Best Meat For Beef Jerky: 6 Most Amazing Meats

Best meat for beef jerky
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The cut of meat for beef jerky is a very important thing to know. The best meat for beef jerky would depend on the cuts of beef you will use. Using the best meat for beef jerky with proper cuts would make a table difference. This article will help you find some of the best meat for beef jerky.

best meat for beef jerky
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Best Cut Of Meat: What Is It?

Before making beef jerky, there are some points to be noted for a perfect beef jerky recipe. Botton and top round are some of the best cuts of meat for beef jerky. Beef eye of round is also a great cut of meat for your homemade beef jerky.

The beef cut of meat with very little fat would increase the shelf life of your beef jerky. A little amount of fat in your meat cut will help keep the beef jerky for a long time.

Lean (ground) meat is another appropriate option for beef jerky. The below mentioned are some of the best meat for beef jerky. You can try your own to understand better which one is the best meat for beef jerky.

Best meat for beef jerky
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1. Eye Of Round

You will find this muscle in the leg (rear) with an oval shape. This is the most popular and preferable meat for beef jerky. If you are looking to make beef jerky at home, you should definitely try out the eye of round meat for jerky. It’s about best beef jerky, then the eye of round is always ruling on the top.

Why Eye Of Round?

  • Perfectly lean
  • Not so expensive
  • Little (interior) fat

2. Bottom Round

Another most used jerky meat for perfect beef cuts. Your jerky making will be perfect if you use these bottom round cuts of meat for your homemade jerky. Bottom ground generally refers to the outer muscles of the leg (upper rear). The bottom round comes as the least tender but would make jerky delicious. You can expect a tender jerky with outstanding flavors and taste.

Why Bottom Round?

  • Lean meat
  • Budget-friendly
  • Blessed with awesome flavors (flavorful)
  • Interior marbling

3. Top Round

If you want a perfect cut of beef for your beef jerky, then the top round is another most flavorsome option.

You won’t find a lot of differences between the top and bottom round. The main difference is that the top round is cut from the opposite side of the bottom round. This beef for jerky would be in the middle for its tenderness. It is more tender than the bottom round while less tender if you compare it with the eye of round.

Why Top Round?

  • Inexpensive
  • Lean
  • Filled with flavors (flavorful)

Best meat for beef jerky
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4. Sirloin Tip

Looking for some tender meat for jerky making? Sirloin tip is great tender meat for making jerky process. Sirloin tipis not that popular but would definitely make some best jerky meats. You can definitely try Sirloin’s tip for your beef jerky meat recipes.

Why Sirloin Tip?

  • Extremely tender
  • Lean meat
  • A little more into the expensive side

5. Flank Steak

This meat would be a little heavier for your pockets, but it is well worth it. Flank steak is one of the best meat for beef jerky. You can definitely count it for some of the most amazing cuts of beef. Just keep one thing in mind to not slice the jerky along with the grains, but against the grain, slicing would be better. Slicing the meat along with grain would make it tough.

Why Flank Steak?

  • Need to trim some fat (but lean)
  • Interior marbling (more)
  • A tough jerky
  • Flavourful

Best meat for beef jerky
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6. Ground Meat

Suppose you want to choose ground meat as your cuts of beef, then before making beef jerky try out to find out the lean. The beef jerky recipe would be really great if you choose ground meat. Ground meat jerky is the favorite of many folks, as it is very comfortable for your teeth to chew. Ground meat would never be harsh for your teeth, and people with teeth issues could also enjoy chewing it. The texture of ground meat would be completely different if you have ever eaten ground whole meat. So, before trying out ground meat, just keep this in mind.

Why Ground Meat?

  • Very easy to chew
  • Just find the lean meat, and you are ready to go.

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Other meat for jerky is:

Deer Meat

Deer meat with a small amount of soy sauce is great for jerky lovers. The perfect combination of tender and lean meat for your mouthwatering meat jerky. Just make sure you cut the perfect inch thick as required for making beef jerky. Slice the meat properly before you marinade or put it in the oven. You can use soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce for a different flavor. Jerky making generally takes up to 4 hours, depending on your prep time and everything. Make sure you ut the exact strips or slices to avoid any post repercussion of deer meat jerky.

Why Deer Meat Jerky?

  • Interior marbling very little
  • Amazing flavors
  • Lean
  • Completely organic

Best meat for beef jerky
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Best Meat For Beef Jerky

Cuts of beef jerky and making beef jerky could be very convenient if you choose the perfect meat for beef jerky. Cow meat is always convenient for beef jerky and to get some flavorsome food. Before setting your jerky menu, you have to run to the store to get your preferable jerky meat. While you start cooking, you should make sure all the ingredients are available on the table for your dish.

You can also use soy sauce, sugar, and any other ingredients to increase the flavors of your dish. To increase the shelf life of the dish, try to reduce the fat percentage in the meat. Make sure you marinade properly to get a perfect steak of meat. Give yourself a jerky treat by trying out some of the best jerky cuts of meat. You can also use many other slices of meat to prepare your own jerky. Try out some of the best meat for beef jerky.

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