone health is one of them. Calcium is abundant in star anise, and with age, many women find themselves having osteoporosis. Including star anise in the diet or having star anise tea is a good way to enhance your bone health.

  1. Control Mood Swings

Mood swings caused due to menopause and menstruation can be controlled by adding star anise to your diet or having star anise tea. If your health problems are not major, then you can avoid taking medication and opt for foods that will help you deal with the problems naturally.

  1. Effective Digestive Substance

The fruit is said to be effective when it comes to dealing with digestive problems, bloating due to gas, and if you have stomach aches. You can chew the seeds to help you with digestion or have star anise tea or include it in your diet, and it helps promote proper digestion.

Anecdotal evidence points to star anise as an effective digestive and it will help prevent bloating and ease cramping. It improves the bacterial balance of the gut for high nutrient uptake efficiency.

  1. Fight Free Radicals

Star anise is rich in antioxidants and these properties help to get rid of toxins in the body. It is also good to fight free radicals, and the flavonoids and phenols in it also help protect the DNA from getting damaged. The powerful antioxidants in star anise will also fight the cancer-causing free radicals, and if you want to know some of the star anise benefits, then this is one of them.

  1. Good for Lactating Mothers

Often new mothers will find it difficult after childbirth to produce milk, especially if they had a C-section. In olden times, traditions have been such to use a unique licorice flavor type spices including star anise. Star anise has active chemical compounds like anethole that can block certain hormones, prolactin which helps in greater prolactin levels. 

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  1. Insect Repellant

Anethole, a compound found in star anise, helps to make it work as an effective insect repellant outside the body and also when ingested. Regular consumption of star anise will make you bugproof, and it is a good way to keep away mosquitoes and other insects, especially if you are living in tropical countries. One of the star anise benefits is that it keeps you away from insects and mosquitoes, making it popular in tropical countries.

  1. Joint Pain

Star anise has always been used to reduce inflammation and joint pain. It is a natural analgesic, and you can see the difference in swelling, rheumatism, and joint pain once you start applying star anise oil.

  1. Heart Health

Since it has powerful antioxidants, it boosts heart health by reducing the build-up of plaque in arteries. Star anise is said to improve the overall blood circulation in the body and reduces blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and the overall stress on your cardiovascular system.

  1. Helps With Diabetes

What are star anise benefits? One of them is it helps lower high blood sugar levels and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Studies show the polyphenols in star anise show anti-diabetes properties which make it a herb that helps with diabetes.

  1. Protect You During The Flu Season

Fruits and vegetables strengthen your immune system, and along with it, the shikimic acid in star anise helps fight flu infections during the flu season. Go for diets with significant amounts of star anise in them so that your immune system will be strong and you will find yourself healthy during the flu season even without the help of anti-influenza medications.

Star Anise Benefits
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  1. Prevents Constipation

Star anise contains fiber, and though used in small quantities in food, every bit of fiber that goes into the body counts. The stool does not harden when there is fiber making it easy for it to pass. This is one of the health benefits of star anise.

  1. Rheumatism

You must be thinking, what are star anise benefits, one of them is, the essential oil in this spice, when applied to the body, gives good relief from lower back pain. If you are rheumatic, the essential oil from this spice is helpful to relieve some of the pain. A good massage with star anise oil from this spice is an effective way to give you relief from rheumatism and lower back pain. Many use it in their tea as a remedy against rheumatism.

  1. Respiratory Infections

An old Chinese method of getting relief from respiratory infections was by making star anise tea. Drinking star anise tea is one of the benefits of star anise. Star anise tea is not only good for respiratory infections but also constipation, nausea, and other digestive problems.

  1. Regulate Menstrual Cycles

Reports suggest one of the benefits of star anise is regulating menstrual cycles and promoting menstruation. It helps control mood swings and other side effects of menstruation. Sipping a cup of star anise tea might work wonders during this time.

  1. Red Blood Cell Production

Since star anise is rich in antioxidant properties and has powerful enzymes, and helps with red blood cell production. Star anise’s benefits are many, and this is one of the important health benefits of star anise that make it a popular herb.

21. Rich In Bioactive Compounds

Do you want to know star anise benefits? The powerful bioactive compounds make star anise one of the good herbs that contribute to good health. The flavonoids and polyphenols in star anise are mainly responsible for their medicinal benefits, and just like any other herb and spice, star anise stands on its own when it comes to contributing to nutrition and health areas. 

22. Sleep Disorders

The sedative properties are one of the star anise benefits, and it can help to calm and relax your nerves which in turn helps you to have a good night’s sleep. One of the health benefits of star anise is that it will aid sleep and will help you healthily deal with your sleep disorders.

If you are suffering from sleep disorders, drinking star anise tea will help if you have regularly interrupted sleep patterns. This spice has properties that will stimulate the production of neurotransmitters that promote relaxation and sleep. Have some star anise tea before going to bed, and you will see a change in your sleep issues.

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23. Support Respiratory Health

Supporting respiratory health is one of the benefits of star anise. Add star anise to a bowl of boiling water and do steam inhalation. It is good to give you relief from a stuffy nose, breathing problems, and other respiratory health problems. If you are looking for star anise benefits, then this is one of the important ones. 

3. Some Interesting Facts About Star Anise

Some interesting facts make this herb different and interesting. Star anise fruits, star anise seeds, star anise oil, and star anise pods are used to make medicine. Let us have a look at some of the interesting facts about star anise and see how effective it is for you and whether it has any side effects. It is always better to consult a doctor before using star anise for any medically related purposes or wounds so that you can rule out any complications or side effects.

The fragrance of star anise makes it a popular ingredient in essential oils, aromatherapy, perfumes, toothpaste, and cosmetics. Star anise has many other potent ingredients than the compound called shikimic acid, which gives it good healing properties and the rich nutrient density in the spice is helpful when it comes to shielding the body from outside infections and contaminations.

Extracting Shikimic acid from star anise

Cooking with star anise depends on whether you are using star anise pods or star anise extracts. The flavor is strong, and it is always better to work with a ground star anise seed. May beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, use star anise while manufacturing them, and the star anise oil is used as a flavoring agent in absinthe, anisette, ouzo, and Sambuca. 

Many get confused with star anise and anise seeds, but they are not the same though they both have anethole compounds in them. 

4. Side Effects of Star Anise

Though star anise has its benefits, it can have its side effects, and various things can prove to be detrimental if not taken into consideration of other things. It is always better to take the opinion of a healthcare professional or a personal doctor if you are going to make star anise a part of your daily health regime so that there are no risks involved. 

Some of the areas where star anise can cause complications are:

  • In case you are on prescribed medications, it is better to consult your doctor before adding star anise to your diet plan as it can cause complications with other drug combinations, mainly if the drugs are for cancer and hormonal imbalances. These drug interactions can prove to be complicated when combined with star anise, so it is better to check and include it in your diet. 
  • If you are prone to allergies, then star anise or star anise extract can cause mild itching sensation or rashes if taken or applied on the body. It is better to discuss with your doctor and add it to your diet plan if you are allergic. It will be better if you also check regarding the application on the body so that you do not end up with rashes and itching.
  • Avoid star anise if you are struggling with hormonal imbalances because this spice can have effects on your hormones and cause mood fluctuations and other functions of the body.

5. In The End

How To Grow Star Anise In Pots

Final thoughts, star anise – By now, you must be aware of some of the most notable health benefits of star anise and how adding star anise improves your overall health benefits. Star anise is also believed to be useful when treating other types of viral infections, herpes simplex type 1, etc.

It is easy to find star anise in any grocery store or any supermarket in Asian countries. Whole star anise will remain fresh for a longer period than the ground ones. You can even roast them before using them to enhance the flavor.

This beautiful-looking herb is just not about it. There are a lot of health benefits attached to this star-shaped spice that makes it a popular one.

In case you liked this article, here is something more.

6. FAQs

6.1 Is It Safe To Consume Star Anise When Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

At tiny doses, star anise is often regarded as safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But, it’s always recommended to speak with a doctor before ingesting any herbs or spices during this period.

6.2 Is Anise Seed And Star Anise The Same Thing?

Although they both have a licorice-like flavor, star anise, and anise seed come from distinct plants and have different flavor characteristics. The Pimpinella anisum plant produces anise seed, which is more frequently used in European cuisine.

6.3 Does Ingesting Star Anise Have Any Risks Or Probable Adverse Effects?

While moderate consumption of star anise is generally harmless for most people, in certain cases, excessive consumption might cause digestive problems or allergic reactions. It’s also crucial to get pure, high-quality star anise to stay away from contaminated foods.

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